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  1. Meg loved the Dead Letters/Ventured t-shirt that Barry designed. She was so nice, she was even hugging people and she was so happy for me that I got my John Carpenter autograph (I was a little worried for a moment).

  2. Lance was great, he was way cool and so down to Earth. You could just really talk to him, no hassle.

    I just wish I had watched Dog Day Afternoon before I went to Chicago, I bought it either before or after.

    I hope he does another convention this year, I would fly over in a heartbeat. But I know he doesn't want to do too many of them. The man just never stops working...

  3. When I was on my way, I said to him that I was gonna read the book on my way to Iceland.

    And he told me that one of Jim Jarmusch producers (don't remember what his name was) visited Iceland and never left, he loved it so much.

    Apparently, he still produces movies, but he bought a house in Iceland or something.

    And the book was a good read, I actually read it on the plane from Chicago to New York, and then on the JFK airport way before the flight back to Iceland.

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