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    Mt Ventoux
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    Family and Friends, Music, Movies & Some TV, Animals (used to raise doves, & especially love horses), Writing, Research (especially the Word of God spiritually & in the Greek & Hebrew), Ancient Beliefs, Reading, Games, Fine Foods & Wine, Ice Hockey, Polo (for the horses), Theater, Concerts, Carnival Rides, and being outdoors with no buildings. Hope someday to swim with the dolphins.

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    ...Thirteen Years Later
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    Catherine Black
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    I'm not sure!
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    I'm not sure!
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  1. Hot Hot Hot, yucky triple digits.

    1. soylentgreenspeople


      Ewww i hate hot weather!

    2. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Me too, bring on Autumn, Hallowmaween and Winter! I'm not a hot sunny weather person, its nice in small doses.

    3. Earthnut


      I find it easier to stay warm in cold weather then cool in hot. I so hate Oklahoma summers.