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  1. I knew Mark would have a hard time deciding and this is the fairest way to go.

    Thanks again for the contest, fun to think of a clever episode title and some generic plot to go with :D

    I'll share my title and episode summary, for the enjoyment of others.

    Much Mikado About Avatar - Brian Roedecker and Frank Black enlist the help of the Lone Gunmen to track down Avatar and stop his latest killing spree through social websites.

  2. Thanks Graham, for TIWWA. Thanks Dean and Mark (Eth) for the interview. And Mark Snow for the donation of the soundtrack.

    May the best episode title and description win!

    So, if I understand it. Is this episode title for an imaginary episode of The Lone Gunmen...or are we talking about all the Ten Thirteen Productions shows (X-Files, Millennium ect.)?

  3. I saw it once, when I was a kid. And I liked it, but think Lance made it better. Don't remember anything about it other than the location is somewhere in the middle of nowhere/desert at a hotel or something...

    The Dentist was pretty good, was quite surprised how good those teeth POV effects were, *ick*

    But the only thing good about the sequel was the opening title scene, the rest was BAD, and not so bad it's good.

  4. Thanks for the link. I've never seen anything like this...except this one time in the northern capital of Akureyri...when the sky was filled with ever changing bouncing lights...I wondered if any of us dropped acid or something.

    I usually only see something like what is shown on this picture...it's rare to see something as dark green (which was my first exposure to this phenomena when I was 10 or so, it looked like toxic waste to me, had no clue what it was but the green ribbon was all over the place, but didn't move much).

  5. There were some "jokes" and lighter moments, here and there...but why do you want to joke around serial killers and murderers? Idiots!!! They did get their wish in season 2, which I do like. I don't think that would have worked for the first season though. The second season was a different beast so they could include new characters and put some fun banter between characters.

  6. Which of the 5 episodes you're credited to have written on Millennium are you the most proudest of?

    Any of those which you felt you could have done better than it came out?

    And how hard was it to wrap up and weave story elements from past Millennium seasons in The Sound of Snow and Via Dolorosa?

    Any scripts or pitches/ideas of yours which were denied while working on Millennium?

  7. I understand that, Lara Means has a gift and is also some sort of social worker (I remember she mentioned it in 19:19 but don't remember what it was) and Cheryl Andrews is of course a doctor. Roedecker is a computer whiz. Jim (James) Horn was a private detective, when he was a candidate for the Group. But what was The Polaroid Man's ability or job that made him desirable to the Group?

  8. I agree, there was too little of Watts in the third season. The most prominent usage of him was in Collateral Damage when Watts' daughter was kidnapped. Watts was caught between two fires (or is there a better saying than this?) to go with Frank or the Group to solve this personal case.

    Well, I never think Watts did anything too evil, I don't think he had much to do with the "slaughterhouse", other than covering it up. He had to keep up appearances, otherwise the Group would just kill him, he was in too deep. And he probably rationalized it with what he said in the episode, that even just knowledge of what they were doing, greater or small was worth eliminating a threat. So the Group could continue its work in peace.

    I don't think the performance was over the top, I think that is a spillover from the "slaughterhouse" images we got. It's got to be the work of Legion, we saw what that thing in Gehenna did, so I can totally believe that Legion influenced the Group and created that mess.

  9. Aww...it would be cool to make stop-motion-videos with the Frank Black action figure..."it's my gift, it's my curse".

    But then again, limited uses for such a figure.

    I've never understood collecting this kind of stuff...but I was quite fond of G.I. Joes in my youth...never had many though. But a friend of mine had a whole arsenal, there were some epic battles made with those.

  10. It's pretty clear that The Polaroid Man is warning Frank and Catherine about the group, but there must be better ways than to kidnap his wife, making her believe that he took their child as well. I never thought of that, that The Polaroid Man could be an ex-Group member. But in the file Frank got from Watts, we only see that The Polaroid Man was in the army. Never a cop...I'm sure of it. Unless the Millennium Group removed some revealing information about him from the file.

    I have a love-hate relationship with this episode, it's an odd creature. It's so straight-forward yet there are all these connections to future-and past episodes of Millennium.

    In Pilot, Frank tells Bletch about his "gift". That he sees what the killer sees. He becomes the horror, becomes capability. What we know we can only become in our heart of darkness. So, from that description, he becomes as "evil" as the men he's trying to catch. He's walking the thin white line of letting the devil get the best of him. Catherine believes in the goodness of Frank. She can't imagine Frank killing another human being, let alone her or Jordan.

    The first stab was self-defense, the others, pure and simple, murder in the first degree. I don't have a problem with the ending, that they separate. Catherine saw a different Frank for a split second and it wasn't pretty.

    "You can't stop it." The killing instinct? Rage? Blood-lust?

  11. Sounds good to me, but I can only be there at least 30 minutes to maybe an hour (if I can) since I'm supposed to go to work at 8 PM (9 PM for you UK'ers) for the season three discussion, I'm on night shift that weekend. But this weekend I'm not working and should make the Skype chat.

    Mark, you're back with a vengeance, spouting discussion topics and ruling the board with an iron fist :D

    Glad to have you back.

  12. They are talking about in the last decade, the last 10 years...I wonder if 1999 is even allowed...but since 2010 isn't over, I guess it's fair.

    I don't know if I can fill up 10 spots of recent horror flicks, since I haven't seen that many, let alone put it in some sort of order, I find that the hardest to do.

    I think the Spanish flick REC (remade in the US under the title Quarantine) should be there, maybe even Silent Hill. Jeepers Creepers...perhaps?

    And how about the British film, Severance?

  13. Ummm... They showed a clip from an X-Files show briefly on a TV in the beginning of season 2 of Fringe...blink and you miss it. But it was clearly, a shot of Mulder and a UFO overhead him, if I recall it correctly.

    I've never looked at Fringe being in the same universe. Fringe does seem much more fantastical than X-Files...which is fine by me. I like Fringe but it's nothing you can really chew on, it's all very straight-forward. Who didn't see the second season story arc, it was after all given away in the end of season one. But Fringe is all the same a fun show. I never thought Joshua Jackson would be a good fit but he's pretty good...considering what he's been in before...

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