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  1. Here's the link to the Erin and Chris' gallery and some images of their pirate wedding.



    Erin was also a very good artist, and her style was that of Vincent Van Gogh, her favorite.

    Here's a few ~

    Erin & Van Gogh.jpg


    Fantasy Flower

    Fantasy Flower, Iris & blue person.jpg


    Starry Starry Sunflowers at Sunset

    Erin, Starry Starry Sunflowers at Sunset.jpg

  2. On 2/22/2020 at 6:42 AM, Darth Paul said:

    Mark Snow's ability to make me feel music is extraordinary. At first I thought it was because I had a particular scene in a show to associate it with but that's not always the case. The piece from Night Sins above is really good and I've never even heard of that show.

    You haven't heard of Night Sins and I never saw it.  Hope to someday.

    Yes, Mark's music is extraordinary, and captivating.  I could listen to him all day.  He's a genius!

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  3. All I know is our sister site has transcripts, with a lot of other info, from the episodes, thanks to Libby.


    And from Wikipedia ~ 


    Novelizations of five episodes from the first season of Millennium were published by Harper Collins between 1997 and 1998.[43]

    1. The Frenchman (1997) by Elizabeth Hand
    2. Gehenna (1997) by Lewis Gannett
    3. Weeds (1998) by Victor Koman
    4. Force Majeure (1998) by Lewis Gannett
    5. The Wild and the Innocent (1998) by Elizabeth Massie


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  4. Office Space (1999)

    Three company workers who hate their jobs decide to rebel against their greedy boss. To do that, they conspire to plant a virus that will embezzle money from the company into their account. This movie is a unique comedy experience, a true comedic classic with incredible performances by Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, and David Herman.


    We’re the Millers (2013)

    After being robbed of a week’s take, pot dealer David is forced by his boss to go to Mexico to pick up a load of marijuana. To improve his odds of making it past the border, David asks s stripper and two local teenagers to join him and pretend they’re on a family holiday. “We’re the Millers” is a great comedy starring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, and Emma Roberts. The movie has an interesting script that will keep you entertained through all 109 minutes. The unusual story, paired with subtle one-liners and witty remarks make it extremely funny and even better after a second watch!

  5. Probably the subject matter...drugs, sexual fantasies, and dysfunction.  Even though there are other episodes where sex is an issue, this one took it to a step farther than most people are aware of or have even been exposed to.  Incest and sexual abuse is common knowledge like in, "The Well-Worn Lock," but kidnapping, etc., in this episode, takes it to a whole new level.  The title are excellent choices for both episodes.  Same with "Monster."  It's common knowledge nowadays that abuse happens in day cares.

    Then there's the absolute mind-blowing scene in the motel with Frank and the evil Lucy... :Gehenna: :old-fashioned-exercise:  

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  6. This is hard because I have so many favorites, and so few I dislike.  A number of the episodes that people don't like, I think, is because they may or may not understand the writer's intent.   For example, Human Essence is not a popular episode, but it is good, it just doesn't belong in the MLM series.

    Broken World is not liked because it has the slaughtering of horses, and that I too find very disturbing, but the episode itself was very good.

    For sure I agree with all of your likes.

    To name just 5 that I like is impossible, but dislike, easy.  First, ...Thirteen Years Later, because I don't like KISS, and at the same time thought the story line was stupid.  Also don't like watching The Pest House.  Felt it too is stupid, and in a way, even annoying.  But, this is just my personal opinion.

    And I agree that loin like a Hunting Flame was also hard to enjoy, and I haven't a clue why, unless it's the subject matter.  Crunch, why don't you like it?

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