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  1. Hello Everyone, It occurred to me that this thread hasn't been updated. Here's some of the most recent posts. LAX-Files Event Travel log Book review for We Want To Believe Curse of the Demon: De-facto X-File A lot more to come! Enjoy!
  2. Hi Troy, Well, yes, technically X-Files News was the 'official' press, but we were there, as well as X-Files Universe. Realistically, no fan site should have a monopoly on covering such major events, in a perfect world. We did have the blessing of Erica Fraga, the talent had no problem with interacting with us, it was a great day and everyone came away happy. I believe Millennium fans should be thrilled to get such information, there's plenty of room for everyone. I just had to say.
  3. Hello again, I've been lax about updates here: The X-Files Lexicon personally covered the Event May 7th at the AFI Campus in LA. This should interest Millennium fans as none other than Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan, and James Wong attended the event, along with actors Mitch Pileggi, and Jeff Gulka (Gibson Praise). Report There's been delays, but we also conducted video interviews with Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan, Mitch Pileggi, Jeff Gulka, Jana Fain (Frank's former assistant) and Matt Hurwitz (co-author of The Complete X-Files). There has been some audio issues due to crowd noise, but once the clips are ready they will be included on the site, to help launch our new feature, X-Files Lexicon TV, video updates on all things 1013 related. Enjoy!
  4. Hello Everyone, I've been a little lax with the updates here, the caution of over saturating the threads, but with Mark Hayden gone the postings have been difficult, we have some more great new material. We are twice as pleased to present our exclusive interview with author Amy Donaldson about her new book, "We Want To Believe: Faith and Gospel in the X-Files". Interview We also are offering for this month, through the publisher, a 30% discount code promotion, for anyone interested. We briefly discuss Millennium, and the book does discuss the cross-over episode. Enjoy!
  5. A new blog entry is up: X-Files Adjacent Enjoy! P.S. Does this interest anyone?
  6. Hello Everyone, This is probably not the most exciting of postings, but driven by current events. New post. Anyways, a tune for you to enjoy.
  7. Hi Everyone, Personally I am very much missing Mark, and I hope things take a turn for the better for him. Anyway, here's a new blog entry for anyone interested. Musings about H.P. Lovecraft and The Fourth Kind. Here. Please comment, if you find interesting.
  8. Hi Everyone, Thank you for the great response to the Howard Gordon interview, we have another exclusive interview to share with author Erica Fraga, about her book, LAX-Files: Behind the scenes with the Los Angeles Cast and Crew. You can find the interview here. The book itself is really excellent, self published, and the profits for the book go to the American Cancer Society. Just a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff fans will appreciate.
  9. Hello all, I thought I'd give you a 'head's up' about our new interview with Writer / Producer Howard Gordon about his first novel, Gideon's War, as well some X-Files trivia about his Paley Festival appearance at the XF panel in 2008. New Interview In case anyone is unaware of our previous interview from 2008, we can find it here. Enjoy!
  10. Hello Everyone, Another new Blog entry is up. This is a fun one, a video I shot of an interesting new location that our heroes Mulder and Scully might travel through. I had a friend do a great job of putting it together, so it reminds me of one of those 'behind-the-truth' FOX promo clips. Clip here. Enjoy.
  11. Well, I had a break after the X-Mas dinner, stuffed I might add, and I was so pleased to see that this subject has struck up such avid interest. By all means, if you liked it, agree, disagree, please post on the Blog's comments, we're always looking to boost up the comments section. 2nd, if you like the blog, please follow us. We are always looking to grow more followers.
  12. I hope this fits in with this forum. There's a new blog entry that critically examines the field of Cryptozoology. I realize that TIWWA's Mark Hayden is an enthusiast of this subject, and so I hope I'll be indulged. I will be gradually writing a series of related topics this next year. Blog Entry Enjoy!
  13. Hi Everyone, As of late, I realize that Mark has had his hands full, and I did forward to him last month the new entry for The X-Files Lexicon Blog. This was a two part piece and we just published the second part. This might seem like indulgent advocacy, there's a lot of material and meat to it, but it does build to a larger concern. Part 1 Part 2 So, this deals with Spielberg's A.I., Chris Carter's I Want To Believe, The Peter Pan Syndrome and Clive Barker's The Thief of Always, and Deconstructionism. Quite an odd range of arguments I know, but I hope this will interest. The Blog is always in need of comments, so please dig away.
  14. To the fans: Myself, and other staffers of The X-Files Lexicon, wanted to address the reason why we haven’t been posting any articles, or officially commenting on the story about David Duchovny’s comments to a French magazine that a “third X-Files movie was being written.” Initially, I was willing to take the comment at face value, until a colleague and contributor to the Lexicon, a person who lives in France, warned me otherwise. This person further explained that she has read the magazine for many years, and she stressed that this magazine’s interviews with foreign actors almost never make sense because of their poor translations. While is it a cliché to bring this up, she admitted that most French people have understanding issues where foreign languages are involved--especially English. She pointed out that David probably made some vague statement about Chris and Frank throwing some ideas around. The writer seized on it, and tried to make it look like she / he had an inside scoop. I trust this colleague, and so we stand by our decision. Having made that point, The X-Files Lexicon staff has never questioned the integrity of X-Files News in their reporting, and we consider them allies and friends. We simply held skepticism over the source. This in no way means that we at The X-Files Lexicon are not supportive of the effort to persuade 20th Century Fox to green light a third X-Files feature; we very much champion all fan efforts to petition Fox to finance a third film, as well as a Millennium feature. However, the stated policy with The X-Files Lexicon is, we will not circulate information that hasn’t been confirmed by an official publicist, including hearsay, or rumor, but will cooperate with verifiable outlets. Regarding the actions of other websites, when it comes to publishing stories, we have no position, but we always wish them the best with their efforts. A number of people have personally expressed their appreciation to me in that we only release verifiable information. During 2008, leading up to the release of I Want To Believe , we employed this practice, and it served us well. As Fox Mulder might be prone to say – “No one has a monopoly on the truth.” All fans should aspire to gather the best information possible. I hope this clears up the matter. Webmaster, Matt Allair The X-Files Lexicon
  15. The X-Files Lexicon will be putting out an official statement within the next day or so, to explain the reasons why we didn't run with this story, as we had insider sources, we trust, that raised questions about the translations. If The X-Files Lexicon produced a T-Shirt to comment on the "Lost In Translation" debacle, would their be a market for it here?
  16. Well, indeed, an interesting, and slightly disapointing turn of events, with DD's press agent's denial, it's was one of the reasons why I was warning to take the report with a grain of salt. But the good news....the buzz proved there is genuine interest in XF3. So, there's always something positive to look at. Personally, I do believe it will happen, I just don't know when. Hopefully, we will all be there, December 2012!
  17. I felt I should point out, from my understanding, that the origin of the source, the interview with David Duchcovny, is from a French magazine that, I heard, has a suspect history of misquotes or fabrications, and so I'd strongly advise to take a grain of salt about this story, a fan I know from France warned me about this. This might be good news, or it might be nothing. If the source was taken from an industry trade like Variety, then I'd take it more seriously. But please folks, don't jump the gun on this, let's just wait and see.
  18. Hi Everyone, I thought I'd forward along the fact that we have the next article about the status of X-Files Vancouver Locations. Article By all means, please let me know what you think. Steady flow of material, more to come!
  19. Hi Everyone, You know, The Lexicon has this article already featured in a accessible form, other than a PDF download. Lexicon reprint We discovered this as far back as 2006. We are considering doing an interview with Mark Snow for the Lexicon, but we just haven't figured out how to produce an interview that's on par with the Keyboard magazine piece, and that covers new ground, that is as in depth in it's own regard. Enjoy.
  20. Hello everyone, I wanted to take the time and mentioned that the member known as Sad Eyes, wrote a wonderful review for the "Lone Gunman / Harsh Realm" CD release from la la land records. CD Review That's not all. Alexander also has written another great review for "The Truth and The Light" CD, which is impending by next week! Enjoy!
  21. Mark, a really excellent interview. Congratulations. I could see, or guess, that Pamela Anderson would have been playfully slapping Frohike's wrist with his advances. I really enjoyed it.
  22. Libby, this is an incredible resource, we really should talk privately. Recently, I am of the opinion that a number of us, who are a little more in the know, should hijack the Wiki X-Files, and set the record straight, some odd information can be found there, IMHO.
  23. You're welcome, thank you for your kind words. But Mark must be given a ton of credit for doing such an incredible, and bang-up job with organizing all of this! I believe this was all done in under a week no less, amazing. Here's hoping Lance sees all of this.
  24. Agreed WaveCrest, the Frank Spotnitz version of The Night Stalker was never given the benefit of the doubt that season one of The X-Files was given. Had it been, I think it could have evolved into some interesting directions.
  25. It is funny, but Eth always seems to anticipate what I am about to do something with posting these things here! Glad he posted this "heads up". Thanks for the comments, but I now feel that the synopsis was a little clumsy in the writing department I fear. Once we get some more regular content on the main site, then they will be some more blog goodies impending next month.
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