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  1. Historians locate King Arthur's Round Table
  2. SouthernCelt

    Question On The Old Man's Speech

    I think much of the basic premise of the "blood banner" was fictitious. The Nazis did not reach a level of control in Germany's parliament until '33 although the party had been growing in power for quite a few years. Once the Nazi party got control, Hitler was appointed chancellor and the change to a dictatorship could be made.
  3. Radio ghost mystery at former RAF station Forget the Da Vinci code! Experts find Michelangelo code hidden in the Sistine Chapel
  4. I couldn't bring myself to post this is the donut hole with other more-likely-to-be-real items. Planet of the Apes?
  5. A painting inspired by the psychic spirits of dead soldiers and bought by a grieving Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Ancient Weapons Emerge From Melting Arctic Ice
  6. 'Noah's Ark' found in Turkey Human-looking ETs secretly in U.S.?
  7. Now, isn't this special? New species of nose-dwelling leech discovered
  8. SouthernCelt

    Lost Season Six

    After two eps in a row with poor ole Desmond in both realities, all I can say is he just can't get a break from anyone. Hate to see it 'causer he's become my favoritie character, brother.
  9. I've seen all but the most recent one. This series gives Selleck a good role to get into now that he's put on quite a few years since Magnum PI. I like Selleck and his portrayal in these tv movies but haven't found the storylines to be especially unique or gripping.
  10. Hitler 'wanted to steal' Turin Shroud If he'd gotten it, the plot of "Owls and Roosters" might have taken a whole different direction. ======================================= Bureau of Meteorology images show mysterious patterns on radar system
  11. Some disquiet on these L.A. film sets This reminds me of some tales I heard from people who worked on a movie set in an old hospital here in Jackson, MS, almost 30 years ago. The movie was "The Beast Within" and had Ronny Cox as the main star. It might be of interest here to note that R.G. Armstrong, MM's own "Old Man", was also in it. A co-worker at the state govt. agency I worked at moonlighted on the carpenter crew and worked on several rebuilds of walls in the hospital to open up space for the cameras to be manuevered about. He spoke of hearing a lot of strange noises in the still-deserted parts of the building. A number of years later we had a security guard at our building who had worked at the old hospital both during and after the filming. His job was mainly to keep out trespassers looking for souvenirs and scammers looking to have an "accident" for a lawsuit. He told of also hearing odd noises in the deserted halls almost as though gurneys were still being rolled around and metal and glass were being handled in the rooms. Although he never saw anything odd, he said that more that once he investigated what sounded like people talking and moving about only to find nothing but dark, deserted rooms from which the noises ceased as soon as he lighted the area. He worked the midnight shift from midnight until 8 am and upon arriving one night he found the guard on duty before him just inside the door all packed and ready to go. The guard told him that because of an experience on his shift earlier in the night, he'd not be returning to this job. When pressed for detailis the guard said he'd been in the little reception room that contained the minimal burglar alarm output and lookd up to see a man and woman pass by the glass window heading for the main interior door. He hurried to stop them but was only able to get out into the hall in time to see them pass throught the swinging double doors without opening them. He went back to his guard stationn, called his dispatcher and resigned effective at the end of the shift. The dispatcher had to talk him into staying until shift chage.
  12. Hi there! Meet orphaned Karmann, the waving wombat nursed back to health by humans This sounds like a good inspiration for a new Aussie band: Wierd Willard and the Waving Wombats. They could try for success being a "Men at Work" tribute band.
  13. "Monster" tumor causes hallucinations So that you don't miss what I feel is the most important paragraph in this story, here it is: "The tumor was a teratoma, a freakish, but not uncommon, conglomeration of basic cells growing out of control. Some teratomas, if they're big enough, even contain eyeballs or tiny feet." ========================= Terrifying Sea Critter Hauled from Ocean's Depths ========================== Turning a Hot Tub into a Time Machine
  14. 'Lough Ness Monster' devours ducks at popular lake ================== Actor fired for refusing to do sex scenes It's refreshing to see an actor that has principles by which he lives his life and governs his own behavior. Many show-biz types are quick to use their celebrity to try to influence how other people think or behave as long as they don't have to follow suit.
  15. The 'most prolific' serial killer in U.S. history is sentenced to death as police fear he could be behind 130 murders Odd...I had to go to a UK newspaper web site to find this article. Apparently it's not getting much notice in the US.

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