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  1. Snow Files of the Week

    Wow, wow, wow, where do you find all this information about each track? Is Alex secretly Mark? Again, thank you.
  2. Who Is The Killer?

    You do realize that no one else can play these quizzes since we're posting the answers? Oh well, we're having fun. Maybe these last 2 will stump you, and no cheating by searching for it online. 5 ~ Pills A serial killer kidnapped his victims, held them hostage and offered them a possibility to stay alive. They had to choose from two pills. One was poison, other was harmless. Whichever pill the victim took, the serial killer would take the other one. The victim took their pill with water and died. The killer obviously survived. How did the killer always end up with the harmless pill? 6 ~ Frozen Windows On a cold winter night, a man named Jack was found dead in his house. He was found by his friend John. He said that he was passing by Jack’s house and wanted to visit him. He knocked and rang the bell for a really long time, but there was no answer. Then he decided to remove the ice from the windows to look inside. He did that by breathing on the iced window glass. That is how he was able to see Jack’s body and to call the police. The next day, police arrested John as their prime suspect. Why?
  3. Who Is The Killer?

    Hopefully, this one will be a tad harder to solve. Seesthru, you're good at these. 4 ~ A Lonely Old Man A lonely old man lived in a lonely old house in the suburbs of a city. He never left his house for long. It was a midsummer, a Friday when the mailman walked by the house and called the lonely old man. There was no answer. When he looked into the window, he saw that old man lying in a pool of blood. When the policemen arrived, they found a newspaper from Tuesday, 2 bottles of warm milk and one cold bottle. The next day, the killer was arrested. Who was the killer, and how did the police figure this one out?
  4. Who Is The Killer?

    It is a weird one and I hesitated to post it, but hey, we're sharing the weird experience. You shouldn't have a problem figuring out this one. Okay, here ya go ~ 3 ~ A Stolen Necklace Mrs. Smith called the police and claimed that her expensive vintage necklace was stolen. When police arrived at her house they saw no signs of a break-in, except one broken window. There was a mess inside the house with dirty footprints all around the room and some broken glass on the outside. Mrs. Smith was arrested the very next day for fraud. Why?
  5. Who Is The Killer?

    I thought of that too, but they gave a different solution. I think ours makes more sense.
  6. Who Is The Killer?

    2 ~ Jailbreak Jack was placed in a cell 2×2 with one window at the top of the wall. The window was big enough for him to go through it but it was too high for anyone to reach it. The cell was empty. It had nothing in it, except a shovel. He had only two days to break out. How did Jack escape?
  7. Snow Files of the Week

    After I checked my connections I noticed my speakers were the problem. All is well now. Sorry. Thanks again for posting another awesome track from Mark.
  8. Who Is The Killer?

    I wasn't impressed with it eather. Doesn't make sense to me since some of the questions didn't give us an opportunity to say "none of the above," or fill in our own answer if we can't answer it correctly. Oh well. The thing to remember is, we are not serial killers, so there are no right answers. Here ya go. This should keep you busy for awhile. ~ ~ ~ 1 ~ Murder at School On the first day of the school year, there was a murder in a school. A geography teacher was killed and police had only 4 suspects. The gardener, school principal, math teacher, and the coach. They had their alibis: The gardener was watering flowers; The math teacher was holding a mid-year test; The coach was playing basketball; The Principal was in his office. The murderer was arrested immediately. How did police determine who the killer was?
  9. Security update information and general tips

    Excellent ! !
  10. Snow Files of the Week

    The video would play, but I couldn't hear it. Checked my computer volume and it was up high enough. The video showed max volume level, but no sound. I tried to reload the page and that didn't help either. Sorry.
  11. Who Is The Killer?

    Some of yours, to me, describes me. Oh well. I have to try and answer without thinking of anyone myself. But with my result, I had no clue who Jigsaw is. Here's another one ~ https://www.thequiz.com/which-serial-killer-are-you/ Not thrilled with my results. I don't see it.
  12. Who Is The Killer?

    OH NO...YOU CHEATED...LOL You can't cheat on this one ~ Which Famous Serial Killer Are You? http://www.playbuzz.com/benglass10/which-famous-serial-killer-are-you Here's my result. And what's funny is I have never seen the movie.
  13. Security update information and general tips

    I have the same question as Gotham Gal. Why on earth would anyone want to target TIWWA? What would they hope to attain from a hack? Just makes no sense. Yes, Graham, you are the best "helsman and webmaster" in the whole world. Thank you so much. Tweak and Twerk as much as you need to. Love and huggers.
  14. Wonderful to receive a good, positive update. Love and huggers to Joe and Bernadete, and continued prayer.

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