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  1. I don't know if there was a music video for it, but a song I associate with Halloween now is Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes. It was released as a single in the UK in December 1954. I've also heard a version by Dickie Valentine (also released as a single in the UK in December 1954). But The Chordettes' song is my favourite version. The Four Aces (featuring Al Alberts) released a single called Mr. Sandman in January 1955, but I don't know if this was the same song.

    Source of the UK single releases above is a book called The Virgin Book of British Hit Singles.

    Hmm...not sure which version, and I'm too lazy to check imdb.com, but both are candidates for appearing in Back to the Future, since it happened in 5 November 1955.

  2. It felt rushed. They wanted to set up the cliff hanger, but the way they had one serial killer apprehended by Frank, and then allow the Polaroid Man capture Catherine, just didn't work.

    Odd little cameo by Judy Norton Taylor (from the Waltons) too.

    If the Woodsman serial killer was instead duped by the Polaroid Man, and set up as a patsy to be captured by Frank, that would have made more thematic sense, versus merely killing his Mom, and blundering. It doesn't make sense. The Woodsman changes his MO from killing women in the kitchen (re his first killing and being caught) then kills his mother in the kitchen and is caught. Weird.

    The soundtrack seemed off too.

    Ehmm...this thread was just talking about the first episode of season 1, not the last episode of season 1.

    I must admit I was not a big fan of this cliffhanger, but the season 2 opener did wonders for it, and made it work.

  3. I think it's this Friday, a mini chat, we all watch a horror film, if you can and it can be whatever you happen to see on TV or something you already own and you talk about it for 5 mins or so, tell us about it, what you thought about it, and if you would recommend it to others.

    And Mark will draw out of the hat a film that we have a major discussion on the 29th...well, and Curse of Frank Black, and probably other horror films, since we do often go on tangents ;)

    I'll throw a few in the hat now:

    60s: Night of the Living Dead, Psycho

    70s: The Legend of Hell House, Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Alien

    80s: Night of the Creeps, Creepshow, The Stepfather, Child's Play, Fright Night, Hellraiser

    90s: Jacob's Ladder, Scream, Cube

    00s: Slither, Severance, The Descent, Dagon, Silent Hill

  4. Is Dark Blue any good, is it based or related to the film with Kurt Russell based on the LA riot in 1992?

    I used to watch Smallville, then just quit it, it just got too much silly for me (and it was plenty silly in the first few seasons of monster of the week formula)...I think I lasted a season or two after Johnathan Kent left the scene *sniff* And why didn't he just go for Chloe in the first place, dumbass Clark Kent...*mutters* ;)

    I used to watch some of Stargate, the first season and maybe more...it was alright...Richard Dead Anderson helped plus Don S. Davis was good. Wow...that show lasted 10 seasons...huh...

  5. Mark, could you repeat what was the plan for the horror pick...we all make just one suggestion and you draw out of a hat.

    Now, it would be cool to be able to pick our favorites from a few decades, (60s), 70s, 80s and 90s...not much happening in the 00s outside a few ones.

    Kara suggested we each watch a horror film and tell others what they thought about it in 5 minutes or so, is that the plan for next Friday when the Halloween pick will be made?

    I just want to be on the same page, what we agreed on...

  6. I read in a newspaper here in Iceland that Atli Örvarson, who did the music for The Fourth Kind (which I haven't seen), is doing the music for Law & Order: Los Angeles...huh, Icelanders are coming up in the world of Hollywood...

    And it will be hopefully a refreshing score, the music in the L&O was getting really stale...always the same one note cue when a victim gushed out at the stand....boring...

  7. I might be a little late to the chat, since I'm at work til 20:00 this Friday...9 o'clock UK time, and it takes 30 minutes until I can catch up at home...but if I can finish up early on Friday, I might be able to use the fancy headset at work and spend an hour with you before a 30 minute break and join with you again at home...we'll see...

    and I'll try to watch the episode again...

  8. In some ways it was weak and in some ways good.

    Millennium wasn't exactly CSI or Law & Order, you know. And they didn't have any clues since he knew how to cover his tracks and he was calm under strain, but obviously he was caught red handed with the blood testing. Of course they did it to wrap it up quickly, but it's still chilling to think of people like him working with the police.

    In a way, it's like Se7en, and Millennium was pitched as Se7en in Seattle...the killer placed himself in the lap of the police....now it's different....but you get my drift.

  9. I remember from a commentary of a Futurama episode that David Cohen had to add something to his name for his screen name, David X. Cohen. Apparently there's another David Cohen.

    I notice there are two Stephen Lang, one is our favorite detective from Millennium and the other one is a much more recognized actor, he's been in plenty of TV and films...he was the Party Crasher in The Hard Way with James Woods and Michael J. Fox.

  10. I picked the Lara one, since I never thought it was THAT scary, the Lucy Butler thing.

    It struck me recently as I was doing a video montage, Lara should have known something bad was going to happen to The Old Man. While she didn't see her angel, but there was this moment with the match and her eyes just before The Old Man knocked on her door in the beginning of Roosters. So, if she understood her gift more, she could have prevented this. Where was she staying, did she just go somewhere else or was she staying in the yellow house as well?

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