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  1. I noticed Arye Gross (who was Ed, our favorite obsessive writer from season 3 episode Skull and Bones) on The Mentalist the other day, I checked his imdb page and he's been pretty busy. Has appeared on Lie to Me, Leverage and others shows in the past years.
  2. Really, was it 30 dollars at Texas Frightmare? I'm pretty sure it was 20 or 25...then again, I don't have the best memory. I guess George Romero was 25 dollars as well... But yes, Malcolm McDowell was 25 dollars at HorrorHound, and that was just the signature, and there was a special professional photo session for him and select others. Same with Linda Blair (the autograph price), a photo with her cost another 25 dollars, if you wanted. That's a lot. So, the celeb always decides what he charges...I'm shocked to read that Lance is charging 40 $ for an autograph + picture. That's too much if you ask me. I probably wouldn't complain if the dollar was something along the lines it was in the mid-90's. But now, that's just sad to hear. Mark, was it 40 dollars for signature and 40 dollars separate for photo as well...oh my...if true.
  3. I'm not big on Christmas, but I'll be damned if this doesn't put me in a little bit more into the holiday spirits. Thumbs up!
  4. I was so surprised to see his turn in George Romero's horror anthology Creepshow, he really was creepy in that one. He had a great range, he could be funny and serious and often did that at the same time in the Naked Gun films :D
  5. You'd be more than welcome to join in. Just make sure either Mark or Richard has your Skype name and they'll make the all-important call on the 17th. I think we usually start the chats at 3PM US (Eastern) time.
  6. Myself, I'm not bothered with taking pictures of celebs at their table...I much rather get an autograph and hopefully a photo is included in that deal... But that does sound strict, I wonder if they would have problem with recording audio at Q&A, my camera has that option :D And who would bring a flashlight to a Q&A...or do you mean the flash when a picture is taken? :/
  7. Actually, it's the 17th, Friday. No change. Sorry we've confused you all :D
  8. I don't know if it has to be a fuss even though it may say on their website. I was at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio and I remember seeing something similar on their site. There it said photos of celebs are acceptable but treat them with respect. But it said no video-recording at the convention (unless you had written permission by the promoters and the talents' consent) yet I'm sure people were taping the Q&As and maybe even the dealer rooms as well, where the celebs are too. So, it just depends on the staff or how serious they take things...
  9. Didn't Laura say on Facebook that she couldn't make the 4th but could make the 17th? I can make it on the Saturday 4th December (Wide Open chat) and Friday 17th December (X-mas chat), has this been pin-pointed, it's hard to keep up with TIWWA and Facebook. :D And Mark, just upload and send us Laura the link whenever you have the time, no rush on my account.
  10. Shame it's only a sci-fi convention. Only interested in seeing RDA and Lance of course. Would be still interesting going somewhere else than just the US for conventions. After all, I have the complete MacGyver series boxset which included all the TV movies as well. The video/audio quality may not be great, but I'm sure am happy to have it all...I've still haven't gone through all the seasons, I think I'm on season six now...
  11. Did anyone manage to record the Walkabout Skype chat, or did you abort the chat? And I should be able to make it to the 3rd December chat, if there will be one.
  12. Just a shame they sort of cheated, they used the same take with two different angles when Frank Black is breaking the window with his hands. Now, I didn't cheat when I did my Depeche Mode "Frank" Black Celebration music video. Funny how you notice these things when you work on these music videos since you look at the same shots so many times during editing. And I'm afraid I'll be abroad when the next chat will occur, could anyone record it for me?
  13. Millennium Halloween Music Video (it was finished weeks ago, just left on the shelf) over at http://cheersfromiceland.blogspot.com/2010/11/partytime-years-later.html

    1. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Awesome video!

    2. ty7du


      Thanks, Graham. I've always had that track in mind for this episode, never got around to try it or do the video until I saw the opportunity to contribute to the Halloween celebration at TIWWA.

  14. What a heartwarming song that was, from Cannibal Holocaust :D Haven't seen the film, but I'm well aware of it. Love this track, John Carpenter is just a genius at this sort of stuff.
  15. Well...why wasn't Leprechaun on that list, but Troll 2 made the list? I would be pretty freaked if "trolls" would want to turn me into a plant and eat me...now, defeating a leprechaun should be easy, give him the freaking gold! I haven't seen either of these films but was watching an amusing video review of Leprechaun.
  16. Oh, there was this funny thing Lance said at the Texas Frightmare Weekend Q&A session he did. He said if he had been the Terminator, he probably would have been inactive for the most of the movie, recharging in the corner.
  17. Well...the original idea of The Terminator was a sleek design, something that would blend in...not unlike Robert Patrick in T2...when you think of it. But when you think about it, it wouldn't have been the same without Arnie.
  18. The Keep...ugh...I saw it when I visited a friend of mine in the States in 2008. We sat through this borefest (good thing we had some beer to ease the pain ;) and it was some bootleg copy or something. There were some interesting concepts and ideas in there, but it was too slow, too long and too boring...maybe the only good thing about it was Tangerine Dream...Michael Mann has come a long way. But he did Thief before and that was a great film with great music...
  19. The Doors have the best nads? LOL! Woah! The Wolfman's got nards! Top of the Morning is a wonderful track on Tubular Bells III, playful yet calm...perfect for plane rides. Ok...time to find something Halloweeny. Now, why wasn't this on the soundtrack for Return of the Living Dead? Or was there another release somewhere else...? Hmmm...
  20. I do like Tubular Bells II and III, those works are wholly original, different take and tangents on the original version. Funny, I didn't like Tubutar Bells III very much when I bought it...but have grown to love it since I've let myself look past my initial "it's too much techno/rave thing for me" dislike...but it's really mellow and dreamy and has one kick ass rock tune as well.
  21. I know, 500 copies are cheaper than 1000, but the price per CD doesn't go up that much...but then again, as you said, space and money could be a factor.
  22. I don't think they made any changes, who knows maybe they had some sound effects under it....when I'll watch it during this week, I'll know for sure...and I can compare it to the original CD release, even a mint-conditioned vinyl release and a cassette. Yup...I have it in 3 formats...got them all cheap as well. I haven't even bothered getting or listening to the 2003 edition where he fixed and ironed out all the kinks, Oldfield was always unhappy about it, but to me it's just part of the appeal and charm...it's all good he wants to fix it, just as long as we can still hear and buy the original, since that's the version that people fell in love with and sold millions and it's a piece of history...*ahem* only if a certain George Lucas could think like that *sigh* John Cleese then does appear and lists the instruments, I believe, which Oldfield did on the original at the end of part 1. It's such a feat, this two part piece...many layers of sounds...tapes...he recorded them all by himself, okay, some instruments were played by others and vocals...but mostly he played them all. And the most amazing part, he was under 20 when he did that...just wow...
  23. And it's strange NOT to make 1000 copies when you have the option to do that, if you're going for 500...the leap from 500 to 1000 CDs is not that great...so it's a wiser decision, business wise, I'd think. And Alexander, thanks for moving the thread ;) Mark, you've been de-thanked! That's a phrase I just coined, I'll be in negotiations with Webster for my cut for using it in the next edition of the dictionary :D
  24. Classic Seinfeld moment...
  25. I'm sort of against the notion of Tubular Bells being a Halloween song, since the track in its whole, whether part 1 or part 2, not that much Halloween-y...well...there's this sort of "monster/werewolf" (sounds like it) yelling in Part 2. But there are slow gentle parts, so, I feel it's a cheat since Tubular Bells was not made especially for The Exorcist. They just found this track when going through lots of music and they used other parts from the song, maybe both parts, in other places in the film...like in the hallway of the dorm or apartment building, somewhere a rockin' tune is playing in the background. I like a few track of The Who but never really considered Boris the Spider a Halloween song, but then again, us Icelanders aren't celebrating Halloween that much, it's now just for costume night out on the town party type of thing, we do have our own "trick or treating" tradition, which involves singing, no tricks but the kids get treats. But I approve of the Monster Mash being at the top.
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