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  1. Millennium Valentine Love

    Could this be one of these that I found? https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/shape-tool https://www167.lunapic.com/editor/?action=cutout
  2. X-Files 2018

    I for one haven't a clue what happened to Dogget and Reyes. Here's what I found at Wiki ~
  3. That is a tad weird. Never noticed it before.
  4. New Homes

    Emma was a good partner for Frank and helped to keep him stabilized and focused, just like Catherine always did. But when Emma's own personal life (sister, father) entered into the equation, then poof, things changed. And of course at the end she basically sold herself to the group, even though she didn't want to have anything more to do with them. Her father's life meant more to her than her future and her own life. I totally agree with spiritual guidance from those who have crossed over. The thing is, we ARE a spirit, living IN a physical body, and we HAVE a mind and emotional realm. The problem for most people is their spirit is weak and the other areas are strong, taking over their entire life, dictating everything they say and do, when the spirit should be the strongest and in control.
  5. Snow Files of the Week

    Mark is definitely a genius when it comes to expressing the place the show wanted you to be in, even hell, yet never over-did it that would ruin the music. He always kept it haunting. Again Alex, thank you for your posts. Thank you for being our Music Valentine.
  6. Howdy Folks

    When it comes to the group I believe it has to do with which faction they're dealing with, Owls or Roosters. Then we need to consider the fact that the Elder is the leader, the head of the Representative Board, which means all actions require his approval. And of course he approves acceptance of candidates. Then there's the Inquisitor, who is the judge of candidate's merits, and is the chairman of a review board that reviews the candidates progress and achievements. Having said all of that, Jabbapop, I too believe that the group monitors candidates watching to see how they deal with their weaknesses, and how far they will go with their strengths. And of course whether they can be trusted, especially by considering the group as priority, that ends up hardening the heart. The one of many evil sides of the group is it must come first, even over family, which to me would actually become the group's biggest weakness, when the emotional realm is brought into the equation. There was so much ab out Peter Watts that I wish the show had more time to address. He is a very strong man, and yes, he did great in keeping his cool, and betting he was always a step ahead of everyone with his thinking, and didn't show it in anyway. Instead of evil getting to him, he baby was the experience that gave him focus for his life to fight evil, and at any level. The baby also let him know that family IS and always SHOULD be priority.
  7. First, for those interested, here's the link to the main site's page on "The Marburg Virus and Prions." Interesting read. https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/guide/episodes/articles/223/18/the-marburg-virus-and-prions/ I'm sure there were a lot of things that went on that The Old Man did not know about. As we know, you couldn't really trust everyone in the group, and it appeared to me that he was more of a caretaker of things, etc., that the group wanted hid, than someone with a final decision. There was a group of leaders that would meet, and they, to me, are the ones in control. There is no way The Old Man could be in control living in Bucksnort. He was considered the spiritual leader of the group, and even though "his say is prine over all others," I doubt that every member of the group honored this. The actual leader of the group is the Elder, who makes the decisions. Group info ~ https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/guide/analysis/the-millennium-group/ Here's s snippet ~ I personally found the information on the group's interest in evil fascinating. Mabius is one of those characters that always keeps you guessing. Here's his profile, which is also a very interesting read. Maybe this will answer some of our questions. It's been awhile since I've read this information myself. We can only assume Mabius was his name, and of course killing was his game. I did find it intersting that his faction, occupation, rank, etc., is "Legion." He appeared in only 4 episodes, but look at all the havoc he created (below).
  8. Howdy Folks

    Yes, the group very well could have set Frank up, and probably to get rid of Catherine, knowing she would sacrifice her life to save Jordan's. I believe Lara was in more torment over not understanding her visions than she was the group and anything they would conjure up.
  9. New Homes

    I totally agree with seesthru about Catherine, who is my favorite character, and not just for all the reasons mentioned above, but for so many more. It hurt to see them separate, but I understood why after all they had been through, and to me, Catherine just needed some space and time to process it all. I doubt very much if she ever even thought of a divorce. She just needed time. When push came to shove, they were reconciled and together again, in the cabin. Sadly, that's when we lost her. I was so thankful for the awesome episode "The Sound of Snow," that brought Frank needed healing.
  10. Millennium Valentine Love

    Oh my seesthru, the picture is awesome. What's the name of the program that died with your computer? I have a couple sites I go to that often has older things posted, like programs, videos, etc. I so want to learn how to create like you just did.
  11. Millennium Valentine Love

    Did you use Paint or another? I sometimes have trouble getting my Paint program options to work, but that's because I'm self taught. If you have the time, please, try this one . It looks like it would fit inside the heart. Or this one ~ Here's the link to the page ~ https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/guide/millennium_images.php?mlm_code=100# Sadly, there are very few images with all 3 of them together.
  12. New Homes

    I thought he would be renting the house too. I just couldn't picture him buying another house and giving up hope of them ever living again as a family in the yellow house. I have to admit, I'm with you, I would have put the house up for sale right after Bletcher's death too. Besides being very intelligent, Catherine was always a very spiritual woman, but I believe she felt a person's spirituality was personal. She was also a very realistic person and believed in simple common sense. Most of her childhood was living abroad, since her father was a foreign service officer. As an adult became a clinical social worker, which empathizes reality, and providing emotional and mental health counseling, intervention, and getting the help they need. Catherine understood what Frank had to do and was aware of the evils he faced day after day. Like the rest of us, she had her limit, and I believe it started with the kidnapping of Frank's sister-in-law in "Sacrament," and then had all she could take after her own kidnapping, the fear of something happening to Jordan, and then seeing Frank stab the kidnapper repeatedly. It was a lot to deal with, and I am sure most of us would not have handled it as well as she did. She was/still is a beautiful, inside and out, strong woman, and has always been my favorite character.
  13. Owls/Roosters

    You're right about the confusion. Frank and Catherine thought he was brought on board to solve crimes, not end up in the middle of somewhat of a "holy war." Yeah, Lara did think the group could help her, and in the end, I believe they caused her insanity, probably for some of them to cover their own tracks. She just never understood her visions, and that's dangerous territory. Same with Frank. He never truly understood his ability, but continued to use it anyway, which did at time cause him great torment. Most of the time he dealt with it very well.
  14. Howdy Folks

    The "Here's my thing," was out of left field, but sure did catch on. I've used it multiple times here and smiled every time. Besides Lara's beauty, her strength and intelligence is what made her so popular. It's been thought that the group put Lara in a mental institution. That would be my first "educated" guess, but then again remember, she gave Frank her antidote syringe for the virus. I am sure the group had secret backups and may have injected her, locked her up, and threw away the key. We will probably never know.
  15. Millennium Valentine Love

    Thank you seesthru ~

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