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  1. High Plains Drifter, Joseph McBrayer

    Wonderful news! !
  2. Yes, we must add medical dramas to the list. I lean more toward science fiction and some fantasies based on books I have read. Also, just a couple comic book heroes, Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I'm a big fan of Game of thrones, Vikings, and The Walking Dead, to name a few. There are stores around with used TV series, just most of the time they don't have what I want in stock. I do look, but one store is in a super busy intersection that I don't like going to. When it originally aired I was a big fan of "Name That Tune," probably because I was raised in a musical home. Both parents were very talented and the singing rubbed off on me. I have to admit, producers seem like they're grabbing at straws. The Gong Show is another one. Speaking of harassment, you have got to read this short article about something Carrie Fisher did for a friend. http://start.att.net/news/read/category/news/article/decider-carrie_fisher_delivered_a_message_to_a_sexual_hara-rnypost
  3. Tidbits

    When Faced With A Choice Where The Only Options Are The First Choice Or Nothing, It’s Called A? 1 ~ Hobson's Choice 2 ~ Door Number One 3 ~ Model T Option 4 ~ Fool's Dilemma
  4. Snow Files of the Week

    Wow, this track is dark and moody. Of course I still enjoyed it, after all, Mark is a genius. Thanks Alex.
  5. Oh how I miss Star Raiders. It was my favorite. This does take us back a long way.
  6. Welcome to CharlieD

    CharlieD, welcome to our home away from home. Hope to see you here often.
  7. Old Man, I've gotten to the point where I even stay away from cop and detective shows. I am so burned out. Same with all the comic book heroes and all their powers. Now they're big on military, "The Brave, SEAL Team, Valor," and the list goes on. There's just way too many shows about sex, drugs, violence, and even the comedies are mostly stupid and hard to watch. At least for me anyway. I've really gotten picky. Totally agree with you Gotham Gal regarding 1-3. Especially how to watch and/or get certain shows that air on a station that's not available to me, or I just can't afford it. So many shows are airing on HBO (Game of Thrones), Netflix (a list), and I'm already paying for my basic cable and Internet. Plus, I have to be content with downloading a copy, and not buying DVDs, that are so very expensive.
  8. Yes G G, people buy based on how they feel, with their emotional realm, and why advertisers play to that. Interesting, because most of my viewing is also erratic, with DVDs, or on a flash drive, and I too would rather own. Not a fan of commercials at all. And just to be on the safe side, besides having the original set of MLM where the seasons were separated, I have a backup new set with them all in one box. And I too doubt that it will ever come out in Blu-Ray. Yes, seasons have become very short, and sadly they charge just as much for the shorter ones as the have the longer ones. The industry has changed, and definitely more of a money-making business. I also think streaming and torrenting is hurting their sales. 20 something episodes is very long, and it seems like the writers end up grabbing at straws, whereas 6 episodes isn't enough. You no sooner get into the show and poof, it's over for a year, or more.
  9. Mr. Robot

    Thank you G G for taking the time to reply to my question. I really do appreciate it. I will watch it again, and when I do it will be with a different perspective. Have a few other things to watch first, but will do my best to get back to you eventually.
  10. Mr. Robot

    What do you mean it's a committment, to the show or the character, or something else?
  11. What would also be a good idea is to have all the individual episodes in a DVD set, that are not related to one particular subject matter. Of course that does cover a lot of seasons and episodes. Was just thinking out loud.
  12. Thank you wolvesevolve for your input. I am really looking forward to watching this.
  13. Welcome RogueVH!

    Welcome to our home away from home.