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  1. I will update this list, so notes may be edited at a later time (or deleted to make a new updated list, I thought I could edit my posts forever). The music videos can be found and downloaded here. More will be added later from time to time, feel free to either watch or download them. Some of the videos have small behind the scenes comments, which can be found on my blog (which will be updated later with photos and proper download links since everything is a dud there). I have a few ideas for a couple of new Millennium music videos and I finished a new one and I hadn't done one for years, a mil
  2. Well, they were filmed in the same way as the X-Files, and The X-Files are now available in 16:9 on Netflix. It's just that FOX would have to bother making a new version. The actual footage is much larger than either 4:3 or 16:9 image we get...they film for both 16:9 and 4:3 (but obviously the focus was on 4:3 back when the first season was shot). It would be very welcome to get the first season of Millennium in widescreen since The X-Files look more cinematic in widescreen. Don't know how much work it would be to get the 16:9 since you gain more information on left/right side but lose a littl
  3. Oh...I think I'm responsible for that. I've been re-posting my old Millennium music videos over at the Facebook Millennium Group page and sometimes point people to TIWWA. Note that I haven't uploaded them all since the videos have almost reached the number 50...which will happen with the next one. Long time since I logged in here, might stop by weekly or so now that I'm back in the music video editing again...for now. Cheers from Iceland and don't be dark. - Jósef
  4. I'm also very interested in seeing this since I'm a fellow Millennium music video editor myself, and going back in the editing chair after a couple of years hiatus. If you have a gmail/google account you have access to google drive which is what I use to share my videos (people can choose to watch or download them) and it has plenty of space, so that's not a problem. Not all of them are there but will be added in random fashion here and there, almost gotten to 50 videos (not all of them strictly music videos in that sense). Cheers from Iceland and don't be dark. Jósef
  5. There was mention of some rumblings or earthquakes at one of the volcanoes, so anything is possible. You could ask about elves and errr..."hidden people", that's sort of Icelandic. I wasn't much of a help with that audio, I might have even just damaged my hearing when trying to isolate frequencies :D just kidding.

  6. Hello Iceland! Any volcanos erupting lately? How are the geysirs doing? Are there any other clichés i could throw at you?

    Thanks again for your help with "the audio from hell". I need to stay far away from the stage next time.... not. :D

  7. I could possible show up, but as I'm in Iceland, and I have only two trips left this year. I'm looking at Stockholm, Sweden at the beginning of October. And then I'm thinking of another US trip before end of October...or maybe UK trip. In theory, I could get there. Still, hard to say yes now.
  8. CASE 39 was on the shelf for a while, the studio didn't know what to do with it. That's why Pandorum looks like it came first, I've got that movie. Bought them both at the same time and noticed the same director's name. Still haven't watched Pandorum. Well, if you think too much about the film. People can make a lot of fun of the film. If you haven't seen the film, don't check this video out, massive spoilers, it's a review of the film. http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/teamt/phelous/27836-phelous-case-39 This guy has ripped on worse movies than this one, which deserve the m
  9. Pretty in Pink?

  10. Corey Feldman isn't dead, I'm pretty sure of it. Mikal, that's harsh. Corey Haim's last performance was in Crank 2: High Voltage. It was also around the time Brittany Murphy died, actually closer to Michael Jackson's death...a lot of these overdose of prescribed drugs (when they have many doctors prescribing them). Just sad, something that could have been prevented.
  11. Obviously I don't know the whole story but the screenwriter has taken some liberties and made it more dramatic so it would make a more interesting and involving film. I'll see it eventually, after all, big fan of David Fincher. And I already own the soundtrack, I gobble everything that comes from the mind of Trent Reznor.
  12. It's not bad, however I found it a bit of a missed opportunity. I really wanted to see the story of the kid's parents. I thought the alternative ending was more appropriate, and much more realistic. It's pretty obvious a part of that ending would happen to her even now. And I think it made more sense how the detective was handled, there was a way different way that was deleted and even popped up in the trailer, talk about false advertising...but often they don't know what's in the final cut and what is not.
  13. Cop Rock doesn't sound so bad to me, and I spotted Rex Linn in there. I sort of want to see more of it, that was one rockin' tune :D Oh...boy...Baywatch Nights, now why didn't the Hoff just create a new character for that second season, funny theme music though :D
  14. I thought of the exact same thing when I saw the pictures.
  15. Wow, Indonesia. We're really global, aren't we, this is who we are! I'm Jósef and I'm from Iceland, Charger's from Finland, Earthnut (Darlene), Walkabout (Randee) and ethsnafu (Mark) is from the UK. We will conquer the world! Not even Lucy Butler can stop us, muhawhawhaw!!.....*stops and looks around* why's everybody looking at me that way?
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