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  1. Hi Guys, As promised, Here are some pics of the call sheets, script...etc. I hope you can make out some of details and such...
  2. Hi Folks, No ulterior motives here. As mentioned, my cousin worked on the set and she mentioned that I was a big fan of the show. Some of the people on the set gave her some call sheets with maps for shoot locations plus a script or two. Who's script it was I have no idea. It was just really neat to have considering the show was best thing I had ever watched in my life. To most people however, these might simply look like a pile of tattered papers destined for recycling. Anyhoo, I'll put up some pics tonight and you be the judge... Thanks Tom
  3. Hello, I'm new to this forum and was also a huge fan of the show! I had a cousin who worked on the Millennium set in Vancouver and she was able to get some scripts, call sheets for me since she knew I was a huge fan. Anyway, I've had these things for years and although I never stopped being a fan, I'm now looking to sell these items for someone else to treasure. If anyone is interested, please pm or email me and I'll be glad to take and send photos and list exactly what it is i have. Thanks! Gazoo
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