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  1. But Mabius had an equally good shot at Frank in Skull and Bones, and then he was ready to kill....so it is just a case of different directions the writers were going in season 3?
  2. I agree, there was too little of Watts in the third season. The most prominent usage of him was in Collateral Damage when Watts' daughter was kidnapped. Watts was caught between two fires (or is there a better saying than this?) to go with Frank or the Group to solve this personal case. Well, I never think Watts did anything too evil, I don't think he had much to do with the "slaughterhouse", other than covering it up. He had to keep up appearances, otherwise the Group would just kill him, he was in too deep. And he probably rationalized it with what he said in the episode, that even just knowledge of what they were doing, greater or small was worth eliminating a threat. So the Group could continue its work in peace. I don't think the performance was over the top, I think that is a spillover from the "slaughterhouse" images we got. It's got to be the work of Legion, we saw what that thing in Gehenna did, so I can totally believe that Legion influenced the Group and created that mess.
  3. Aww...it would be cool to make stop-motion-videos with the Frank Black action figure..."it's my gift, it's my curse". But then again, limited uses for such a figure. I've never understood collecting this kind of stuff...but I was quite fond of G.I. Joes in my youth...never had many though. But a friend of mine had a whole arsenal, there were some epic battles made with those.
  4. It's pretty clear that The Polaroid Man is warning Frank and Catherine about the group, but there must be better ways than to kidnap his wife, making her believe that he took their child as well. I never thought of that, that The Polaroid Man could be an ex-Group member. But in the file Frank got from Watts, we only see that The Polaroid Man was in the army. Never a cop...I'm sure of it. Unless the Millennium Group removed some revealing information about him from the file. I have a love-hate relationship with this episode, it's an odd creature. It's so straight-forward yet there are all these connections to future-and past episodes of Millennium. In Pilot, Frank tells Bletch about his "gift". That he sees what the killer sees. He becomes the horror, becomes capability. What we know we can only become in our heart of darkness. So, from that description, he becomes as "evil" as the men he's trying to catch. He's walking the thin white line of letting the devil get the best of him. Catherine believes in the goodness of Frank. She can't imagine Frank killing another human being, let alone her or Jordan. The first stab was self-defense, the others, pure and simple, murder in the first degree. I don't have a problem with the ending, that they separate. Catherine saw a different Frank for a split second and it wasn't pretty. "You can't stop it." The killing instinct? Rage? Blood-lust?
  5. Sounds good to me, but I can only be there at least 30 minutes to maybe an hour (if I can) since I'm supposed to go to work at 8 PM (9 PM for you UK'ers) for the season three discussion, I'm on night shift that weekend. But this weekend I'm not working and should make the Skype chat. Mark, you're back with a vengeance, spouting discussion topics and ruling the board with an iron fist :D Glad to have you back.
  6. They are talking about in the last decade, the last 10 years...I wonder if 1999 is even allowed...but since 2010 isn't over, I guess it's fair. I don't know if I can fill up 10 spots of recent horror flicks, since I haven't seen that many, let alone put it in some sort of order, I find that the hardest to do. I think the Spanish flick REC (remade in the US under the title Quarantine) should be there, maybe even Silent Hill. Jeepers Creepers...perhaps? And how about the British film, Severance?
  7. Just some random chatter really, we really go on a tangent...we certainly didn't talk about Millennium again except for that beat about our feelings about that X-Files/Millennium crossover.
  8. I believe Kara has her Skype name on her profile, yup, she does.
  9. So, what's the topic again? As if we need a topic, we pretty much always go on a tangent :D Is it that Millennium/X-Files crossover episode, Millennium from season 7 of the X-Files? Or is it something else...since that newsbot had dates mixed up.
  10. Ummm... They showed a clip from an X-Files show briefly on a TV in the beginning of season 2 of Fringe...blink and you miss it. But it was clearly, a shot of Mulder and a UFO overhead him, if I recall it correctly. I've never looked at Fringe being in the same universe. Fringe does seem much more fantastical than X-Files...which is fine by me. I like Fringe but it's nothing you can really chew on, it's all very straight-forward. Who didn't see the second season story arc, it was after all given away in the end of season one. But Fringe is all the same a fun show. I never thought Joshua Jackson would be a good fit but he's pretty good...considering what he's been in before...
  11. Regarding the reflection, you have to be more precise (what shot, of whom, close up or wide shot...). Otherwise, I didn't see anything in either the scene Frank Black is in the coffee shop talking to a Millennium Group member about if Frank should be on the case. Or the scene where Frank Black meets Jim (James) Horn for the first time (the scene after the coffee shop scene). But reflections...there seems to be a light shining off the Millennium Group man's watch at a couple of instances when he moves his hand and shots of Frank, in the background there's a reflection through what seems to be a a jug of water (but it's too much out of focus to really see anything). I didn't find anything of merit in my dream interpretation books about either clowns or stairs. I've never been fond of this dream sequence, although there has been another dream sequence, another James Wong episode (as recent information, Wong focused on the Millennium episodes for season 1 while Glen Morgan focused on the X-Files episode whatever season that was). But since that was Frank Black's dream and highly relevant to his moral dilemma he was having in that episode, The Thin White Line.
  12. It's 2 PM Central...so is that 3 PM Eastern by any chance?
  13. I saw the A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 remake last week, and it was just...meh. Not horrible...not great. I do think they had the best of intentions, I do appreciate that they tried to make it a more gritty Nightmare as the shift in tone of Kruger. But still, Freddy wasn't scary or chilling to me, and he looks strange...silly even in most shots. The production design is good but the dream transitions didn't work for the most part for me. I did like the technical aspect of it, getting the medical implications of not sleeping, I thought that was effective and there were some things that were well done, like that scene in the drug store. The movie break came at an odd time in the movie, just as we are getting to that flashback scene. The film wasn't particularly gory to me, I think the original is still gorier...in a sense. This could have been something decent, but it's far from awful and it's good that it's not a direct retread of the original. And I never found Freddy likable in the original, I could never root for him there (he was a menace to fear in that one). I think it shifted in tone when the third installment came around, then you could root for him.
  14. Really, but if it's the motherboard, how can the hard drive be affected? But I'm no expert.
  15. Well, it's more or less from my father's family tree, his brothers and sisters and their families and so on, who will be turning up...it's usually once a year or maybe every two years or something. It's quite common in Iceland to do this. Icelanders are very into following their roots, their family tree. Some hate going to these things, sort of like some hate going to see the family over at Thanksgiving... It will be a change of scenery, a drive to the countryside for a few hours...
  16. Actually the news bot said Friday 11 June (!)...errr...the 11th of July is Sunday and Friday is the 9th...I'm confused...but I'll be online on Friday if it's gonna be on Friday. I'm going away on Saturday to a relatives meeting, family tree gathering...you know.
  17. I certainly hope the hard drive is okay. Could it be the button is just damaged. I remember when we had in the "old" days a Mac, LCIII. And one time, the computer wouldn't turn on. I think just once it did came on, but the switch was just broken...connection snafu or something.
  18. So, is there a Skype chat next Saturday, 10 July? I can't make it then, but I could if it were Friday. Anyway, have a good weekend and chat whatever happens.
  19. I've watched the first four episodes of season eight of The X-Files. I've always liked John Doggett, even though I didn't see much of that season. Will be interesting to watch this even though I have little knowledge of previous seasons...

  20. Mark, did you specify you wanted only the Lance Q&A (and perhaps the Christine Q&A as well)? How much did it cost, if this was a custom disc?, as opposed to the 4 DVD set that it will be which chronicles the convention.
  21. Finally watched X-Files: I Want to Believe. A low-key film, it was good. So...Andy McClaren retires the FBI and becomes a feed store clerk in the middle of nowhere...I know, not the same character, but funny. I was so hoping they would zoom out and reveal alien ships coming, now that would have been awesome.

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      ahhh...I thought Scully was in all the seasons...shows how much I know about the X-Files :D

    3. ethsnafu


      Oops I'm misleading you my friend. My bad. She replaces Scully on the X-Files cases, not the show. Scully is still around slicing and dicing and crying a lot. :)

    4. ty7du


      I actually bought the eight season today dirt cheap. See what I missed after Doggett came aboard.

  22. It doesn't look like Lance is in the film that much, but he's a big name, so of course they put his name first. I do agree, the music in this trailer is a tad higher for us to really hear what is being said...obviously the mixer wasn't walking the fine line of hearing the music and still hearing what the actors are saying in the quiet (interview) parts. It does raise interest, but not very much. I wonder how much the film will be broken up between the documentary/interviews...how the structure will play out and if they even intersect.
  23. I wish I was a writer, alas, that's not one of my skills...I leave that to the professionals.
  24. Ah, yes, great post and replies as well. This has filled up some holes which I haven't even thought of...I should really pay more attention when watching Millennium episodes....
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