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  1. Thanks Graham, I appreciate this and hopefully will have the Ouro again. Lucy is too creepy for me to see every day...LOL
  2. Earthnut

    HDTV Frank

    Trust me, some of us are just thankful just to have a DVD copy of the series. I proudly say I have two, one set is divided into the 3 season, the original, and the other set is combined in a box set.
  3. Can the shirt say "This Is Who We Are" with the Ouroboros? Surely the quote isn't copyrighted and as often as we see the Ouro, I doubt if it is. I would love to have a MLM t-shirt. Please contact Barry. Maybe he still has the designs. I don't care how much it is, I will save for it.
  4. Earthnut

    Disney buys 20th Century Fox

    You're right Walkabout, CGI can only go so far. I think a lot of it too is it doesn't go over with us because we know it's not the real person. If we didn't know, it might work.
  5. Earthnut

    HDTV Frank

    Yes, it is very complicated. Now that 20th Century Fox is owned by Disney, we don't have a clue what's going to happen next, and doubt if they care how we feel anyway. As I stated in another forum, Disney might come out with an animated MLM, and of course it would be in HD. Oh joy.
  6. Earthnut

    Disney buys 20th Century Fox

    Personally, I think the general viewing public is now permanently screwed. Maybe Disney will come out with an animated MLM. Wouldn't that be a hoot? Doubt if they're worried about the main actors, after all, they're now electronic and can be CGI'd.
  7. Earthnut

    Snow Files of the Week

    Again, proud to be an owner of this second volume. Thanks again Alex. Your posts are like a present, I never know what I will hear.
  8. 1 ~ When the Mother Superior returned to the convent after a weekend away, she immediately noticed that a man had been there, and that was strictly against the rules. How did she know? 2 ~ It is said that Lucrezia Borgia once split an apple in half and shared it with a companion. Within 10 minutes her companion was dead and Lucrezia survived. How come?
  9. You're right seesthru; you're wrong...LOL So was I. They are hard ones. 1 ~ Denise and Harry Denise died at sea, while Harry died on land. People were pleased that Harry had died and even more pleased that Denise had died. Why? 2 ~ Mechanical Disadvantage A driver had a problem with his car in a remote area miles from the nearest garage. He stopped at a little candy store, where his problem was quickly solved. How?
  10. BB, people have a bad opinion because most of the time Millennials seem stupid and uneducated. They aren't taught cursive, phonics or regular math, they don't know how to count change back, and rarely get their noses out of their electronic devices, for without them they seem helpless. So glad my kids are Generation X, and I am very proud of them. Also glad Generation Y is fake. It made no sense. There wasn't one particular site, I just Googled "custom t-shirts" and it brought up a bunch with very affordable prices. As I said, to me it depends on the quality of the t-shirt, and I for one don't want to buy one that shrinks too much after the first wash and I can no longer wear it. I'd rather spend a little more for the quality, and of course pick a place with a 4-5 star rating. It's a good idea seesthru, but my tongue got tied the first time I tried to say it... Appreciate your comments. Keep them coming.
  11. You're good at these. Congrats. Here's 2 more. Eventually I hope they will become very hard. 1 ~ Criminal Assistance ~ The police put up notices warning the public about a certain type of crime, but actually helped the criminals. How? 2 ~ Top at Last William was the least intelligent and laziest boy in a class of 30 students who took an examination. Yet when the result were announced, William's name was at the top of the list. How come?
  12. Sorry, I disagree. My problem is because of the Millennial generation, who are called "Millennials." I personally believe "The Millennium Group" is still the best, after all, "This Is Who We Are." And I can only assume t-shirts are already available somewhere, but I couldn't find them in a quick search, so maybe no one has done it yet. I did find a site "The Real Millennium Group" selling products of various designs, t-shirts, mugs, pillows, etc. We could have shirts made with an Ouroboros, and underneath have the forum URL. Pricing is very affordable, and sure a lot of the difference would depend on the quality of the shirt. I personally am already designated a "Baby Boomer," but would wear a Millennium Group t-shirt proudly. We certainly have the members with artistic ability to create a simple design. Ouroborus with "The Millennium Group" in the middle and the web address below, or both sites (main & forums). The shirt would look nice to me with, "This Is Who We Are" above the . Simple, but to the point. And with no designation after 2004. Per The Atlantic regarding Millennials ~ There's a chart on the site, but it wouldn't post since it's a png, so I saved it and changed it to JPEG in Paint. https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2014/03/here-is-when-each-generation-begins-and-ends-according-to-facts/359589/
  13. 1 ~ When the woman saw him she was upset. Even though she had never seen him before, she had left some food for him because she knew he would be hungry. But he could not reach the food because he had an iron bar across his back. He died soon after and the woman was pleased. What's going on? 2 ~ A man wakes up at night in the pitch dark. He knows that on his bedside table are a razor, a watch, and a glass of water. How can he reach for the table and be sure to pick up the watch without touching either the razor or the glass of water?
  14. Got anything to share? Please do. 1 ~ Did You Know? Before he illustrated books with whimsical and odd looking creatures, Dr. Seuss would taxidermy equally whimsical fantasy creatures from animal parts his zookeeper father saved for him. 2 ~ Did You Know? Kenny G’s 1989 smooth jazz hit “Going Home” enjoys enduring popularity in China where it is widely used across the country as an official closing song for public businesses and venues. 3 ~ Did You Know? Contrary to popular belief, Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb. He did, however, patent and popularize a commercially viable version of it. 4 ~ Did You Know? Despite what cartoons have taught us, the coyote can run up to 43 miles per hour while the roadrunner can only run up to 32 miles per hour.

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