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  1. I never heard of this dislike of Broken World, it's a fine episode. Disturbing, yes, it's meant to be.

    And yes, playing poker for real and not in a computer, is more fun.

    And I've done character videos (Lucy Butler, Lara Means and Brian Roedecker have that honor...for now) and one sort of around the Yellow House in the first four episodes of Millennium.

  2. Woah, you sorta like Broken World when there are horses (which you especially love) in it. I'm, sort of, baffled :/ One man's garbage is another man's gold...or something like that.

  3. Thanks for the comment on the epic Owls & Roosters music video. I think it's awesome that you even like this sort of music...when it's connected to something that you love, Millennium. You are truly blessed with hordes of children and grandchildren. I'm sorry for Robert, they all look like nice people on the photos AND beautiful. Good genes, I'd say :D

  4. Thanks Viivi. And I've corrected the Filter video over on my ty7du YouTube account, plus fixed this one shot I couldn't do before. Shame I can't do the same with the Weeds or Marantha, the quality is not great of them, blasted Pinnacle program! :(

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