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  1. Thank you to all of you for your best wishes. Eth, I am so glad to hear that your mother is recovering. It is a horrible experience not being able to walk and in a wheelchair. There are so many things that we are used to doing for ourselves, and then poof, we have to ask someone else. Just a simple thing like shopping for groceries turns into a major production. My thoughts are positive and I know once I have the sugery I will completely heal correctly. The claim to the postal service was submitted today. I pray the do a quick work. I am definitely getting these CD's as soon as I can. My thanks to all of you for your comments. This is my first time posting and chatting about something, and I am so enjoying it.
  2. Welcome oroborus2000, glad you joined us. I only have season 1 of Millennium, but planning on getting the rest some day. What a great show it was. Has anyone seen "Harsh Realm" by Chris Carter? It was only on for 1 season. I think there's a Mark Snow CD out with it's music too. Have a great day, Earthnut "Darlene"
  3. Hi Eth, Thanks for your best wishes; I'll take them anytime. Yes, my life is a mess right now. I fell and broke my leg at the post office and filing a claim so I can have the needed surgery to walk again. Been in a wheelchair for 2 months now. And, to add insult to injury, I am no longer eligible for unemployment benefits, so until the claim is completed, I'm quite broke. Which CD are you talking about with the vocal mix? There's the 2 CD promo, and now The Best Of... I so look forward to getting all the Millennium CDs. I like Mark Snow's music on Millennium so much better then his X-Files music. Earthnut "Darlene"
  4. Thank you everyone for your input. As soon as I can I will get the CD; you can bet on it. I sure do want it, but I will have to wait until my life gets back to some form of normality. It's the pits at the moment. Earthnut "Darlene"
  5. Hello Alex, Thank you for your post and for your information on Mark Snow's CDs. I will try and find them but I'm thinking the promo CD may be very hard to find, if at all. I wish there were some way to contact Mark Snow, but even if I did, and if he were to read the letter and not just his staff, it could be ages before I received a reply, if at all. I'm open for any suggestions. I don't have the equipment to copy the music direct from the episode and would be happy with it since it would be better then not having it at all. Thanks again, Darlene
  6. Hi Graham, Thank you for your post. Hope I am doing this correctly since I'm new. Yes, MarK Snow's music. The music in that episode is awesome and I would so love to find it. I agree, that episode was one of the good ones. It didn't have a lot of blood and gore, and it had a great story. Did you read the book 5/5/2000? Fasinating book to read with a lot of truths in it. Earthnut "Darlene"
  7. Does anyone know the names of the tracks played in the episode Force Majeure from season one? It's not listed anywhere.
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