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  1. FrankBlacksVisions to our home away from home. Hope to see you here often.
  2. Listened to both twice, thank you for the escape.
  3. I am so with you seesthru...OMG, which one of us is going to shoot first at, him or her?
  4. Hey, Darth Paul, post a question here that will electrify my curiosity. I am ready!! Frank and who? Lara?
  5. I agree, but, they each probably have their own website, and comments, reviews, or direct email to ask him/her/them a question in. And, on their own website, they would have no choice but to give an honest answer. Mark my words.
  6. Happy birthday EVERYONE...let's PARTY ! ! I'm June, 'sweet' 16th.
  7. Don't remember us ever having a thread with forensic tidbits and trivia. I will start us out with a question Please put your answers in a spoiler so others can still play. Early Forensic Experts Were Trained Using What? 1 ~ Hunting Expeditions 2 ~ Dollhouses 3 ~ Murder Scene Paintings 4 ~ Slaughterhouses Answer ~
  8. Seesthru, you're not the only one that dislikes reality TV. Give me space, aliens, and monsters any day of the week over all that scripted stuff. I am enjoying Picard and looking forward to the next episode.
  9. The show was cancelled, so there won't be a S2, but yes, S1 is worth watching. It was good.
  10. All the planets were not aligned, but in the same vicinity. There was a rare 3-planet alignment with Saturn and Jupiter coming into conjunction with Pluto. According to another source ~
  11. Force Majeure (Greater Force), is one of my favorite episodes, and yes, a part 2 would have been great. What most people are unaware of is..... And, what's interesting to me is , the Gregorian is is solar only, whereas..... Having said and quoted all of that, they do say that the Gregorian is the most accurate in the world. The date 5/5/2000 could be way off, and I would need to watch Force Majeure again or read the transcript to see if they even mention a calendar that they are using. At this point I can only assume it was the Gregorian. Wouldn't it be awesome if someone were to make a movie with this story line in the 1st half, and then see what they come up with for the 2nd half? Oh my. With Mark Snow's music of course.
  12. With so many different writers throughout the series, I can see why some things were "cringey" and "complex." As far as the music, I never had an issue with it. Mark Snow is a genius.
  13. I sure can't answer that question, and it's a good one. Let me know the answer when you find out.
  14. "Loin Like a Hunting Flame" wasn't very good, because I think it was ahead of its time. Nowadays, with all the nut cases in the world, something like that wouldn't surprise me a bit. Another episode that I've heard most people don't like is "The Pest House." I for one didn't enjoy it. One of my articles was posted on the main site, have you read it? It's from the episodes "Innocents" and "Exegesis." https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/guide/episodes/articles/301/28/butterfly-exegesis-of-innocents/
  15. Wow, great ones. Going to have to watch the series again and yes, I think everyone thought Human Essence was horrible. It had a message, but in the wrong show. One of everyone's favorites is 'The Curse of Frank Black." It's loaded with fun stuff, but one of my favorite scenes is when Franks scares the kids in the basement.
  16. Some of these questions, I think, have been answered throughout the forums in different threads. Somehow we need to put them all together. Crunch, I believe you are spot on with your answers. At the very least they could have shown Benny at the grandparent's house. Harsh Realm was so good and yet Fox cancelled it during season 1. Season 4 of MLM would have been nice to answer a lot of questions, but as far as Frank and Jordan, they drove off into the sunrise/set, to live happily ever after. Well, until the fan movie MLM Apocalypse.
  17. It's great finally getting this sorted out, and you're right, I don't have S11, just 10 of the Event Series. And I need to get The X-Files Vol 2 & 3. Let us know when you find aout about Vol 4. Thank you Alex
  18. Wow a 4th on the way and I don't have 2 and 3. Oh my. To the best of my knowledge, season 10 and 11 are the Event Series Soundtrack, is that correct? I have 2 Event Series discs, downloaded in 2017, 26 tracks on disc 1 and 25 on disc 2. Is there more? I think I need to do some research.
  19. Wow, somehow I missed the Mark Snow Collection post. Yay, I have the album. I am confused with the X-Files Vol One. I have an original soundtrack, but it starts with the track "One." How many volumes are there? Obviously mine isn't the 1st. Thank you Alex
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