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  1. Hi Everyone, New XF Lexicon Blog entry: For Robin. https://thex-fileslexicon.blogspot.com/2014/08/death-of-poet.html -Matt
  2. I have always felt that it was a matter of time before Ebola would hit the states. But I hope it's success rate in America would be limited.One has to take into account the geography and climate of Africa, which might allow it to thrive there. There's a possibility that it won't work in the colder climates of the states. I feel the big concern is a mutated strain that is airborne, and that is highly adpatable to various environments, then you could have a 'game over' scenario. But westen countries moved quickly to find a vaccine to N1H1, so let's just hope there's a new commitment for a vaccine, or a preventative test to weed out the inflected from your normal flu.
  3. Hi Everyone, It's been awhile since I have posted updates here, sorry about that. Let me add a new wave of posts! The most recent, and second most, which are building up to an important topical article. Lexicon Staffer's personal ghost account. My tie-in article about the Lexicon's coverage of Chris Carter's "The After" My long piece about the first season of Space:1999. John Kenneth Muir has become a recent new friend and seem to really like this article. And an article which might have gotten me into trouble with some people, but I felt it needed to be said at the time. There were even more pieces to be found for 2013, but that gives you an update. Apologies for being so lax with the updates, I've been juggling a lot in my personal life, also doing a lot of independent writing, and re-writing a script that I plan to direct as a half hour film, and rasie funds via kickstarter, etc.. Thank you everyone for understanding, and keep visiting both the Lexicon blog, and the main Lexicon site. I'm working on writing, or editing a bunch of new articles for the main site, more to come!
  4. Thank you Libby, I have some remaining thoughts on the XFL Blog about "The After" - or I should add, 'the big picture'. https://thex-fileslexicon.blogspot.com/2014/02/where-things-stand-with-after.html
  5. Hi everyone, We are proud to present our exclusive interview with Chris Carter about his new pilot for Amazon, "The After". https://www.x-fileslexicon.com/exclusive/carterafter.html Always more developments on the way!
  6. That's great to see some positive comments about the Pilot, I was waiting to see what Millennium fans would say. I agree Beer, there's definite room for improvement. I think I can finally start to reveal this, but we are in the middle of having our own Interview / Q&A with Chris Carter about "The After" via e-mail, so it's a slow going process getting it realized. But we will keep people here posted when it's up.
  7. I was asked to forward this, but IMDB has a new poll asking which Pilots from Amazon Studios do you want to get picked up. https://www.imdb.com/poll/j2kFJ9_is1w/?ref_=po_sn If you've seen "The After", depending on if you liked it, and support it, please chime in on the Poll. Fan support is very important to determine if the series will get picked up for other episodes. Thank you all again. In the big picture, with the current fan support, a day may come where you'll get that MillenniuM feature, or a TV special to wrap up the mythos, if Chris Carter can re-establish a track record with having hit shows. Just a thought.
  8. I'm also surprised that this write up from Entertainment Weekly did get posted here yet: https://insidetv.ew.com/2014/02/03/the-after-first-chris-carter/
  9. I'm really surprised the link didn't make it here. Major, Major news. Amazon debuted "The After": https://amzn.to/1nUOUs1 If you're having trouble viewing it in the UK, you can find it here as well: lovefilm.com There's already a majority of positive reviews, but if you like it, please make comments on Amazon. This getting picked up will depend on strong viewer reaction with the powers-that-be at Amazon! Pleasant viewing!
  10. Hi Everyone, This month is The X-Files Lexicon is doing a trivia contest giveaway, where the prize is a copy of Mark Snow's The X-Files: Volume 2 CD box set, graciously provided by the good folks at La La land Records, and Producer Mike Joffe. TIWWA member Alexander Grodzinski provided many of the great trivia questions, so put on your thinking caps. Also, Alexander will be writing up an in-depth review about Volume 2 for the Lexicon, and Alex will also conduct a short form interview with Mark Snow, mostly about the CD set. Those developments coming soon. Enjoy!
  11. Thank you for the compliments Libby and Earthnut, glad you liked it. The goal has always been to focus on all aspects of the shows and fandom, and not just current fan activity.
  12. Hello Everyone, This may only interest a certain percentage, but at the end of 2012, we did an exclusive interview with Sarah Stegall, uber X-Files fan, who was the researcher for the first three X-Files episode guide books, The Truth Is Out There, Trust No One, I Want To Believe. She has become a fiction writer in her own right with Deadfall, and Farside, and another title. There were a number of hold-up's that caused the delay, but I hope you'll enjoy it. https://www.x-fileslexicon.com/exclusive/sarahstegall.html
  13. I've been seriously remiss in posting updates about the Lexicon Blog which is still going strong. I have a few blogs that tie in and relate to the Ophiuchus Code pieces I started a few years back. To be found here and here. I admit, these digress, there's not a lot about Millennium in these posts, but they are building up to broad picture arguments, and after all of the hand ringing about 2012, end times, etc... only to have nothing happen, which I personally suspected nothing would happen, we have re-examine. Rest assured, feel free to follow or post comments, other than stats, it's the only way for me to gauge if people find what is done worthwhile.
  14. Hello everyone, I was a little slow to post our William B. Davis interview from July, I wasn't certain if there would be enough interest. But I'm pretty certain they'll be interest with this interview. We are proud to present our interview with Jeff Charbonneau, the music editor for The X-Files, Millennium, The Lone Gunmen, and Harsh Realm, Jeff was the right hand man for Mark Snow. Jeff is also a composer and a good photographer in his own right. Enjoy!
  15. Hi Everyone, I realize I was lax in posting the William B. Davis interview, but I wanted to give a 'head's up about this first. TIWWA's own Erin McRaven wrote up a wonderful synopsis / review of The X-Files season two episode, "Fresh Bones". I think you'll find it helpful and informative!
  16. Hello Everyone, I often feel I overload this board with X-Files Lexicon exclusives, but here I go again! We're proud to present our exclusive interview with Alex Gansa, the co-writer with Howard Gordon during the first season of the X-Files. He discusses his new series with Howard, "Homeland" and there's a passing comment about Chip Johannessen in there. You can find it here. Enjoy!
  17. Hi Everyone, I rarely, if ever post in here, but a good friend of mine, Christopher Knowles, the co-author of The Complete X-Files, The Secret History of Rock N' Roll, Our Gods Wear Spandex, and the creator of the blog, Secret Sun, posted this great analysis on Millennium, which I think might interest. The Secret Sun covers all sorts of weirdness, and Chris is a true scholar of esoterica. I've known Chris since 2006, and his work is always invaluable, word of warning, this may take time to fully absorb, a lot of material Skull and Bones, part 1 Skull and Bones, part 2 Enjoy.
  18. Thank you everyone for your great comments, and Libby thank you for the great insights. Earthnut, I agree, I wish we could get more Mark Snow music.
  19. Hi Everyone, I realize I've been lax with new updates here, I was curbing them due to how that many threads had been created in the past. I never had the chance to post a notice about our last interview with Mark Snow, so I am playing catch-up. We are pleased and proud to give you our Exclusive Interview with none other than writer Glen Morgan. Where we mostly discuss The X-Files, but there's a couple of Millennium questions in there, as well his feature film work, and a great story about Thomas J. Wright, and someone from this site got their question answered! Our interview with Mark Snow, from several months back. There's really only question about the Millennium score, but I think you'll find it interesting, in case you missed it. Enjoy!
  20. The Interview went off smashingly, we conducted it on the 27th. Troy and James' podcast interview from last year was indeed excellent, and helpful for my research. Again, I'd like to remind those who belong to other fan sites, there's plenty of room for all of fandom to conduct interviews. I suspect the objective of most fan sites is to arrive at a clearer picture about the behind-the-scenes details, inspirations, and to figure out what drives us to love the shows we love. I did try to add in the questions that were offered to me, but I had only so much time to speak to Glen, he's a busy man as some might guess.
  21. Oh, to answer one of your questions, Morgan and Wong were only contracted to work on season two, in fact when Morgan and Wong were first signed to work on season two with other executives, Chris Carter wasn't aware they were brought on board.
  22. Thank you Earthnut, I can't make promises I can use all of the questions, but at least one!
  23. I hope this is the place to post this. I'm a little loath to bring this up, but I have been in touch with Glen Morgan, and while it's not a lock yet, I hope to shortly interview Glen Morgan about his years with working on The X-Files, and to a lesser degree, Millennium. I already have come up with a number of Millennium questions for Mr. Morgan, but knowing that this place has some of the smartest fans in the world, is there a particular question that anyone here has for Mr. Morgan about his Millennium tenure? This interview might, most likely, happen within the week. Thank you.
  24. Hi Libby, Thanks for your great compliments about it. She did identify herself, but the woman who conducted the interviews name is Chelsea, she regularly works on "The X-Files Truth" podcast, but she agreed to contribute for us when she can. I had forgotten about Jeff's condition, that probably explains his height issues, no matter. Yes, Jeff was very pleasant, confident, and forthright, indeed he has accomplished a lot!
  25. Hello everyone, Well, here is something special, we haven't released this yet to the masses, the set up on the main site hasn't been taken care of. You will be able to find all of the videos on one place with the site when ready. Our exclusive video of the LAX-Files booksigning event, with interviews from Erica Fraga, Matt Hurwitz (author of The Complete X-Files), Jana Fain, and then...Glen Morgan, Jeff Gulka (Gibson Praise), Darin Morgan, and Mitch Pileggi! Glen offers a brief comment about working on Millennium and visiting the X-Files set. My apologies for the audio problems with Darin Morgan, he was so soft spoken, and the crowds were simply so loud! We had audio problems with all of them due to using a camera that wasn't suited to that situation, as well as other challenges which I won't go into here. I hope you enjoy it!
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