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  1. WMP should download the codec while trying to open the file after you try to play the file anyway, after clicking YES on that error message. It still said it didn't manage to download the codec, an error, but it still played on WMP 9. I updated it to Version 11, and while it said the update was incomplete or something. Now it does say it did download the codec when trying to play the file...but the picture isn't perfect at the bottom all the same.... I just dislike WMP, too much baggage. I use VLC player for videos, and winamp for music. Both are clutter free and not big and clumsy like the other bulky multi media players like WMP or Real. But that's just me. :D But I think Darlene should be able to play it on WMP, since I managed to play it...but if not, try going to that codec page Mark suggested. You never have enough codecs to play video files, right? ;)
  2. I always use VLC player, it plays anything really, no fuss. And no silly playlist, it just pops up and plays the files and DVDs fine as well. https://www.videolan....ad-windows.html But I did try just now, my copy of Window Media Player, and although an error box telling me it doesn't recognize the extention .mp4 but do play it regardless. It managed to play the file just fine, Darlene. Maybe for some reason you don't have the right codec in your computer. But have you tried playing it in WMP and just pressing on regardless what the program says? Hope this helps. Update: I did play it again, while WMP plays it, it has frequent or constant pixelation glitches at the bottom of the screen. But it doesn't totally ruin your enjoyment of the video.
  3. Yes, thanks "Zork..." for the comment. There was just no other way than to cut to the beat. And I so wanted it to make sense, lyrically with the images. And it was just ideal to have Frank Black turn away from "Eye" at that moment, plus it was just cool (I did speed that walk a little bit, so when the next shots would match up with the change in music) :D
  4. Very well written and thought provoking. In the X-Files episode "Millennium" the man was always repeating that line "I am the resurrection...", if I remember correctly. Happy Easter from Iceland! - Jósef
  5. No...it should be like in the Arsenio Hall talk show....woo woo woo.... ;)
  6. Excuse me from going off Millennium, but who is the Bonnie character on LOST? I love all these Millennium connections it has with LOST.
  7. This one was faster to make, since I really didn't have a song for it when I started. So, I threw in scenes I knew I would use in the video (and trimmed the edges of each shot, so I could safely remove them later on without seeing the lead-in to the next shot), and let it simmer during the night, so I could start editing it the day after without having to wait for the zoom effect, which makes it render it. So I can see it in motion...it seems to do that with these files. So I have to adopt this method, plus it makes for a faster rendering to a file when I'm done, so it's not a time waster. I decided to go with this track as it was so peaceful and quite dangerously moody as well...goes well with the kidnapping and the birth...it sort of works in the end...and as it was long enough to last the scenes, even though I had trimmed them down, taken unnecessary shots out of them. I wanted to include more with Shae but it was hard to make sense of it in a music video sense...the stoning sequence...which sends chills down my spine every time. Ouch...when that first stone hits. And I didn't notice that dir in the logo there, Mark. Should be more like EDITOR...but I know what you mean ;)
  8. Another great interview, thanks Shae and Mark! I love hearing new tidbits about behind the scenes of Millennium, and this is no exception. Happy Easter from Iceland! - Jósef
  9. Is that an actual place? And in what episode is this in? I was afraid of putting something that ended with Y, since a few episode titles end with that letter.
  10. Actually, I did say Sacrament, it was my first post in this game. :D So, you want to change your answer? ;)
  11. Sounds like someone should be locked away in a cupboard...
  12. I already have Millennium Apocalypse and don't want to get in the way. But some of those are really hardcore questions, good job Randee! But one thing, did you mix up episode 3 and 5? The killer in Dead Letters didn't use bombs, which is exactly what the guy in 522666 did use. Just wondering... I might just answer the questions and see how many I know without watching any of the episodes, because that's the hardcore way! :D
  13. Thanks Mark, what a lovely basket you have there. Funny, we had some snow yesterday as well...all gone now but it all fits nicely all the same. Love to hear your thoughts on my little music video, it took me most of the day completing it, but it was fun making it fit to the music, and it's a great track to boot, one of my favorites...from the soundtrack of David Lynch's Lost Highway...a great soundtrack in my book. Cheers from Iceland! - Jósef
  14. Ah, clever fella, Mr. Mark :D Thanks, folks. It did feel sort of like cheating using some of the same footage as before, but at least I put a different spin on it ;) Happy Easter folks...all the way from Iceland! - Jósef
  15. The future is so bright I gotta wear shades!
  16. I am stumped...I will find this even if I kill someone! :D
  17. I had forgotten about Steve having a stalker, LOL! And, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that season 2 of 24? I'm pretty sure of it. And Lost as well...I must have a look at that. I pretty much fall for Cass every time, sort of like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. But there is still a sense there is some shadow conspiracy when you think of it. As I was doing the music video I was wondering what triggered Cass into killing the orderly, who had been in the army and had worked there only for less than a week. Was there a connection between him and her father, did he wear something, a war medal that jogged her memory of her father. But then again, as Frank Black said, it only means something to her, and that is probably the case. But I can't help but wonder... :D Thanks for the interview Tracy, and Mark as well. I love hearing anything new behind the scenes, no matter how small or big golden nuggets we get, I savor it all. Since the DVDs pretty much got shafted in the extras department. Happy Easter from Iceland! - Jósef
  18. I'll be there, and the chat should be available the next day. It takes a while editing this stuff, I should know :D
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