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  1. I didn't realize Darin Morgan was an executive producer on Fringe...interesting... Anyway, I think I have to pick Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense, purely for the entertainment value. While the others are solid episodes, you just can't beat Rocket McGrane goin' for the groin! :D
  2. That explains it why I turn into a skeleton so often ;) I always choose the shiny one... *slaps face in shame*
  3. I thought he won the Holy Grail...judging by the awesome banner! :D We demand a review from you, Coughcool! Congratulations!
  4. I sure do, it's the same program that does the recording as well. I use PrettyMay, works well enough and only costs 25$ for a lifetime usage. Not bad. I guess you can find free ones, but I think it has already paid up for me. And, I still have the track as well.
  5. This is my off weekend, so I can make it to this Skype chat.
  6. You lucky people! Congratulations! This was fun, and I'm glad I was a part of it. Cheers from Iceland! - Jósef
  7. Now, that's nothing. An early episode of Homicide: Life on the Street. Three Men and Adena, I think that's the name of the episode. Two detectives try to get a confession from a suspected rape and murder of a 9 year old girl. It's the last 24 hours, they can't hold him any longer. It happens for the most part, in the interrogation room, called The Box. Brilliant episode, very tense, you can't take your eyes off the screen. And that was back in 1993...I think. Oh yes, I guess it's called insert shots, but maybe when the main unit can't do a shot and hand it down to the second unit...or perhaps do the shot later in the schedule...then it's called a pick up shot.
  8. Laura, what player program are you using to play the video?
  9. Every fan of The Shield! Christmas has come early! Deep Discount.com is having a sale on many TV series. And you can snatch the complete series of The Shield for 64$! :D The offer is good until 19 April 2010. https://www.deepdiscount.com/save-up-to-64-on-over-180-box-sets/shield-complete-series/ I hope these are the replacement version, since I never saw this on DD until now, because I read on amazon.com, last year, the discs were coming scratched and badly treated in the packaging, which is beautiful but not practical. But they have fixed it, put protective sleeves with each disc. I hope this is what DD has, or I will demand a refund, and I've never had this problem, discs getting scratched badly. Spread the word on this glorious news...and I was gonna take a break from buying DVDs... awwww.... :(
  10. Eva O'Malley (character name from Thirteen Years Later and the one who played Tuesday in Pilot!) E is getting very hard, no characters left or actors that start with E... :(
  11. Ahhh...I always use open with...since all different mediums are changing when I install something else...bugger... But VLC player is the best one. But it plays fine in Quicktime, didn't know that...but since mp4 is sort of the format for iPods and whatnot, so it makes perfect sense. I'll look into making .avi files but I think they'll come out huge...that's why I have gone with mp4.
  12. Hmmmm....don't know what this is about...but I'll check it out at home. Graham had no problems. But I'll download them and see if there's anything out of the ordinary.
  13. I'm afraid Richard beat you to the punch, Mark. Okay... Roedecker!
  14. If I understand you correctly, both videos are mp4 files. The easter basket will take you to anoter site where at the bottom is the download link which you click and it will prompt you to choose a save the file...you know the drill...
  15. Sorry Richard, I already used that one, it's easy to miss these. How about Andy McClaren? ;)
  16. Never heard that Bobby Darin song? I just took the audio from the second episode of Season Two, Beware of Dog. As Frank Black is driving to Bucksnort. But wait, you're still going through Season One, right? I remember you hadn't seen much of Season Three, but what about Season Two?
  17. I echo everyone's comments and sentiments...we can be bummed about the cancellation...but why not fight for Frank Black and get this movie made! This is who we are! I hope you'll enjoy your stay here at the boards, loads of fun threads with fun people with different opinions. A great bunch of people here, being a Millennium fan has never been so much as now, thanks to TIWWA.
  18. Ooopsss...I forgot that, since it was the first post by Laura...no wonder I didn't think Kingdom Come was already used. My apologies... *hides in shame* I hope it's okay to drop his doctor title...really hard to find anything now hehe Ephraim Fabricant
  19. I doubt it's even Lance's hand in those shots, they pretty much in television leave that sort of pick-up stuff to the second unit, the establishing shots, moving car shots and hands and clocks and whatnot. But I wonder... It does remind me of the film Dolores Claiborne, and in that one, Kathy Bates' hands are so wrinkled and rough after handwashing in the cold. They used some woman in the town for those shots, and you can really tell Kathy Bates doesn't have those kinds of hands. Great director's commentary track on that DVD, which is otherwise a vanilla DVD. The director never shuts up, talks non-stop, even during the end credits. I'm not even sure he took breaths. So much information, better than making of featurettes, I love good commentaries.
  20. I can tell you Lucy Butler is one hot mama! But I still wouldn't want to be in bed with her, that scene with her and Frank Black in the hotel room, yikes! Lucy Butler is a manipulator, she changes form to scare, motivate or hinder people, whatever she wants she gets. I doubt any of the facets of Legion we have seen, even the devil one, is the true form of Lucy Butler, devil or whatever she is supposed to be. But yes, like RodimusBen said, much is not known or explained about Lucy Butler. We just have to fill in the blanks ourselves, which will result in people having different opinions on Legion or Lucy Butler or evil....
  21. Yeah, it was up earlier today, and they just posted it at BTFB so people would notice it better. They did tweet it earlier today. Just go to https://www.backtofrankblack.com/news.html and it's the first post. Sorry, I tried copy and paste both the link to the radio page or even the individual post at BTFB but it wasn't working. :(
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