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  1. Regarding Tuesday, she certainly was a stereo type tv/film stripper, reduced to stripping to raise a little child at home. That's not to say that low income single mothers in America or elsewhere don't resort to doing this line of work, but I think the back story was a little too stereotype for the sake of it, for the purpose of inciting audience sympathy.

    That Portishead song hammered that point even further, an odd music cue for a strip show, if you ask me.

    And Bletch tells Frank as they're walking to the morgue in the beginning of the show, when they're still upstairs in the homicide offices, it's a throwaway line, so no wonder people miss it.

    NOTE: I almost edited out your comment, you got to be careful when hitting the reply button and not the edit button. With great power comes great responsibility.

    Thankfully, I managed to hit back a few times and copy-paste it back in, phew! I wouldn't want a pack of demon dogs after me hehe :D

  2. I am bit perplexed on your response to the "Men don't need a reason" line as I felt that is perhaps one of the strong points of the dialogue in the episode. In a society where females are portrayed as sexual objects, here was a comment calling attention to the double-standard of WASP morality. It is a bit biased to assume that all strippers are dumb or would be drug addicts. There are many psycho-social factors which lead women into such a line of work. Tuesday is an example of many women who go into the field of stripping, pornography, prostitution, and other sex-based trades. Many have been molested or raped, which causes them to approach such a thing in a very different way. They may seek such jobs so as to make sexuality routine. This may lessen some of the pain. Others come to view themselves as the objects society brands them. Tuesday is actually a typical stripper in her demeanor, intelligence, and her experience with male treatment of women. The victim seems to have done the job because of the pay. Perhaps she was unable to obtain a better paying job and the lack of contact with the patrons was enough for her to be willing such a job. The majority of readily available jobs in the US pay very little; hence the willingness of some to take such occupations. The Frenchman's condemnation of the victim only serves to increase the twisted hypocrisy that governs his actions.

    You're absolutely right there. Great dialog, which shows her viewpoint and position, obviously. It is biased to think of strippers like that, I know, but TV shows show us them in that light all the time. But Chris Carter turned things around here, and I like that. But all the same, there's a reason behind every action, no matter how twisted the delusions of the Frenchman are.

    But I was more examining the dialog, not the whole situation. Maybe a bit rude of me, but it wasn't my intention to offend anyone.

  3. Thanks Mark, glad you enjoyed it.

    I've been meaning to do something like this, but decided against doing a video review.

    This is the perfect venue and no YouTube hassles either ;)

    I did pop that episode earlier today and watched it again with the commentary, what a missed opportunity is that commentary with Chris Carter.

    Although he does talk throughout the episode (which is something as opposed to nothing), we don't learn many things from him. I think I mentioned all the highlights from his commentary.

    There was no storm here regarding Millennium, not that I was aware of and I did watch the original run...for the most part if I remember correctly.

    I guess nothing really phases Icelanders ;)

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