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  1. Kitsunegari

    I had a dream...

    I can't even begin to try and decipher my dreams. Practically every night I have some bizarre happenings in my brain and i'm lucky in that I often remember large parts of them and they amuse me greatly I kind of agree with Mulder when he says "Dreams are the answer to questions we haven't figured out how to ask yet." Kit xXx
  2. Kitsunegari

    District 9

    I'm going to see it on Fri when its released here in the UK, can't wait :-) Kit xXx
  3. ...last night that Chris Carter was the creator of the gameshow Catchphrase and that he was so busy trying to ensure that Challenge TV kept showing repeats of it that he didn't have time to work on a Millennium movie! Just thought i'd share that in the hopes that the BTFB campaign has seeped into other people's subconcious too :-p Kit xXx
  4. hopes the Virgin Media technician sorts out her internet tomorrow once and for all!

  5. I think that there certainly are a number of XF fans who are completely unwilling to compromise on anything and would much rather replay the same old mythology than see the show evolve. However there are those of us that do not hold that view and were still extremely dissappointed with IWTB, mainly because it wasn't really an X-file at all. The only paranormal aspect was Billy Connelly's psychic ability, the rest as Eth rightly said was more Millennium-esque. If that is the direction that CC wants to take then he should bring out the elusive MM movie rather than trying to make XF into something that its not. As for shippers, there's not a lot to be done for them i'm afraid, they won't be satisfied til M&S are married with 2.4 kids Kit xXx
  6. Oh and while i'm at it I may aswell say that I hope they do address the black oil myth arc if the movie comes out in 2012. I don't see how we could pass the date given by CSM in 'The Truth' and not mention it! Kit xXx
  7. I don't think there's any harm in people expressing their opinions on these rumours as they arise, how else will the powers that be gauge the fans reactions to their ideas? Personally I think it would be a travesty if XF3 didn't have GA and DD and though I have no idea what rights CC has either I personally wouldn't be keen on an XF project without his hand in it. Having said that, I didn't think much of IWTB and that had all of the above...
  8. Kitsunegari

    Hello from me...

    Welcome! I'm another UK newbie, I think we're taking over Kit xXx
  9. Ugh no I don't think Lucy is at all hot! Emma probably gets my vote but Catherine has some good moments! And as for Scully looking bad when she cries, does anyone have a good crying face?!! Kit xXx
  10. Kitsunegari

    Do you find Peter Watts sexy?

    In a word... NO! I can't believe people like the moustache!
  11. I'm so glad that so many people struggle to understand this episode! These posts are pretty old, anyone had any ideas about the purpose of the second Emma yet and the significance of the suicide? I'm confused by some simpler matters too like who sent the polaroids in the first place? Boxer? And if Boxer killed the psychiatrist was he ever caught? Or was it Legion appearing as Boxer? Ahhh confusion!! Sorry if these things were resolved in the episode, I'm easily distracted and might have missed things Kit xXx
  12. Kitsunegari

    Hello from the UK!

    Hi All! Don't worry I'm sure i'll be posting away soon, picking your brains about stuff! I've been dipping into all the forums, reading up on things. I don't have much knowledge on Milleniumesque subjects, theories etc so its good to see different peoples views and info sources. Haha doesn't have quite the same ring to it though does it?
  13. Kitsunegari

    Hello from the UK!

    Ah glad there's at least one person near by! I'm sure i'll enjoy being on the boards, I'm always trying to find out more about things in episodes and failing miserably so hopefully i'll learn a lot! Thanks for such a nice welcome :-) Kit xXx
  14. Glad to see there are plenty of people still in love with Millennium like me :-)

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