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  1. Totally agree with you, Earthnut! Lance was great, as always, but so far this movie is the most disgusting I had to see because of him... Just too much violence and naturalism (((
  2. You are very welcome.

  3. Thanks a lot for congratulations!

  4. May your birthday and every day be blessed and happy. O

  5. Thanks so much for congrats and wishes!

  6. Happy Birthday Yatanis. Here's hoping you have a wonderful day. Warm wishes from England. This is who we are!

  7. Glad you join us at Skype and add the fun

  8. Welcome to the group, and our home away from home. O

  9. If you don't mind for me to be just a listener, 'cos my English not so good in speaking, I'd gladly join your skype-chat.
  10. Yatanis

    NCIS Alert

    The pleasure was mine
  11. Yatanis

    NCIS Alert

  12. Yatanis


    Well, I have about 75 Lance's movies, some of them I have on DVD, but most precious was from VHS-rips, like 'Savage Dawn' or 'Hit List'. And I still can't find 'Delta Heat' and 'Gunfighters' Moon' On DVD everyone should have such avaliable movies as 'Survival Quest', 'Near Dark', 'Hard Target', 'Stone Cold', 'No escape', 'Baja', IMHO

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