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  1. Thanks Liz, and yes, I will stop by. Tomorrow will probably be my last day. I actually have a busy week ahead of me. Blessings and love.
  2. Wow, what awesome compliments. I am humbled. Yes, I will pop in, but it's time to get caught up on my life. The main books is "Indigo Stars," with true, short stories, that hopefully have humor, and at the same time minister to the reader. The other one is a children's book, "Prince Tobias and the Burrfoots," about guinea pigs, with a story of hope, love and forgiveness. Another desire is to publish my deceased son's writings, "Robert," but will need help with finishing the typing. It's very emotional for me to type them and be in his head and heart. Love and huggers all around.
  3. With a heavy heart, and after discussing this with myself for a long time, I have made the decision to retire from the forums and pursue my writing full time. It has been one heck of a daily ride here this past 11 years, and of course, I will stop by on occasion to say hello. You can still contact me through my email address at ~ Luminary888@att.net. Love and huggers all around.
  4. Am I correct in saying your ranking method is 1, then down to the number of episodes in the season? You amaze me. There's no way I could do this, because of deciding among my favorites.
  5. I agree with all that you said seesthru, and why Catherine is my favorite character. Yes Peter, is it a battle of Good vs Evil. I also see it as ~ Constructive vs Destructive or Enlightenment vs Ignorance or Spirit vs Flesh
  6. Peter, and to our group and home away from home.
  7. I can't think of any. Hey, I've been depending on you to keep me informed.
  8. As a suggestion, try using another search engine besides Google. You'd be surprised at what they post and Google doesn't. Here's the top 10 from Google, and naturally they put themselves on the top of the list. Google Bing Yahoo Baidu Yandex.ru DuckDuckGo Ask.com AOL.com This thread is an interesting read ~
  9. How do you find time to do all the research you share with us? Do you sleep? You amaze me.
  10. reneeruin ~ to our home away from home.
  11. Obviously the problem is Muzak is not an actual artist. If it was Mark Snow music we'd probably have the track, but this music is just background. I doubt if customer service (Mood Media) could help you considering how long it's been since the episode aired, but it might be worth a try. https://us.moodmedia.com/ga/muzak-background-music/ I tried Shazam, but it didn't recognize the music. The end titles say Jeff Charbonneau is the Music Editor, and Larold Rebhun is the Scoring Mixer, and Patrick Ramsey as the Sound Mixer, but no list of music tracks, nor was Muzak mentioned. I recommend contacting SadEyes. He posts Mark Snow music every week, and there isn't much he doesn't know and might know more about Muzak's music on MLM. Sorry I can't help with more info. Here's page 1 of his forum ~ Here's the link to his profile page ~ https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/tiwwa/profile/435-sadeyes/
  12. Seesthru, a cabin in the woods by a lake sounds glorious.
  13. Time, for me especially, to watch the episode, or read the transcript. https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/guide/transcript/322/goodbye-to-all-that/
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