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  1. Chocolate massages? I'll be damned! Well, I don't eat much candy, but more of crisps guy. Thanks for the article, chocolate for thought :D
  2. I bought the DVD used a while back. It's a fine DVD boxset, plenty of extras, I haven't gone through them all, but I did watch the series recently. And I watched it in its original run here in Iceland, although I thought it ended earlier, I'm wondering if I ever saw the last few episodes... It's cheesy at times, but it could have been great if had been done right. It's well worth a look if you find it cheap.
  3. Argh! This is too cute and cuddly for me! :D My head almost exploded when I saw this background template, hehe... Happy Easter to all, enjoy yourselves this holiday weekend, folks! Cheers from Iceland! - Jósef
  4. I saw an episode of this last night on TV, it's alright I guess. It sort of wants to be The Shield in a way. But is far too clean and sanitary. They even bleep the curse words, what the hell! Serious minus points for that. It's from the same producers that made Third Watch, which was a great show, I loved watching that show...shame there's not a robust DVD set for that one :(
  5. Maybe Mark can act as a moderator, to motivate us or ask questions. Myself, I don't have many thoughts on Owls and Roosters.
  6. I have no problem with it being recorded, plus, I've got the opportunity and the means to do so. And I'll gladly edit it so you guys sound the very best possible.
  7. Shame they couldn't wait a little longer with announcing the news. It does sour the rest of the season...a bit. I guess it was inevitable, with news of a moviw sitting in the wings. Now, I'm not that thrilled about Jack battling terrorists in Europe. I have no knowledge of how the series end, but he was going to work at a security company in LA so he could spend time with his daughter and grand-daughter, living a relatively risk free life. Why can't he stop some sort of robbery a la Die Hard (and get outside help from Renee Walker, a possible love interest for him if she doesn't die, with 24 you never know), but kick a lot more ass than John McClane! Hardly original, I know. And not really the first movie to be in real time, well...almost. In the Nick of Time with Johnny Depp was in real time outside of when he was knocked unconsious. I'll still go see the movie, Jack Bauer deserves it.
  8. I'm game for some Skype chat next Saturday, bring it on! *boom* *boom*
  9. Probably dramatic purposes, but I think when Hurley "stopped" speaking the lines Isabella said, I think that is the time Richard started believing he was talking to Isabella. But then again, the Island is mysterious, so anything is possible.
  10. Yellow is not really my color either, I could wear a yellow t-shirt (I think I have a couple and even one with Reagan and Gorbachev regarding their meet at Iceland in '86! how about that!? :) but a yellow coat, pass! :D
  11. I bought this DVD recently from DeepDiscount for around 5 bucks and it's not bad. Lance is great in it, a lot of him in it, me feels, especially the comment about technology made me think that. The film managed to keep me interested throughout while the story is simple and thin, the actors do a good job and there are pretty neat shots and costume and production design in it. Don't expect an epic film and you might enjoy it more. The video presentation is fine and the audio was good as well, impressive sound design for such a low budget film. The behind the scenes is nothing more than what is called B-roll, not very fun to watch but cool to see Lance all casual in his bad ass leather jacket on set. :D I've yet to watch the film with the director's commentary, will do so soon, I hope it's not gonna be a snooze fest. If you can find it cheap, then go for it, Lance is great in it and makes it all the more interesting for it.
  12. Damn good episode and so fun to see the writers teasing the audience, making fun of all the speculation through the years. And the CGI shots were pretty good here, for some reason ;) Want to see the next episode NOW! Why can't I see a flash of white light and jump into next week? :(
  13. I remember seeing Conan O'Brien advertising some bad B-movies when he announced he was the new Oprah. But as he didn't read books, he likes DVDs. So he showed clips from Troll 2, those in da hood Leprechaun movies, and also Killdozer, a TV movie about a killer bulldozer, yikes! Worth a look, that one ;)
  14. The sooner I get some serious info on this beast, I can see if I can be of some help, count me in. :D
  15. There's a good trailer somewhere in there, the music sounds a lot like the one in the first Evil Dead film (I own the soundtrack CD, I don't think it's the same though). Like the 70's vibe, shot during the 70's, so duh! :D Cool editing and eerie music, but some of the choices in the trailer make this film less scary than it wants to be. A missed opportunity to make a decent trailer. You can most of the time polish a turd with well made trailer, but it's just short of the mark this time. And I didn't know X-tro was British...if I see it, I just might check it out. And yes, that birth scene was well done and a bit disturbing as well.
  16. Shame I can't name any bad B-horror movies as I haven't seen anything this low budget or that bad. But judging by the trailers you guys, Blood Freak looks the worst, in every aspect. I love how the movie trailer guys says "The Suckling", actually, the creature effects aren't that bad, some interesting camera angles and trippy happenings, this looks promising. And the Motor Home Massacre trailer is pretty good at hiding its low budget nature, but you can obviously see they're playing with some sort of plastic filters that you put over the lens. The blue at the top in the opening shot. And the blue and green hue in some of those forest shots. Have you guys seen X-tro? Would you put that film in this category, I've only seen clips on youtube, but the ending is damn cool in that one.
  17. Time travel is always a sticky situation. Eloise saw them when she was younger in the 70s, and thus fought to maintain the timeline. However, it does kind of contradict how they made their way to the island via Ajira 316. So, what we are seeing, I assume is a little bit altered timeline with Eloise's knowledge, I doubt how much hands on she were the first time around...does this even make sense...gah! The Back to the Future movies were a cake-walk to figure out, but this...yikes.
  18. Thanks Graham. This will help, but it's no biggie really. Just a simple matter of copy and paste.
  19. Wow, that was a mouthful, Ben. Thanks so much...I'm really LOST to begin with and this refreshes my memory as I haven't re-watched any of the seasons, outside of season 4 when starting to watch season 5, I noticed I left many episodes of season 4 out, somehow I thought season 4 was way shorter or something. So, it's kinda hard to remember this all. I'll be glad when the complete series box set will pop up...late this year or perhaps early next year...who knows....maybe the box set might travel back in time before the actual premiere of LOST. ;)
  20. A really good column about the latest Lost episode, Laura, I think you'll appreciate the episode more after reading this. Start with page 2, then 3 and finally page 1. There was some mix-up with the pages. But it's amazing that people will analyze every frame and seek meaning. I'm pondering if I should read more of these columns, I think the guy had a re-watch column of past seasons or specific episodes as well. https://www.chud.com/...DE-7/Page1.html Mark, I think you'll love it. Here you can read everything this guy has written before, he was given the opportunity to post it at chud.com https://losttherewatch.blogspot.com
  21. Suburban hit men juggling family issues....The Sopranos, anyone? Not that I watched that show, but it does sound like that to me. I guess there's hardly nothing new left under the sun, we're being green as we recycle ideas. But I'm willing to watch the Pilot for that show, I give Terry the benefit of the doubt.
  22. That reminds me of something I saw a "making of" Paranormal Activity and "some lady" was saying how many people notice the time and number 11:11... Eh...right on! She's an expert, yarr! Of course we notice it because it's the same number...but she had nothing else nor interesting to say further about the subject, she just rambled on and on about that one thing. :/ Talk about a failed attempt making this sound intriguing or half-interesting. But, I agree, it's very cool that 1013 days are almost there.
  23. Can't really remember, but it was sure not in 2001. I think it might have been around the time when Kidnapped and stuff like that was on, I might be wrong though. It was on a station, that WAS free and did show commercials where the commercials breaks usually go for the US audience. I guess they got it cheap or something, I didn't know it was that old.
  24. I guess Chiklis likes the idea to go back to sort of Fantastic Four ground...shame. I remember watching sometimes when I was a kid, The Commish, I liked him in that one. But I don't remember anything about it, except that the title sequence had something to do with a pencil...or that may be totally wrong. But I do remember him on an early Seinfeld episode as a host of a party and then visits Jerry later totally drunk. Very strange seeing that episode after seeing him only as Vic Mackey...I really need to see the last season...or get that complete series box set...I'll get to that...sometime this year...
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