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  1. Byron AKA Andrew, I agree with every word you said, this episode IS one of the most powerful episodes. It's not a bit preachy or sentimental.

    Another one on the same kinda sorta subject matter is, "Through A Glass, Darkly," in season 3. It's about a convicted child molester (not his own child) being released from prison after 20 years, and the reaction of everyone when he returns to his home town. The message of forgiveness is powerful in this one, and if you haven't see it, it's worth the watch.

    Be safe,

    Earthnut AKA Darlene

  2. Hello Graham & Thomas,

    Thank you for your reply, and yes, it is cleared up; I heard from the Old Man. I also found out that the 500 posts was the wrong number, that it has been changed. Yippee.

    Yes, the pilot is hard to watch the first time. I know I was at the edge of my seat.

    I never saw the Pokemon movie, and sooooooooo glad, and have no plans in the future to see it.

    Speaking of Chris Carter, have you all seen "Harsh Realm?" It was only on for one season, but it was very good. It had to compete against The Matrix being released at the theatres. Everyone that I have loaned my DVDs to has really like the serious and also wish there was a season 2. The last episode had closure because it was the last show of the season, yet it didn't have complete closure of the story. Disappointing, and I've heard that Chris has no intensions of going back to it. Sure hope he changes his mind. These episodes are very entertaining, and, Mark Snow is responsible for the music

    Hope to hear from all of you again soon.

  3. Sorry about the no one posting since the year 2006. I was replying to page one, not the last page. Still learning the site.

    This show will always be one of my favorites, and maybe because I understand so much of it.

    We all have psychic ability, but very few peole have actually tried to master or at least develop it. It's our spirit, because I believe a spirit is what we are, fathered by a spirit, in a flesh body to take care of, with a mind that's programmed, and a soul realm of emotions and feeling to learn to control. Some people are more open and receptive to the things of the spirit realm, while most people would be terrified, which comes from lack of knowledge.

    Jesus, as one flesh body, wouldn't have had a physical relationship with a woman, nor take a wife. He now is the Holy Spirit with a spiritual Bride, and physical in the sense that we are His Bride.

    Catherine was told she had a good insight, maybe instinct, so I have no doubts that Jordan did get her strong ability from both sides who have developed theirs more then most people.

    Clare I believe was receptive, not actually a decendant or incarnation. She totally opened up her spirit and her being to allow Mary to speak through her

    Naturally, the programmed minds by the organized system of religion, would cause someone to want to kill her. That's where a sacrifice came in to play here, just as Jesus was the lamb that was slain. And remember, it was the system of religion that crucified Christ in the first place. The church has it's place by keeping a lot of people off the streets, but so many churches and religions have become nothing more then storybook tellers. I am glad to see some are into the meat of the word.

    Yes, I agree, this episode was far more interesting the the Di Vinci Code.


  4. I agree, I love Omerta and it is one of my favorites, especially the music. I felt that the women were gifted and sheltered, or hidden, by God because there gifts would not be accepted by the majority of the public. They would end up being display items like in a circus. Most people think the gift of healing disappeared with the disciples. Not true.


  5. I agree with Pluto, I enjoyed this episode, and I especially enjoyed the music, which I haven't been able to get my hands on yet. All I have is the itunes download of "The Best of Millennium." It's the only place you can find it. I so want 500 posts so I can earn the 2-CD Fan Mix, not the new CD from La La Land. Anyway, with all the controversy before the year 2000 over what was going to happen, I found this show very entertaining.


  6. Even though no one has posted since 2006, I am hoping that someone will come back and start it up again.

    Yes, Anamnesis is one of my favorite episodes, if not the favorite. It was awesome, and the first episode that I introduced to my girlfriend. She had never seen Millennium, and is interested in seeing more. Yeehaa.


  7. Hello everyone,

    I am new and having a hard time deciding where to go and post, but this discussion I found intriging.

    As a spiritual person, not religious, and after over 30 years of research, I can simply say that evil begins with the self. When self comes first, then evil begins to grow, and as we know, it can become frightening and ugly. There are principalities and powers in the heavenlies, in different levels of the spirit realm, and inbetween the flesh and spirit is the realm where so many are because they have unfinished business with the living and have not totally crossed over into the spirit realm. This inbetween realm is where we can see physical manifestations, or ghosts to make it simple. And, the operations there can be for both good and evil. What is so scary is that most of the time they don't know why they are there. When someone physically dies, they take what is in their spirit with them, so if there is little spirit knowledge in your spirit, you enter the spirit realm at a low level of learning.

    Evil does and will exist as long as man chooses to follow the lusts and desires of self, with the need for power and authority over others. When you come into a right relationship with God, evil decreases as God increases in your life. Otherwise, evil increases, and the acts of the flesh become more immoral and violent.

    Hope I haven't sounded like preaching. I just felt I needed to tell you where I am coming from and hope that I have sparked an interest to continue with this subject.

    Be blessed today and always in the joy of life.


  8. Maybe you guys can help me. I'm having a bad morning. I should probably not let this bother me as much as it has but I figure if anyone would understand how I feel it's the people in this forum.

    Last night we had an X-Files/Millennium night. A few of my friends came over. I had been looking forward to this night for a long time because none of them had seen Millennium. One of my friends is a huge X-Files fan but had never seen Millennium. When I described it to her she was definitely interested. But it was all downhill from there.

    We first watched the Pilot, and they were making fun of it within the first five minutes. An online friend I talked to afterward called it the "stupid-in-a-group" gene, which I think is an accurate description. These friends are a few years younger than me, college age, and I think they all feel like they have to show off for one another while they are watching something. It quickly became a contest to see how much they could make fun of it.

    The next episode I showed them was Lamentation. Now up until a certain point I had not said anything, because I am always the guy who wants to be quiet when we are watching stuff and take it seriously, but I know a lot of times "shushing" people makes me look like the party crasher. But midway through lamentation they were talking and joking so much I could not even hear the damn show anymore (even though I had seen it a half dozen times), and I finally said, "You guys, I can't hear a freakin' thing!!!"

    Suddenly everyone shut up and it was like I had sucked all the air out of the room. We watched the rest of the episode in silence (okay, two of them were still whispering and giggling to each other the whole time). Afterward I said, "So I guess you guys aren't really sold on this show, huh?" and I was amazed at the response I got. My X-Files fan friend said that Lance Henriksen was "boring," and that she didn't understand the point of the show. And had I wanted to really get into an argument just then, I would have told her that that may have been because she couldn't shut up long enough to listen to what they were saying.

    It just seems like with a certain type of person, if you have a group viewing and what you're watching isn't action-packed or laugh-out-loud hilarious, they start feeling like they'll be perceived as lame if they actually take it seriously, so they start trying to outdo each other to make fun of it as much as they can, to promote some sort of cynical image for themselves. Like I said, I am sure I'm letting this get to me more than it should but I am still really upset by the whole thing. I was hoping to make some new Millennium fans, particularly given the other shows we DO share an interest in (X-Files and LOST), and I can't help but feel a little personally insulted that they couldn't restrain themselves long enough to even try to enjoy this show that I vouched for.

    Rant over. Some words of support would be helpful...

    Hello all, my name is Darlene.

    I'm new here and trying to get started on my 500 posts to earn the 2-CD fan set of music.

    I have a friend that I loaned the frist season to that never saw the show and loves X-Files. My girlfriend was here last night and had never seen an episode of M. and watch 2. She liked it and wants more. I think the secret with introducing it is which episode you show. Maybe the pilot was too intense. I totally agree that introducing this show should be one on one, and, Millennium really isn't for everyone, but the fan base is growing everyday.


  9. Dear Darlene,

    Allow me to add my sincere best wishes to The Old Man's in light of your current situation. My mother broke her tibia, fibula and talus prior in late October. At the time it was presumed she would need to have her foot amputated as it was expected that the damage was irreparable but surgery has proved successful and she is still slowly rehabilitating and I witnessed at close quarters how painful and frustrating immobility can be. I hope your recovery is swift and send you positive thoughts in the mean time.

    The Vocal Mix you enquire about is the final track of the 2nd disc of the recent CD release and it is hilarious, I hope you can check it out when you have a little more money to play with.

    Get well soon,


    Thank you to all of you for your best wishes. Eth, I am so glad to hear that your mother is recovering. It is a horrible experience not being able to walk and in a wheelchair. There are so many things that we are used to doing for ourselves, and then poof, we have to ask someone else. Just a simple thing like shopping for groceries turns into a major production. My thoughts are positive and I know once I have the sugery I will completely heal correctly. The claim to the postal service was submitted today. I pray the do a quick work.

    I am definitely getting these CD's as soon as I can.

    My thanks to all of you for your comments. This is my first time posting and chatting about something, and I am so enjoying it. :fool::clapping:

  10. Welcome oroborus2000, glad you joined us.

    I only have season 1 of Millennium, but planning on getting the rest some day. What a great show it was.

    Has anyone seen "Harsh Realm" by Chris Carter? It was only on for 1 season. I think there's a Mark Snow CD out with it's music too.

    Have a great day,

    Earthnut "Darlene"

  11. Hi Darlene,

    I am sorry to hear you are having a turbulent ride of late and hope that life sees fit to treat you better shortly. If ever you feel down the Vocal Mix on the CD is worth its weight in gold. I was in hysterics when I first heard it and it's a fabolus tonic, might just be what you need for those less than stellar days.

    Best wishes,


    Hi Eth,

    Thanks for your best wishes; I'll take them anytime. Yes, my life is a mess right now. I fell and broke my leg at the post office and filing a claim so I can have the needed surgery to walk again. Been in a wheelchair for 2 months now. And, to add insult to injury, I am no longer eligible for unemployment benefits, so until the claim is completed, I'm quite broke.

    Which CD are you talking about with the vocal mix? There's the 2 CD promo, and now The Best Of... I so look forward to getting all the Millennium CDs. I like Mark Snow's music on Millennium so much better then his X-Files music.

    Earthnut "Darlene"

  12. Well said Alex, its a brilliant CD. You won't be disappointed with this release Darlene!

    Thank you everyone for your input.

    As soon as I can I will get the CD; you can bet on it. I sure do want it, but I will have to wait until my life gets back to some form of normality. It's the pits at the moment.

    Earthnut "Darlene"

  13. Hi Graham,

    Thank you for your post. Hope I am doing this correctly since I'm new.

    Yes, MarK Snow's music. The music in that episode is awesome and I would so love to find it. I agree, that episode was one of the good ones. It didn't have a lot of blood and gore, and it had a great story. Did you read the book 5/5/2000? Fasinating book to read with a lot of truths in it.

    Earthnut "Darlene"

    Hello Alex,

    Thank you for your post and for your information on Mark Snow's CDs. I will try and find them but I'm thinking the promo CD may be very hard to find, if at all. I wish there were some way to contact Mark Snow, but even if I did, and if he were to read the letter and not just his staff, it could be ages before I received a reply, if at all. I'm open for any suggestions. I don't have the equipment to copy the music direct from the episode and would be happy with it since it would be better then not having it at all.

    Thanks again,


  14. Hi Graham,

    Thank you for your post. Hope I am doing this correctly since I'm new.

    Yes, MarK Snow's music. The music in that episode is awesome and I would so love to find it. I agree, that episode was one of the good ones. It didn't have a lot of blood and gore, and it had a great story. Did you read the book 5/5/2000? Fasinating book to read with a lot of truths in it.

    Earthnut "Darlene"

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