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  1. Earthnut

    X-Files 2018

    This is just my opinion, but, as much as I would love a MLM movie, I think the documentary is the most we will get. Maybe they made it because they too finally realized that too much time has passed. We're in a new generation that most probably have never heard of the show, let alone see any episodes. I've said it a million times before and saying it again, we did have closure with Frank and Jordan driving away. Seesthru, have you seen the fan movie, "Millennium Apocalypse" with Jordan grown up? One of our forum members acted in it, Erin McRaven (Ravenwolf). She is so dearly missed. She crossed over in 2016.
  2. Earthnut

    Anyone else watch Luther?

    Wow, I finally watched the first 2 episodes of season 1 and this show is sooooo good, and sooooo looking forward to ep 3.
  3. Earthnut

    Sound effects

    Glad you explained it in simple terms at the end. I got lost in the middle.
  4. Earthnut

    X-Files 2018

    Yep, no one is getting any younger, and all the more reason to either bring Frank Black back. Lance is up in years, and may be strong as an ox, but anything can happen at anytime. We've had closure with both shows, and to me, it's time to move on.
  5. Loving your profile piccie! :bear:

  6. Earthnut

    Snow Files of the Week

    Loved this, and yes, I agree. Proud to be an owner of this album. Thanks again Alex.
  7. Earthnut

    Sound effects

    Old Man, I am totally confused, and so glad you know what you're doing. Thanks for helping Seesthru. Just clicked on the left Ouro and had to reboot the page for it to go away. Didn't realize it was the sound, thought it was just the Ouro. How do we delete it if we change our mind and don't want it in the post? What does the right one do? I am not clicking on it.
  8. Earthnut

    Anyone else watch Luther?

    Hey Seesthru, I miss a lot of them too, so you're not alone. I am more intrigued than ever about this show. Guess I need to find and watch it.
  9. Earthnut

    X-Files 2018

    I was going to add a cartoon, but got grossed out looking at the images. Rather pop a cork.
  10. Earthnut

    Sound effects

    Let me know if that solves your problems. Otherwise, you might want to post something in the help section, or write Graham direct in a PM.
  11. Earthnut

    X-Files 2018

    Glad to say I have a strong stomach, but do my best to avoid exposing myself to grossies. Never watch evil, horror or hacker movies. Yuck.
  12. Earthnut

    Sound effects

    Did you check your sound schemes to make sure that MLM is chosen? I'm sure it was added to your sounds, but not working till you set it.
  13. Earthnut

    X-Files 2018

    Haven't a clue who Dr. Pimple Popper is, and not sure I want to know. The name alone sounds gross. When I read you were burning limbs, my mind immediately flashed on actual limbs, and thought you were losing it...LOL I think therefore I'm the one who lost it, just momentarily of course.
  14. Earthnut

    Sound effects

    Good, glad it's working for you. Enjoy! I sure do.
  15. Earthnut

    X-Files 2018

    Trust me, you are smarter than the average bear. Don't feel alone, I didn't read the books either, so it was a surprise to me too, and in a way, a nice surprise. But I obviously handle zombies better, and don't mind them a bit in GoT because I prefer that they actually can still think a little, and why it always takes a head shot to stop them. I'd say "kill" but they're already dead...LOL. In TWD they just wander, kill and eat, whereas in GoT they are a much bigger threat, especially since animals can be turned. One more note...I believe once the leader of the "dead" is destroyed, then the followers will either no longer be much of a threat, or will have no guidance and be easy targets. Honestly, after reading your posts, it might be best you stick with your house and yard work. Even though TWD is character driven, and you can get very into them and their relationships, it does have a lot of gross scenes. And naturally, mankind has to fight, torture and kill each other, instead of fighting a common enemy together. This show isn't for everyone.

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