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  1. Ah, yes. They did show that here in Iceland, I just didn't watch it (there are just too many shows to watch, I only watch my shows and hardly consider anything else unless it sounds good). But saw commercials about it. But it was much later than 2001 for sure.
  2. They should stop with all those spin-offs and reboots. I'm quite curious about the JJ Abrams show, although I think there has already been a show that had a similar title to Undercovers. I wonder what that Micheal Chiklis thing is, hope it's not a sit-com. And I welcome anything from Shawn Ryan, shame The Unit bit the dust. They always cancel the good shows :( I bet it was because they changed the bloody theme music, I hate when that happens! At least they acknowledged it in Monk in a funny way, I still think the original music should have stayed. Randy Newman is too quirky, even for Monk!
  3. I had this idea for a postcard for this very episode, for Morgan & Wong week. It was not used, for the sake of continuity of the look of the blog. The postcard did not go as planned and this was the result. don't know if it looks like a postcard, but I'm pleased with the result. I plan to do more, but don't know if I can do one for every video I make (which come now sporadically, both because of me (personal reasons) and the nature of the blog at this time. Enjoy! Please comment.
  4. Hmmm...looks interesting, doesn't give anything away, I like that. The actors are unknown, but somehow they do look familiar, which is a plus.
  5. I decided to pick Broken World. It's a very well done episode. I like the chemistry between the horse doctor and Frank Black. And Van Quattro's performance as Willi is just creepy. And I like how we see his progression as a "psycho sexual killer". This episode was a bit of the killer of the week, but I liked the setting. And it did sort of re-invent the killer of the week, we saw a progression, not just senseless killings by someone unknown. We got to know and understand why Willi did these things, it's awful to see. I do get chills when I see Lance make that growl face when Willi hangs up on him after saying to him that "it felt good what I did" and "I know I have the power!". A great standalone episode, free of gimmicks, me thinks.
  6. Now that Mark has answered this, but my first guess would be sports events like football or something. I remember Sliders getting pre-emted a lot and what not and shown out of order and the first season was very much serialized (and they couldn't even put them in the right order on the DVD, what a hassle changing discs to see them in the intended order, argh!). If only they could have done it like the Homicide: Life on the Street sets, in the order intended by the producers, sheer class.
  7. But what about people who have seen Avatar, what do they call real life? Rubbish Life maybe? ;) Now, Happy Belated Birthday from Iceland. I'm the Millennium music video guy who supplies BTFB with some fan fun. Cheers from Iceland! - Jósef
  8. I had to wait up to a month to get the announcement that Stepfather (with Terry O'Quinn) shipped, as it was out of stock. Shipping takes 2-4 weeks or something like that, to Iceland. I think it's quite standard with International shipping at DD, there's only one option for International orders, I'm pretty sure of that.
  9. I don't know, but if you know the size and weight you should be able to calculate how much it costs to mail it from the US on a website (a friend of mine discovered it was still lower at his local post office than what was stated on the website, don't know what the site is, but can find out). It should be easy enough to figure out with DVDs and usually they list at least the weight of the product in the product information. I really should look into this, as I'm ordering quite a bit from deepdiscount. I still don't want to bother my friend too much with this unless it's something I can't order/get shipped to me.
  10. My recent purchase, which is still in transit. I bought 4 cheap DVDs around 5-7$ mark plus a boxset which was half price at 17$ or so. The 4 DVDs shipped first at just under 9$, to Iceland. The remaining boxset was sent free of charge, since they couldn't send it with the others. It really depends on how many items and the weight, I guess as well. But then I pay tax and customs charges when it arrives at my post office. :(
  11. Thanks Earthnut. Shame I don't live in the US, but it's a very reasonable website. I discovered it in the summer of 2008 when I was searching for the complete MacGyver series with the TV movies as well. Didn't find it in shops and I think it was cheapest on this site. And recently I've been tempted again and again with cheap DVDs (that interested me) well under 10$ (usually 6-9$) plus some good discounts on DVD boxsets.
  12. Walt's at his grandma's house in New York if I'm not mistaken.
  13. I would think it's cheaper to just get it sent from them. The shipping could be expensive...you might save a little when you take out the tax and customs charges. But it's very close. But again, it depends how heavy the object you're sending. I would rather have someone send for me something I can't order myself, which I have done so and I figure it was very similar, if I were able to ship it to my country and go through customs or let someone ship it to me. But that was a few t-shirts and a coffee mug.
  14. I actually posted the same thing over at the Millennium DVD thread and mentioned this as well in the comments on one of the recent blog posts during Morgan & Wong week. Space: Above and Beyond is 17 bucks under the same sale, and if my memory serves me correct, so are some of the X-Files seasons.
  15. I guess I'll be buying both S2 and the Gold set, (I know at least they didn't repeat the extras from Season 1). I bought S1 R2 DVD set a long time ago and always was gonna buy season 2 or the gold set. And you're saying it's only getting released now? I've always postponed buying this as I thought they were too expensive or other DVDs got in the way, as always :D I have seen season 2 though, I rented all the VHS one Christmas (went several trips to town to get them, and I found out later I probably could have rented them all since I lived so far away) after I had completed my DVD set. I had seen some of it when they showed it again on then free channel, and of course some of at least the first season when it first aired. It was all the rage back then, people had no patience back then...at least the older people who liked the soap opera aspect of it. It got too weird for them at times hehe
  16. Judging from the latest episode More things start to come out, but still hard to puzzle it together, And Laura. And I really appreciated this storyline.
  17. As a customer of www.deepdiscount.com I get constantly e-mails about new deals and I noticed in a FOX mega sale that ends 2 March 2010 that the Complete Series (1-3) of Millennium is only 27 bucks! https://www.deepdiscount.com/fox-mega-sale/millenium-1st-3rd-seasons-giftset/ Now that's a steal!
  18. It has to be a reboot of some sorts, this alternate version. As the island is underwater. That double theory sounds so far fetched, that would mean everyone is in on it, as they experienced the time travel, the flashing. I'm wondering if Jacob was even good to begin with, who's to say "Smokey" is worse or better than Jacob. It's his word against Richard's. The Lost-ies can't trust anyone, no one will give them a straight answer, and I keep wanting the next episode the second I finish a new episode grrr...
  19. Now, that's a compliment if I ever saw one. He's meant to bug you. I've always liked his work from when I saw the remake TV series The Fugitive and especially later on Boomtown. But I agree, it's been pretty good so far, and it's been pretty low key and thus keeping in spirit with the last season (somewhat) and the first season. But obviously they made some shocking moves a la early season 2. I must confess that the b-storylines are somewhat lame, not very interesting and a retread of other plots from previous seasons, but that's unavoidable by this point I guess, it's season 8 after all.
  20. You summed it up pretty nicely there Mark. I figured the numbers would somehow connect to the people, but the order makes no sense.
  21. I wonder if he's looking for an easy exit in that scene. But that was quite impressive that morph from the effect to Lance.
  22. I didn't know he was in the Super Mario Bros movie. He's in everything, it seems :D I snagged a cheap copy of Appaloosa, gotta see Lance in it, haven't seen this film.
  23. Wow, I didn't know his name WAS Lennon. LOL!
  24. I bought the DVD cheap, since it had bonus features, I'm a sucker when it comes to cheap movies with extras (even if it's only just a director's commentary, sometimes they can be better than a making of, and sometimes not). It was a fun ride, I still liked the film after the airplane section. Since it was a bit of a role reversal. Plus, Brian Cox, who was Hannibal Lecktor in Micheal Mann's Manhunter (1986) plays the female lead's father. He sure has changed since the late 80's. Wes Craven always delivers a good and informative commentary, a good listen. I also bought Cellular with Kim Basinger, and it was rather good ride that one as well. And yes, I think Jack Scalia was a bit of a name in the 80's for a bit. But after The Rift, I can understand why we haven't seen much of him...not that he did a bad job on the film. I sort of have a fondness for that film, since we had this VHS tape of that film and for a while also, The Hidden (with Kyle aka Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks) and used to watch those films quite a lot. As I did, more so, with Return of the Jedi (my father found it in the garbage in our stairwell garbage chute and it worked fine, and I still have it), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Aliens and Back to the Future Part II which I recorded of the TV and watched those over and over. While I can't say BTTF 2 is my favorite now, I still think Indy 3 is the best, entertainment wise, so much fun and I LOVE the Grail theme music, so beautiful...
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