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  1. It was never Romero's intention to make a statement with having a black actor in a leading role in Night of the Living Dead.

    Duane Jones, was simply the best actor for the part when they were casting it.

    And it wouldn't be Boyle that ripped off Romero, rather Alex Garland, the writer of the film.

    But it's not a zombie film, since they're not dead.

    Haven't seen the sequel.

    I think the later half of the film was a bit of a let down, but still a very good film.

    They always do this in movies, kill off the likable character. Don't you hate that :D

  2. I'm just outraged to read all the crap you wrote in the past about Medium ripping off Millennium.

    This show couldn't be more far off Millennium. Its setting is Phoenix, Arizona as opposed to rainy Seattle, Washington. It's bright and fun and it's not so much about her job as a consultant. It's about her family life. And I just love how real Alison and Joe's relationship seems, never seen anything more convincing on TV than that. And yes, Alison Dubois is a real person.

    And since when did Frank Black see dead people! And her real life daughters also have her gift, so it's not a rip-off that they inherited her gift like Jordan did in Millennium. And why would Chris Cater be angry about it, his original vision of the show that he wasn't psychic, that those flashes were a way for them to see his way of thinking, he was a profiler after all.

    I really like this show, and have been a fan since day one. I haven't seen it since it moved to CBS, way to go NBC, throwing away one of their popular show out the window and stick with Jay Leno and don't get me started on the whole The Tonight Show scandal :( I don't have a lot of love for NBC anymore, I do like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

  3. Still haven't seen the last season of The Shield. Gonna buy the Complete Series box set that's now finally out. R2 people got the shaft, episodes cut and whatnot, so I ditched the first 4 seasons I had bought already. Don't you hate that?

    Great show. I've always liked the dark humor in it, this is engraved in my mind. Danny and her partner are on the beat and spot someone raping a passed out girl in an alley. They stop it and catch the guy, and we hear some guy yell from a balcony "hey, I was watching that!" Bwahahaha! Sick, but so funny.

  4. I have and bought it solely because Lance was in it, plus it was cheap. It's alright, but could have been plotted better and the pacing as well. Lousy ending.

    But Lance is good in this one. I remember there was all this hype about this movie and Blink, roughly the same time, and both about blind people, I haven't seen Blink.

    Funny, the director is directing or has finished directing a film with Marshall Bell and Johnny Depp is in it as well. Funny how there's a big Millennium connection there, plus on the podcast Bell mentioned he was a close friend of Depp.

  5. Baz, I know what you mean.

    I never tried to picture it myself or put it on a t-shirt myself, but I had that idea, since that drawing looked like a logo. And it was in line what you were doing, being obscure but still for the hardcore Millennium fan.

    Now, about Lara tees, how about the angel that she sees...don't know how well that would come out. I'm just trying to throw out some ideas here :D

    How about something from Wide Open, that X. Probably wouldn't work...but it would be kinda in line with the Dead Letters and Sacrament tees.

    What about Darwin's Eye? The palm trees?

    The bobble-head Devil from Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me?

    How about silhouettes of devil dogs...?

    Follow the path...from In Arcadia Ego...and that mangled bullet...maybe too hard to do or wouldn't work.

    That's all I can think of...for now.

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  6. Hello Luke.

    I'm fairly new to the TIWWA forums but I'm no stranger at the BTFB website.

    As I'm responsible for the Millennium music videos, I'm almost reaching 30 videos. Hard to believe, I was so sure I would have hit a music wall by some point.

    I did watch the show at the time it broadcast here in Iceland, and while I did watch all the episode (I may have missed some) but I liked them.

    And I waited for each season to arrive on R1 DVD and bought it. I just adore the beautiful artwork.

    Happy New Year Luke.

    And I do envy you, there's a ton of stuff over at BTFB that you have yet to read/watch/hear. It will take you ages and it all will bring you more insight than the DVDs ever could and it's really fun.

    Cheers from Iceland!

    - Jósef

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  7. I know this is a bit of a dead thread.

    But, Mark, did you pass my idea to Baz about my idea for a t-shirt from the Season 3 episode Through a Glass, Darkly?

    The image of the girl on a swing, in design similar to what the guy was drawing with burnt matches in the episode.

    Just a thought.

    This was a long time ago I thought about this. But just saw this thread now and figured why not.

  8. Hello Dan.

    My name is Jósef and I'm from Iceland. I'm responsible for all those music videos on backtofrankblack.com, if you have seen them at all.

    I'd love some horror discussion, I'm a big fan of horror, while I'm not the horror buff I think I am, I do think I'm quite knowledgeable. But I know I'm no encyclopedia, that's for sure.

    ps: the username ty7du is an old username of mine (which I've used again and again on various sites), an homage to David Fincher, if you will. Tyler Se7en Durden. Get it?

    Happy New Year folks!

    - Jósef

    And I would love to hear more prank stories, it's good to learn more pranks to tease your friends. hehe...

  9. I'm not sure this even qualifies as a topic...

    but I find it quite amusing that the cattle prod makes several appearances throughout Season 1, where the killer of the week uses one.

    We saw it first in Weeds and in Broken World.

    And even in Season 2's Jose Chung's Doomsday's Defense.

    I just can't remember if we saw the cattle prod again, been a while since I saw them all.

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