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  1. F_Black

    Question about Covenant

    I didn't get that for a long time either. After finally reading some stuff here and watching it again, the scene with the shrink finally made sense. Garry had an affair. His wife got pregnant but, knowing about the affair, killed herself and the kids for the above reason. This is why Garry was so intent on being executed. He saw himself as being directly responsible for his wife's murder/suicide. Blood must be repaid with blood and so forth.
  2. F_Black

    Where in the Heck Is Bucksnort

    I thought it was in Idaho. Somewhere he would presumably fly to as he was driving a rental car.
  3. I saw the girls as Two Witnesses, fire and water, a testimony of what was to come. Now that is an excellent observation.
  4. F_Black

    Question about S1 in general

    One is the construction blocks of fiction, one is assessing the dramatic narrative within the fiction universe. Both hold their own answers. Indeed. At some point, you just have to acknowledge that it's just fiction and you can't apply real life rules and go on from there.
  5. F_Black


    Speaking of The X-Files, I saw part of the "Never Again" episode yesterday and Scully got a tattoo: It was an orobouros.
  6. F_Black

    Question about S1 in general

    Boy, compared to the rest of the Internets, this place is a model of civility! I never got the impression in S1 that FB was either a "member" *or* some sort of "outside consultant". He just seemed to work for this group and that was that. I'll bet the distinction never even occurred to the writers during S1 either, though maybe it was something they started to think about over the source of the season. Kinda weird getting all heated about what "Frank Black" did or didn't do, or was or wasn't, since it's a fictional character anyhow. I used to get really irritated at book club type discussions where people would discuss the motivations of characters. They don't have motivations, "they're" just words on a page. "Mere. . . .words."
  7. F_Black

    Beware Of The Dog

    Funny about the dog breed, they reminded me of Egyptian dogs which are total mongrels.
  8. I'm glad I stumbled in here as I'd always kept forgetting to go find out why the two girls killed themselves instead of running off to the farmhouse. The idea that they whigged out when they realized ILM was dying and he couldn't be with them "on the other side" makes the most sense to me. That and a plot device was needed to bring Frank et al. into the case anyway, since they'd never bother if all the girls (and boys) just up and left for Idaho.
  9. F_Black

    Goodbye Charlie

    Okay, I have to check now because I swear at one point one of the faces in the painting was blacked out.
  10. F_Black


    I think the beautiful irony of this episode is it shows the Owls and Roosters in fandom; those who embrace the direction of season 2 and those who do not! Can't there be a middle ground? Can't we all just get along?! =) I'm kind of in the middle, actually. I really liked the mythology aspects, not necessarily chasing down ancient artifacts and such, but the idea that The Group has a long history. St. Sebastian is one of my favorites just for that reason. That notion that there is a continuity between people from a thousand years ago dreading the coming millennium and us really connected with me (my degree is in archaeology), and still resonates. Matter of fact, in lectures I still try to make the point that studying the past isn't just about a bunch of strange people from way back then a couple thousand years ago and way over there in Egypt or Mesopotamia or wherever, but it's a part of our own history and, um, well, Who We Are today. Still. . . .overall, I'm with you in that I didn't like the direction they took The Group, that of being a far-flung super-duper techno-enhanced entity, which reminded me more of the Cancer Man group in The X-Files. You could still have some tension between Frank and whether he wants to be a part of something quasi-religious without going all loopy with Nazis and cosmic space-time rendings and such.
  11. I just voted for Lucy. Only because 'Hotness' was the criterion. As far as simple loin-directed hotness is concerned, she does it. Catherine is classically attractive, the sort you'd like to wake up next to for years and years and go out to romantic dinners with and talk about eastern art and dramas. Lara is that kinda flaky chick you once dated in college because she seemed really deep at the time and had great knockers but you got tired of her calling you at 2am because she was having a terrible time dealing with her free-floating anxieties. But Lucy Butler . . .she's that naughty little wench who will haul you off to her apartment for an entire weekend of shagging your eyes out and you'll stumble out Monday morning wondering whether you need to bathe for a solid hour before getting your ass to church to atone for all the sinning you just did.
  12. F_Black

    Terry's Emmy

    I was just coming here to post this! I watch Lost and he does, in fact, do the part very well. Others have mentioned how he has a fine ability to convey complex emotions with very small facial expressions. And he must be good because the character both infuriates me and intrigues me. It's so totally unlike Peter Watts. Trivia: My sister was telling me that when he and his wife decided to move to Hawaii, they had a yard sale at their Maryland home (she lives in Columbia) that she knew about but didn't go to. ARRGH!
  13. F_Black

    Frank Black and Peter Watts

    I liked some of that stuff with regard to the Group. I was distressed that they went so overboard with it.
  14. F_Black

    Frank Black and Peter Watts

    I think the body behind the desk was meant to be ambiguous, probably in case a later movie or something was made. I think it had been canceled for next season by the time it had been made? Actually, because of the lag between filming and airing, maybe it wasn't a done deal and they just wanted a neat cliff hanger. Anyway, I always liked the Frank-Peter interaction and was bummed as well when it seemed to go south. They did make it far more complex than a simple falling out; even in season 3 when Frank was largely an enemy of the Group, the relationship to Peter was still sort of complicated. As someone mentioned, in Collateral Damage (I commented on this in the Favorite Ten Episodes thread, too), Peter went to Frank for help and Frank provided it. That scene I thought was very powerful and very well acted by O'Quinn. There was a lot to it. Watts seemed full-bore into the Group mythology, but he was also pulled in another direction by Frank's focus on family and helping others apart from the Group's agenda. You could tell he was willing to go outside the Group for his friendship with Frank in "Luminary" when he goes to Alaska even after the Group had written Frank off on that case. It was an interesting dynamic. I just wish the Group hadn't been played as quite so evil(?), as it would have made things a bit more ambiguous.
  15. F_Black


    Perhaps Vivian Wu distracted me too much Aye, matey. I just watched (most of) this episode last night for the first time in a loooong time. Interesting, all the interpretations. I still have to process it. What was it she said to Frank in their first conversation? Something about whether you are doing something you want to do is living, but otherwise you're dying?

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