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  1. I just installed the oroubours gadget. :) Thanks for that cool widget. I will give the other ones a try as well.

    "Welcome Lady3Jane There 1111 days remaining" ;-)

    Now if Roedecker only could fix my DVD drive which doens't want to play my DVDs anymore. Maybe it's fed up with IWTB and MLM by now.

    I've got the "days remaining" screen saver. It's great! I have it set to my retirement date.:rofl::rofl:

  2. I would love to see a movie where they actually brought Lara back (having survived the plague due to a last minute save by the group) and where Jordan has grown up. I picture the Millennium Group after Jordan (a young woman) as a new recruit, having patiently waited as Frank mentored her and helped her develop her gift. Her vaccination at the end of season 2 not actually the result of Lara, but set up by the group instead. I think the Owls would have to be the dominant faction, considering the Millennium came and went. After all, the group are masters of manipulation and very patient. What does everyone else think?:gaba:

  3. I am so looking foward to this show.. i loved the original V and I have high hopes for this one. I hope we are not dissappointed... I agree with you Mark that the great horror movies from our time is being remade these days and not in a good way... angryred.gifghostface.gif

    I too loved the original show. I just finished re-watching it. As I look back, the original was a little "campy" but considering when it was made, what can we expect. If you recall, it was one of the first shows to engage in Guerrilla marketing techniques. They took a kind of JJ Abrams approach. So far, the new "V" is everything I hoped it would be.

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