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  1. WOW, you weren't whistling Dixie when you said it was dark. Appears to be more about the Ouroboros than anything else. Will check it out.
  2. First I want to give you my condolences on the passing of your father. Know that only his flesh is out of your reach, but his spirit, his person, and his love remains forever. He will always be just a thought away. You can even call him to you. Spirits move at the speed of thought. I often sense the presence of so many loved ones, especially my parents, son (2008), my ex, the kid's father (Sept 2019), as they minister to us. Yep, I'm one of those fans that thought the crossover was pitiful. Anything or anyone would have been better than FBI zombies. What were they thinking? At least Mark can bail them out with his music, that definitely fits the episode. He is such a genius. Thanks again Alex and I pray we all have a blessed new year. We need it after surviving 2019.
  3. Wish we could have used the TIWWA TV logo. It's awesome. Maybe we can somehow remove the "TV" and center TIWWA. Then there's the MLM Ouroboros Eclipse by Captain Estrata.
  4. Even though I am a proud owner of the album, again, I listened to your post multiple times. Mark Snow is addicting. Midnight of the Century truly is a fan favorite, especially for those of us whose parents have crossed over. This episode brought us love and healing, and we couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks again Alex.
  5. Wow, what a variety of sounds, and yes, very haunting, eerie, and if there was a soft and warming section, I didn't hear it. Lots of "wonder" in the sounds. I have 3 Suites on my S5 Promo album, but each one of those is 9-10 minutes long. Is this 2 of the 3? Thanks again Alex.
  6. Definitely one of the most outstanding, and one of my favorites by Mark. The descants is what makes it magical and perfect. The episode itself is a favorite of mine. Definitely a proud owner of this album, and was thrilled to hear it today, and going to listen to it again. Thank you again and again Alex.
  7. Very enjoyable. Hope there's a proper release someday. I will get a copy for sure. Thanks Alex.
  8. Listened to this many times now, and each time it finished, I had to hear it again. It was so relaxing for some reason, that I still can't remember the melody. Never had that happen before. Wow! I am going to listen to it again, but I am not going to do anything this time, except be still and listen. Thank you Alex, for another spiritual experience from Mark.
  9. Totally agree about the possibilities. It's like very episode had it's own symbol of some kind. Wow, that would be an interesting thread, to list all the episodes and come up with a symbol for each one. Like 268 being the symbol for "The Curse of Frank Black," and a white paper dove for, "Paper Dove." Some will be the title, like paper dove, others will be the meaning of the title, like Nesting Dolls for "Matryoshka." or something that was predominate in the episode, like the 268. To me this would be fun. Might have the time to start it today, but not sure. Need to actually ask The Old Man how we can set it up so people can add to the list rather than having to copy and paste it to their post, or make their own list. That would be too much reading. Earth calling Alpha Old Man, please read this post.
  10. Love that idea. I still want a shirt with the MLM Oroborus on it. A long time ago we were trying to start a MLM TV but it never was completed. Here's a few of my favorites that I saved on my computer that I would love to have on a shirt. The TV logo, the Oroborus & the big "X," Captain Estrada's MLM Eclipse, and Frank with his quotes and him with and without MLM on it.
  11. Thank you for all that you are doing, and I will always be patient with our "Papa Bear." ...70-100 products in as many as 20 colors...
  12. Yes, I agree that it's awesome to have our own "in-joke." I too hope to some day see another fan "flaunting Millennium gear. I love how the writers connected Acts 26:8 to the show. It may have very well been their starting point.
  13. So enjoyed this and was disappointed when it ended. But that typical for me when listening to Mark. Thanks again Alex.
  14. For those of you interested in a T-shirt, specifically the ones with "268" on them, I thought I put together a list of those numbers from the episode, "The Curse of Frank Black" just in case you missed something. And i case I missed something, please add it. Thanks. 268 the 268 Club logo on the matchbook the price of the candle the note to Frank that Jordan's trick or treating is 6 to 8 two football players outfits, 26 & 8 (in small towns they don't play football and have trick or treat on the same night) 268 shows up on the house that Jordan says "feels bad, and that there are ghost in it" radio goes to 826 and it begins to play oldies Car engine stalls at 260008 Watch said 8:26 ACTS keeps popping up, on the security sign, in the book that was on the floor and mail, (Association of Craftsmen, Technicians and Specialists) ~ Academic Community of Teachers & Students) sport scores on TV (2-6, 8-2, 6-2, 6-8) The CD player turns on and starts to play the same 1950s music that Frank heard in the car. (same station as before) There is no cd in the player... (well not exactly, it says 26:08. Why 50s? In the 50s was when Frank first got...his gift. sees the A.C.T.S. on the back of the security jacket Licence plate ACTS 268 2:68 on clock Acts chapter 26 vs 8, "Why should it be thought incredible by you that God raises the dead?" Clock switches from 2:08 to 2:68 Henry Crocell's address
  15. Enjoyed this and listing to it again. Thanks Alex.
  16. The US link didn't work. Said it had not been activated. Thank you Barry
  17. OMG, we have a gif button? I will seek it out and find it. Where or where is it?
  18. Wow, I was listening to this and answering a PM at the same time, and didn't even notice it ended. Guess I was really enjoying Mark's music. Always do. He's a genius. Thanks again Alex.
  19. Wow, that was awesome, and so Mark. The ending almost sounded like whales. Really enjoyed this and so look forward to the album whenever he finishes it. Hopefully someday soon. Thanks Alex
  20. Interesting that Chris Carter wrote the part of Catherine Black with Megan in mind. And it was his suggestion to kill her off in "The Time Is Now." You might enjoy reading the 1996 interview with Megan posted at our sister site ~ https://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/guide/cast_interview.php?name=Megan+Gallagher&id=5 and https://scifiandtvtalk.typepad.com/scifiandtvtalk/2011/04/sci-fi-blast-from-the-past-megan-gallagher-millennium.html
  21. NASA's image of the alignment shows that the planets were not perfectly in line, which would make a big difference regarding any possible gravitational pull. And most important, even if they had been in a perfect line, it was all on the other side of the Sun. Our Sun was protecting Earth, and interesting that the moon was directly inbetween. Maybe a catastrophic event happened on another planet, but I personally doubt it. Mercury and Venus are always somewhat close to each other, and Mars isn't very far off. I believe Jupiter and Saturn are too far off to have an effect. Then there's the question, what is on other calendars? There are many. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calendar
  22. Catherine was killed off because she was a threat. Yes, she was underused, but ambition was not her thing, family, truth, and stability was always foremost. The kiss shows her love, support, and to give him a piece of mind, whether she believed he could protect them or not. After she was abducted and watched Frank stab a man in front of her, she just couldn't take anymore and needed some space. Thankfully they were together again before she died. Sad ending for sure. She's always been my favorite character.
  23. Catherine was a threat to everyone because she had the ability to see through people, and see the truth. Yet, at the same time, being a social worker, she was a practical person. Catherine kept Frank balanced.
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