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  1. I'm actually working on a Lost/Millennium crossover fanfic like that. I'll have to post it once I get some more written and edit the part I have. (I started it a couple years ago and some parts don't really work now that I've seen more of Lost.) I liked the Stepfather movies too. He was great as Jerry Blake. (I still can't believe they're remaking "The Stepfather". It just won't be the same.)
  2. I don't know how much of this season of Lost you've seen but
  3. What about John Locke? I don't know if he is the absolute best character Terry has played but he's certainly one of the best. (Peter Watts is too.) Locke is also one of the characters that he most enjoyed/enjoys playing. (That was answered in the response I have a quote from in my sig. He also said he enjoyed playing Peter Watts.) That phraseology does sound kind of remorseful. (Or maybe he just didn't like that a good show he was on got the axe too soon.)
  4. This is a cool idea. Here are some songs I would definitely have on my Millennium playlist. (I have a number of these on my iPod now.) Bobby Darin- Goodbye Charlie Bobby Darin- As long as I'm singing Bobby Darin- Gyp the cat Cypress Hill- Insane in the brain "Defer to the Lord High Executioner" from "The Mikado" Zager and Wright (I think that's how it's spelled)- In the year 2525 The Rolling Stones- Sympathy for the Devil Nick Cave and the bad seeds- Red right hand Nick Cave and the bad seeds- Abbatoir blues Elvis Costello- My dark life Bauhaus- Burning from the inside Black Sab
  5. I was just wondering if that gadget will work with programs like Yahoo widgets. I use Windows XP and would love to have a widget like that for my desktop.
  6. Fantastic fan fiction! Well done and thanks for sharing!

  7. I didn't get into Millennium until they started showing reruns on FX after it was canceled. (I was an XF fan from the beginning though.) I was probably 26 or 27 then. I'm glad to see there is a nice mix of ages here. I post on one Lost forum where the age breakdown is strongly skewed towards those in their teens and early to mid twenties and I sometimes feel a little uncomfortable there since I'm in my thirties. I feel right at home where the ages are more varied..
  8. My top five are: In no particular order. Skull and bones Collateral damage Bardo Thodol Borrowed time Matryoshka
  9. I'd be curious to know that too. [soapbox] I'm not surprised Lance's age was brought up in this. Everybody has their own idea of what is sexy and there will always be those who can't understand the appeal of men over 50. (especially to women in their 30s or younger.) I'm slightly dismayed by it though. (and about the similar comments about Locke/Terry O`Quinn I've read on some Lost forums.) Maybe someday the hollywood ideal that youth is the only thing that is sexy will be changed. I'm not holding my breath though. [/soapbox] I voted for "Luminary" in the poll. Antipas is a close secon
  10. That's a great mental picture. I'd love to see that too. Carnivale rocks. (Why are all the really good shows canceled early?) I forgot all about "Every prophet in his house." . That's a great one. The others are good too. I don't remember "You better hurry up and get born, kid" from the show. It's a great line though.
  11. Those would both be cool passphrases. "Don't tell me what I can't do." is one of my favorite Lost quotes. (and it's a perfect passphrase because I feel like saying that to my computer when I get an error message.) Other good passphrase quotes: From Lost: "I looked into the eye of the island, and what I saw was beautiful." "Don't mistake coincidence for fate." "I'm a bloody rock God!" (I could see a guy using this one.) From Carnivale: "Pain is an unavoidable side effect." "In Hoc Signo Vinces" (this fits because I see some similarity between the MM Group and the Templars)
  12. Cool topic. I would choose either: "No one here is exactly what they seem" (From Babylon 5) "And so it begins..." (also from B5) or "Don't tell me what I can't do" (From Lost) As my passphrase.
  13. I agree with what everyone has said about "Lamentation". It certainly is one of the most powerful and creepy episodes of the series. (I just watched that one several weeks ago with my family. We watched with the lights off and that upped the creep factor even more.) I also think "The Pest House" is pretty creepy. ("Sense and antisense", "The Fourth Horseman", and "The time is now" are also on that list but for being more disturbing than scary. They elicit a kind of "Oh my God. What if something like that actually happened?" reaction from me.)
  14. I agree that Walkabout does have a very powerful opening. Your senses are kind of pummeled by the mayhem in the testing room and you wonder "What did Frank get himself into this time." My other picks are the opening narration in "The beginning and the end" and the opening of "The Fourth Horseman." The words and images at the beginning of "The beginning and the end" are very striking and thought provoking. As for "The Fourth Horseman", I found Terry O`Quinn's reading of the quotes from the book of Revelations very powerful and the flashback scenes of the farmer's death shocking and ominous
  15. My favorites are: Season 1 Gehenna Force majeure 522666 Walkabout The thin white line Sacrament Maranatha Season 2 Sense and antisense Beware of dog The hand of St. Sebastian The Mikado Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense Owls Roosters The Fourth Horseman The time is now Season 3 Skull and bones Collateral damage Bardo thodol Matryoshka Borrowed time The sound of snow
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