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  1. Congrats to your son Spook.

  2. Graham, it still isn't showing me as a friend yet it gives me the option to "remove me as a friend." I don't understand or know what to do next. Want me to remove myself then try and be a friend again? LOL

  3. My heart and prayers go out to the victims and families i Cumbria.

  4. I've missed you. Everything okay? Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  5. Thanks, I was hoping to find a screenshot with him on his knees praying in the hospital. One of his best scenes ever.

  6. Hello Christian. Welcome to the group and our home away from home. O

  7. Is there another site with screenshots besides http://www.chrisnu.com/millennium/?

  8. I'm just hunky dory, thanks for asking. I live on the West side of town. South side usually always get hammered.

  9. Emailed the article. Let me know that you have received it.

  10. Meant to tell you earlier that, spiritually speaking, "son" and "sun" really are 2 different spellings of the same word. ((hug))

  11. Again, the group's Skype chat was a success. I just hope I didn't butt in too many times or say too much. It's so exciting hearing your voice. Love and hugs.

  12. P. S. I love you. Been without Internet too thanks to ATT's mistake of putting the wrong phone number on my account. Got it back this morning. There's always something.

  13. HI My Precious,

    My son is doing good and will be fine. The shock hit him hard emotionally, but we got through it. When you're hanging inside an elevator shaft it can get scary, and then to have something hit you on the head, yikes.

  14. My pic, etc, is too low.

  15. I had to revert back to the TIWWA view to read new posts.

  16. The Easter Theme is great except my pic and profile box is too low and covers up the "New Content" link and the last 3-4 links at the top, guess you could call them tabs.

  17. Do you have a Skype name I can add to my contacts?

  18. Welcome to the group, our home away from home. Blessings always.

  19. Saw that your birthday is tomorrow and wanted to say that I pray you are blessed and happy tomorrow and every day. And, thank you for being my friend. Love an big hug.

  20. Awwwwwwwwwwe, thanks for the hugs and missing me. I will send you an email with an update. Love and big hugs back to you.

  21. Thanks for the hugs, I sure needed them. Ma, that's cute.

  22. I doubt if anyone else competed, "Somehow, Cake Got Behind Me" is going to be hard to beat. Leave it open and see if there's anyone that can top the big butt's. Love and big hug.

  23. Hey, whatever happened with the cake contest? Who won?

  24. Dearest Son,

    Most of the problems are solved but I don't have a lot of time lately to be online. Trying to find a place to move to, pack, etc. Love you.

  25. I just haven't had the time to go to BTFB and watch all the videos and read all the interviews. I try though at every opportunity.

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