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  1. Earthnut

    Life of a Comet

    Thanks Graham for the update. I knew Libby took a break, just wasn't sure how long. Hope and pray all is well with her. Yes, the episode opening has always been intriguing, and so glad we are discussing it. Mark Hayden posted the "Life of a Comet" video on Vimeo, along with a bunch of others related to MLM and Frank. https://vimeo.com/14998314 The best and most precious people ever are members of this forum. Since I became a member, I was welcomed with open arms, and it has always been my, "Home Away From Home" since. When Mark Hayden was moderator here, he designated Walkabout and I, "Sis Angels" during the holidays one year. Since then, and to this day, we call each other "Sis." Love and huggers to all.
  2. The doll is very hard to find, especially considering we only see half of her. Hint #1 ~ Here's another one that took awhile, but eventually I saw it. Not as hard as the doll though.
  3. Earthnut

    Snow Files of the Week

    Totally agree, so thankful for the releases, and of course always thankful for you.
  4. Earthnut

    Life of a Comet

    Thanks Alex, appreciate your help.
  5. Earthnut

    Life of a Comet

    Glad you found out the information on the artwork. I just didn't have the time to do any extensive searching. I would contact SadEyes (Alex) direct about the music or post in his weekly forum, "Snow Files of the Week.". Not sure if he would see your question here.
  6. Earthnut

    Life of a Comet

    I read in a post here at one time that some of the artwork used in MLM episodes were created by the art department just for the show, and probably why it/they cannot be found posted anywhere else. Mark Hayden, who posted the video 8 years ago, has retired from the forums, but does stop by sometimes. You could leave a message for him, but I have no clue when he will be back. Libby is also retired, but she too stops by to say hi. And of course the main person is our leader, our MLM King, The Old Man (Graham). You can always send him a PM, he's here most every day. I'm betting there isn't anything he doesn't know about the show. As far as the background music, It's probably Mark Snow, and a track that's not on a CD yet, since there is no credit mentioned for that segment. A track by the Talking Heads was used in the episode, and listed in the credits, but it's not by them or it would be on their list. When it comes to Mark Snow music, the person to chat with is Alex (SadEyes), our resident expert, who has a weekly track post in "Snow Files of the Week." If Alex or Graham don't know, nobody knows. Here's the link to the last page of that forum ~ https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/tiwwa/topic/25780-snow-files-of-the-week/?page=57&tab=comments#comment-122285 Sorry I can't help anymore then this, but it is a start.
  7. It's weird how it goes from one extreme to the other. We either have to search forever to find it, or we spot it right away. Can you find the hidden lollipop? This one was hard. Can you find the hidden doll? I'll even give you a hint. You can only see half of her.
  8. This image is small, but the only one I could find showing where all 12 of them are. These are a tad easier ~ There's only one little fishy among the rest of these ocean-dwellers. It's hiding somewhere. Can you find it? This one didn't take me long. Can you spot the hidden soccer ball? This one is a tad harder. It's weird too because, once you find it, it stands out like a sore thumb.
  9. Earthnut

    Snow Files of the Week

    Thanks for the heads up Alex. At eBay it's 14.95 plus standard shipping of 4.45. Would you believe people are selling it at Amazon for 39.99 with 3.89 shipping? There's one used-like new for 18.95 with 3.99 shipping. Hopefully it will still be available after the new year, and maybe by then the prices will drop, since it will be after the holidays. I am definitely one person on the list that loved Omerta. It was heartwarming, and brought Jordan some healing. Definitely it is a big change from all the darkness in most MLM episodes. And the music, oh yes, I so agree, "one of the most outstanding scores in the three years run of "MillenniuM." The vocals are so breathtakingly beautiful that you can almost physically feel them. Another favorite is from "Force Majeure" titled, "All His Children." Oh my. I was thrilled when it was on Mark's MLM Volume 2, Disc 1, track #17. Proud owner of this album, and thank you so much for posting these tracks. They have made my day and going to listen to them again.
  10. Earthnut

    Snow Files of the Week

    Almost sounds like another composer, then there's either a beautiful melody, or a section that tells me it has to be Mark. Wish I could say I was a proud owner of this album, but boo hoo, nope, don't have it. Thanks for sharing this Alex.
  11. Season 9 has been so good, and honestly better than I expected. I heard there will be some movies with Rick's experiences in another part of the world, or multiple places. Maybe eventually they will have another crossover, and bring him back to the original series. Maybe a reunion in the final season, whenever that is. In the meantime, don't you just love the "Little Ass Kicker" Judith Grimes? She played the young Rey in Star Wars. After watching a replay of the scene where people claim the walkers are communication, yes, I could hear someone whispering. Either they have evolved, or as The Old Man stated in a PM, there's "trickery afoot." Maybe the people in the helicopters are testing the walkers somehow, and the survivors are the guinea pigs. But think about it, what if they are evolving and beginning to communicate. Then, there's the scene where they are meandering in a field, like they're having a town meeting. Something is happening, and it will be interesting to see where the producers, writers, and show runners lead us. What a shock to see Carol with long hair. And who are the people Maggie is with? And then the big question, "Who are we saying goodbye to next?" Wish Shiva was still alive. It was awesome having a tiger on the show.
  12. Earthnut

    Happy Birthday Erin - RIP

    Ditto from me. I so agree. You will always be dearly missed and loved.
  13. Wow, I think we spotted it at the same time. Isn't it amazing the tricks we can play on our eyes with images? You might have seen this one before, I might have posted it myself, but hey, I and still haven't find all 12. The British Army's elite unit shared the photo onto social media to show off their skills during Close Target Reconnaissance training. Can you spot the 12 soldiers hiding in the Brunei jungle?
  14. Earthnut

    Snow Files of the Week

    Really enjoyed hearing these tracks again; been awhile. Need to check and see what my copy is, the one with issues or the expanded new. I don't remember. Thanks again Alex.
  15. I was hoping you found the Pikachu because I still haven't. Nothing new till we do.

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