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  1. It's been my pleasure and it will be interesting to see if I can add some more videos to the list. Plus, now all of the music videos are now up for DOWNLOAD! Grab them while you can.
  2. Glad to know there are people who still want to speak about Millennium to this day. I've just finished uploading all my Millennium music videos I've done so far, you can download them over at my blog (I hope you like them): https://cheersfromiceland.blogspot.com/ Welcome to the family! Cheers from Iceland! - Jósef
  3. I'm putting the rest of the videos up on my blog. But the download links will be put up later when I have more time. http://cheersfromiceland.blogspot.com/

    1. ty7du


      All the videos are up on the blog...download links later, whenever I have the time. At last I can focus on maybe doing more videos or try to make regular blog posts.

    2. ty7du


      even finished updating the music video list...phew...

  4. with plenty of syrup! ...but not for me, yuck! :D
  5. Yeah, I know all that. But, just that it happened JUST before The Old Man knocked on her door...but there have been other instances where it's when she's on her way somewhere, like in Monster and Anemnasisn (although that was a different thing).
  6. I can always sue them for money and this thread is my proof! ;)
  7. I picked the Lara one, since I never thought it was THAT scary, the Lucy Butler thing. It struck me recently as I was doing a video montage, Lara should have known something bad was going to happen to The Old Man. While she didn't see her angel, but there was this moment with the match and her eyes just before The Old Man knocked on her door in the beginning of Roosters. So, if she understood her gift more, she could have prevented this. Where was she staying, did she just go somewhere else or was she staying in the yellow house as well?
  8. How awesome would be to see Avatar look like Avatar in Second Life or one of those virtual life games...
  9. I knew Mark would have a hard time deciding and this is the fairest way to go. Thanks again for the contest, fun to think of a clever episode title and some generic plot to go with :D I'll share my title and episode summary, for the enjoyment of others. Much Mikado About Avatar - Brian Roedecker and Frank Black enlist the help of the Lone Gunmen to track down Avatar and stop his latest killing spree through social websites.
  10. No problem, Graham. Will get right on it after the weekend. I never feel like doing much on work days, let alone a 3-day weekend.

  11. Very cool, I'll for sure check this out in more detail this weekend. Graham, you rock!
  12. Will it be Taken 2? Didn't Spielberg cover this already?
  13. I can make it on Friday, I'm working but I'm on day shift, so I'll be home by that time.
  14. Thanks Graham, for TIWWA. Thanks Dean and Mark (Eth) for the interview. And Mark Snow for the donation of the soundtrack. May the best episode title and description win! So, if I understand it. Is this episode title for an imaginary episode of The Lone Gunmen...or are we talking about all the Ten Thirteen Productions shows (X-Files, Millennium ect.)?
  15. I saw it once, when I was a kid. And I liked it, but think Lance made it better. Don't remember anything about it other than the location is somewhere in the middle of nowhere/desert at a hotel or something... The Dentist was pretty good, was quite surprised how good those teeth POV effects were, *ick* But the only thing good about the sequel was the opening title scene, the rest was BAD, and not so bad it's good.
  16. Now you can have two Frank Blacks...one Frank saying Legion Frank that the power of Christ compels him! But sorry to hear about this confusion, good luck with your next purchase.
  17. I think I've been drunk before, and nope, I won't be drunk until I go to the staff party...no drinking before....so...no dice!
  18. Thanks for the link. I've never seen anything like this...except this one time in the northern capital of Akureyri...when the sky was filled with ever changing bouncing lights...I wondered if any of us dropped acid or something. I usually only see something like what is shown on this picture...it's rare to see something as dark green (which was my first exposure to this phenomena when I was 10 or so, it looked like toxic waste to me, had no clue what it was but the green ribbon was all over the place, but didn't move much).
  19. I'll be there for an hour...since I'm off to a staff party. Gonna get drunk and hopefully be merry. And Saturday night I will also be on a bender, it seems. Since I will celebrate my birthday...which is on Tuesday (and I might award myself with seeing Inception that evening after work).
  20. I really like the background, I almost get the feeling I can make out what it is but I'll never know for sure. Cool!
  21. There were some "jokes" and lighter moments, here and there...but why do you want to joke around serial killers and murderers? Idiots!!! They did get their wish in season 2, which I do like. I don't think that would have worked for the first season though. The second season was a different beast so they could include new characters and put some fun banter between characters.
  22. Which of the 5 episodes you're credited to have written on Millennium are you the most proudest of? Any of those which you felt you could have done better than it came out? And how hard was it to wrap up and weave story elements from past Millennium seasons in The Sound of Snow and Via Dolorosa? Any scripts or pitches/ideas of yours which were denied while working on Millennium?
  23. The first 20 Millennium music videos are now up on my blog at http://cheersfromiceland.blogspot.com/

    1. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Superb stuff mate!

    2. ethsnafu


      Arghhhhh. The Lucy Butler link is down. Any chance of a re-upload my friend?

  24. Are you sure it's a Bible? Looks like a case file to me. And what is that? His trusty pager? ...2000... or ...007...
  25. I understand that, Lara Means has a gift and is also some sort of social worker (I remember she mentioned it in 19:19 but don't remember what it was) and Cheryl Andrews is of course a doctor. Roedecker is a computer whiz. Jim (James) Horn was a private detective, when he was a candidate for the Group. But what was The Polaroid Man's ability or job that made him desirable to the Group?
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