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  1. Finally watched X-Files: I Want to Believe. A low-key film, it was good. So...Andy McClaren retires the FBI and becomes a feed store clerk in the middle of nowhere...I know, not the same character, but funny. I was so hoping they would zoom out and reveal alien ships coming, now that would have been awesome.

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    2. Orodromeus


      yes and Dr Fabricant survived to become a Russian transplant doctor :)

    3. ty7du


      Ahhh...he looked familiar :D

    4. ethsnafu


      This should be a thread methinks. I bet it ends up making interesting reading.

      Reyes came into the show towards the end of the eight season and replaces Dana Scully on the X-Files for the whole of the ninth season. There's a lot of Reyes love in Chez Ethsnafu.

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