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  1. Thanks, Mark. It's indeed that film. I totally recognized that teenage girl brushing her teeth and it's "her daddy" in the lamp. I probably don't want to see it, but I still remember it was not that bad, maybe outside the silly ending battling a lamp...of all things. And yes, I remembered the young priest, like they would be all hunky and cool hairstyle hehe And what a strange sub-title, The Evil Escapes. Are they referring to the end of the film, that they're gonna make a 5th one, did they make another one after that one. I haven't seen any of them outside of the 4th one, but from reviews I've read the 2nd one was quite bold, dark subject matter, considering by the number haunted house nature of the original. And there's also this anthology film I remember seeing on TV as a kid, and it was a good one...should be better than Amityville 4. One story was at least about a man who's on his way to meet his wife or something. His tires go flat, nails in the road. So he goes to the nearest spooky house and there are spooky happenings. He ends up so afraid that he accidentally chops his wife's head off with a sword when he stumbles onto a surprise birthday party. Talk about a bummer start. I don't really remember the other stories in it. You guys familiar with it? Who knows, it might be a repackaged Tales from the Crypt episodes, the used to do that for VHS tapes in Iceland.
  2. From the start, I ignored Titanic. Some films, I just know I won't like. Then I tried to watch it on TV years later and I couldn't watch it, it was so boring and by the numbers, gah. But it was kinda funny when that one guy fell from the ship and hit the screw. And while I've seen clips of Avatar, from the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (RIP) and the story, it's like been there done that. Nothing new. We've seen it before, but it's just eye candy. It's kinda like when Final Fantasy came out, which had no relation to the games which I've never played nor will I, not into RolePlayingGames. It's such a shame Cameron spent more than a decade on this film. This film is destroying the art of making movies, in a way. Is it all going to be CGI and 3D, will we see Marlon Brandon "act" in the movies of the future? So, I'm all for cheap independent films. Or like Sam Raimi going back to his roots making a fun flick on a much smaller budget than he's used to. Plus, I've read the reports of people that have seen the films get depressed as their life isn't as cool as that. I don't need that. Ok, some of what I've been saying is a bit exaggeration and I'm not saying people should ignore Avatar or Titanic but this is what I feel about Cameron's latest output. His best film will always be Terminator, amazing film on such a low budget. You don't need high budget to immerse yourself into a film. I hope this 3D hype will die since I can't enjoy it, I hardly have vision on my left eye so I doubt that I could enjoy the 3D, and it looks goofy when you see it in normal definition, it's a no-win situation for me. Oh, this was about CCH Pounder, I really love her work on The Shield. And it's always nice to see her in TV episodes or films. Funny, I thought there was another Millennium connection, Stephen Lang, but Geibelhouse was played by Stephen James Lang aka Stephen J. Lang. And funny, according to imdb.com he was credited as Stephen Lang when he acted in two episodes of The Fugitive (2000) and the Stephen Lang from Avatar played the bad guy. I wonder why he changed his screen name for that job? And if you want to take it further, Stephen Lang from Avatar was Freddy Lounds in Michael Mann's Manhunter (1986) and Bill Smitrovich (Bletch) was in it as well.
  3. Mark, you sell yourself way too short, the luminary short trailer - crap? Hardly. Inspiring, I would say, as you struggled with something you weren't a master at. I would love to see the Frank and Jordan sketch, did RB by any chance create an album in his gallery at his profile. That would be ideal, but of course his choice.
  4. The first one is always a classic, haven't seen it for ages. And I've always been waiting for a better collection on DVD for the films. I remember the second one breaking certain rules and being quite predictable near the end. Not bad but not great. The third one is great, I think it's the best of them all, personally. I think I've seen that one more than the others. And I haven't seen 4 or 5. Just Freddy's Dead and I hardly remember it outside that all cities had an Elm Street and the stoner's video game. Now you're playing with power! And I agree, New Nightmare was a very nice film, let down by the by-the-numbers ending, otherwise a good effort. I would like to see the 4th as Renny Harlin has a soft spot in my heart (even though I know to some extent his output hasn't been stellar lately, plus he's always a real treat to hear on his commentaries.
  5. Well, watched the 3rd episode and I thought They always do that to you, no matter what TV show you watch...well, most of them.
  6. I've seen Cutting Class a few times when I was younger, I've seen worse. Now, Mark. You've seen a lot of horror films. I think I rented this film a long time ago (or saw it on TV), and I just kind of want to know what movie it it. Haunted house picture, little kid is talking to his late father which is a demon inside a antique lamp they got from antique store if I remember. I remember the teenage girl in the house getting some gooey stuff when she was brushing her teeth. And they got a priest to do an exorcism. And when they were walking outside, I remember the priest was complementing the grandmother, and she said she didn't know she had it in her (being brave during the finale). I tried finding it through imdb.com and I can't seem to find it. It's probably not a well known film, even could be a TV movie, I have no idea. I don't really have intention of watching it again, but it bugs me when I can't remember stuff like that. hehe you know what I mean.
  7. This is a great find, and I love these kinds of cheesy 80's song, love those drums, the kick and snare. Yummy! Lance was pretty cool in it. Freeze!!
  8. I thought there were more episodes, they also seem to vary in length. But I've subscribed and will check these out. Thanks Mark.
  9. And bring lots of candles so we can make a circle...and a first aid kit wouldn't be a bad idea as well ;)
  10. Ohhh...Christian had powder around him. It's been so long since I saw all the other seasons, and I never did repeat viewings except when I bought the Season 1 boxset, which I decided to sell so I could buy the Complete Series when it was all said and done. And who was Yemi Tunde again, Ecko's brother? And I never have read any of the books or any of those spin-off media stuff. So I have no clue what the numbers are supposed to mean, if that really matters in the grand scheme of things. Spiders? Really, and I had forgotten and still don't remember about spiders biting Alexandra. I think it's a bit far fetched about Jacob's Nemesis turning into spiders. They were well explained, if I remember correctly, the spiders. But what about Richard (isn't that his name), the guy who has been there for more than 40 years (if not more) and hasn't aged. Is he also "a God" or whatever those shapeshifters are? And yes, I would assume Jacob could do these things as well. I mean, they are equals, I would think. But they obviously can't kill each other, a mere mortal has to do that, right? And Jacob didn't fight back because he had a plan all along, that's my theory anyway.
  11. And I voted for Season 3, as I thought it answered more questions, and it was interesting to see how the Others lived. Plus, it was stellar throughout, and much more tension was built in the latter half of the season with the introduction of the freighter people and they didn't know if they were friends or foes. I don't dislike any season for that matter, but I think I enjoyed that one the most. But we'll see...when I'll finally buy the Complete Series boxset, either on DVD or Blu-ray.
  12. Ok, I downloaded the two parter Lost premiere episodes and it was a good one... It even makes more sense to me now. And it's quite obvious that... And this brought me to think about... I think this is enough for now.
  13. I'm getting Sleepaway Camp, along with Cabin Fever (saw it in the theaters), Diary of the Dead (haven't seen that one yet), Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 3 and The Garden with Lance Henriksen, it's also 5$ (all of them were 5 or 6 bucks, outside of ATHF), and the trailer looked interesting (which was on one of the recent DVDs I bought). So why not support Lance and have a look. And let's hope I can restrain myself from buying anything more this month. I'm also gonna buy a BTFB T-shirt soon, after payday if I don't this month, and some pins as well (it's been on my to-buy list for ages, totally slagging off).
  14. I see that Sleepaway Camp is only just over 5$ at deepdiscount...I just might snatch that one and find something to go along with it...there is 50% off Adult Swim DVDs...oohhh...the temptation. I always say to myself, this is it for this month and then I see something else...DVDs...my Achilles heel....so to speak.
  15. No, I haven't. And I don't imagine it's the sort of film I would want to see. What a ludicrous concept for a killer. LOL!
  16. There's no way for me to make a top 5 or even 10 horror films. Even though I haven't seen THAT many films, like Mark has. But I do own plenty of films, many that I hadn't seen before I bought them on DVD. Here are some films, that I hadn't seen before I bought them on DVD, that impressed me for their effects and humor. Hellraiser, amazing effects for such a low budget film and I felt it was quite a taboo subject, me thinks for the time...but now that is old news. Night of the Creeps, what a fun flick that was and shame Fred Dekker didn't get to direct more movies after Robocop 3 bombed. The new debut DVD is a must, looks wonderful and plenty of extras. Thrill me! Dead Heat, another fun flick with Treat Williams, is very cheap on www.deepdiscount.com - very good site and I've found many gems there for under 10$. Pumpkinhead, what excellent production design and creature effects and Lance rocks as always, another Lance flick to check out is Survival Quest, cheap at deepdiscount! The Stepfather (the original) is great as well, great music and Terry O'Quinn is fantastic in it. The ending is a bit of a letdown, but I'm afraid most films never can live up to the buildup. And Black Christmas (the original) is a fine film, shame I forgot about placing a bid on the Collector's Edition that one time on ebay :( as I really would have liked to hear Bob Clark's commentary which is sadly not on the latest Special Edition, what were they thinking!!!??? Some über-fan that was, who was in charge of the extras...lets probably the best extra slip away, why didn't they dump the 5.1 track? Serves no purpose...there is no excuse, even they said there was little room on the DVD and they didn't want to repeat themselves. But come on, not everybody owns the previous edition and it goes out of print, so you're just screwed if you don't pay attention. Ok, rant over... And other DVDs that I simply love, great package: Creepshow, R2 DVD, we for once get lucky and get it all for ourselves, what fun flick and I hadn't seen that one before and I'm a fan of George Romero so I had to buy it. Shame his other studio films from the late 80's/early 90's don't have commentary by the master, he's always provides a good commentary. The Hitcher (the original) I think we again, R2 people, get all the goods. It was so great seeing the film in widescreen (same feeling with Die Hard) and see how well crafted the film was. It was not your average B-movie which it was always referred to. A beautiful film and great performances by all, and the music is great as well. Shame the director didn't do more films, but he did Highwaymen, which was very similar to The Hitcher in many ways, not bad but could have been much better...but that one looked really good, he knows how to shoot movies that fella Robert Harmon. Dawn of the Dead (the original), the Ultimate Edition would have been ultimate if they had the cast commentary on the longer "director's cut" and the solo producer commentary on Dario Argento International cut...idiots who put those DVDs together...the cast were so much fun and Argento's cut so short that it was really a shame, especially since they were often referring to scenes that were in the "director's cut". The Monster Squad, a lovely package. Shame about the cover art but you can't have it all. And strange that there weren't more deleted scenes, but you can see them on YouTube, and they were quite silly, and understandably cut. And yes, Brain Damage is very impressive, very cool and inventive lighting where the guy is getting high from Aylmar, a very fun character...who wouldn't love having him around? Hmmm... I'm very curious about Sleepaway Camp with the WTF ending you guys keep talking about. I think there's a decent DVD out there recently, might have to look for it. So many movies, so little time...Laura and Mark, I'm with you...how can you choose?
  17. Are you trying to make me blush, girl!? If so, you are getting devilishly close ;)

  18. You can thank Wikipedia for bringing this campaign to my attention. It must have been there long enough for me to see, if it isn't up there anymore.
  19. Community? I thought this was a cult... ;)
  20. You still use a pager and a dial-up connection :D And GigaPets are in. ;)
  21. Luke, that Bobby Darin one was a good one haha You see old orange Volkswagen everywhere. ...sorry can't think of anything more at the moment, you've stole all the best bits LOL!
  22. Shame I was too late for those signed CDs, and I read on some thread here that he signed more than the advertised amount. But La La Land records always release in small numbers, and often limited. I think they do at the maximum 5000 copies for some releases. I may be wrong though.
  23. ty7du


    Welcome fellow Millennium fan. Any Millennium fan is a friend of mine, pretty cool to have a friend from India. I'm rather new to this site but I am no stranger over at the backtofrankblack.com site, where I bombard the MM fans with music videos. I hope you like them and please do participate in all the various forum boards and threads here, you'll love it. Cheers from Iceland! - Jósef
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