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  1. Regarding the reflection, you have to be more precise (what shot, of whom, close up or wide shot...). Otherwise, I didn't see anything in either the scene Frank Black is in the coffee shop talking to a Millennium Group member about if Frank should be on the case.

    Or the scene where Frank Black meets Jim (James) Horn for the first time (the scene after the coffee shop scene). But reflections...there seems to be a light shining off the Millennium Group man's watch at a couple of instances when he moves his hand and shots of Frank, in the background there's a reflection through what seems to be a a jug of water (but it's too much out of focus to really see anything).

    I didn't find anything of merit in my dream interpretation books about either clowns or stairs.

    I've never been fond of this dream sequence, although there has been another dream sequence, another James Wong episode (as recent information, Wong focused on the Millennium episodes for season 1 while Glen Morgan focused on the X-Files episode whatever season that was). But since that was Frank Black's dream and highly relevant to his moral dilemma he was having in that episode, The Thin White Line.

  2. a fried motherboard should have no effect on the validity of your hard drive. All of your stuff should still be on it and retrievable. Even a bad hard drive can still have stuff salvaged from it. (Speaking from experience here.) At the very least, remove the hard drive from your old machine and hang onto it until you can find someone who's able to recover the data.

    I second that emotion!

  3. I saw the A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 remake last week, and it was just...meh. Not horrible...not great. I do think they had the best of intentions, I do appreciate that they tried to make it a more gritty Nightmare as the shift in tone of Kruger. But still, Freddy wasn't scary or chilling to me, and he looks strange...silly even in most shots. The production design is good but the dream transitions didn't work for the most part for me. I did like the technical aspect of it, getting the medical implications of not sleeping, I thought that was effective and there were some things that were well done, like that scene in the drug store. The movie break came at an odd time in the movie, just as we are getting to that flashback scene. The film wasn't particularly gory to me, I think the original is still gorier...in a sense.

    This could have been something decent, but it's far from awful and it's good that it's not a direct retread of the original. And I never found Freddy likable in the original, I could never root for him there (he was a menace to fear in that one). I think it shifted in tone when the third installment came around, then you could root for him.

  4. Well, it's more or less from my father's family tree, his brothers and sisters and their families and so on, who will be turning up...it's usually once a year or maybe every two years or something. It's quite common in Iceland to do this. Icelanders are very into following their roots, their family tree. Some hate going to these things, sort of like some hate going to see the family over at Thanksgiving...

    It will be a change of scenery, a drive to the countryside for a few hours...

  5. I certainly hope the hard drive is okay. Could it be the button is just damaged. I remember when we had in the "old" days a Mac, LCIII. And one time, the computer wouldn't turn on. I think just once it did came on, but the switch was just broken...connection snafu or something.

  6. It doesn't look like Lance is in the film that much, but he's a big name, so of course they put his name first.

    I do agree, the music in this trailer is a tad higher for us to really hear what is being said...obviously the mixer wasn't walking the fine line of hearing the music and still hearing what the actors are saying in the quiet (interview) parts.

    It does raise interest, but not very much. I wonder how much the film will be broken up between the documentary/interviews...how the structure will play out and if they even intersect.

  7. I got a reply from Casey, who's making the Texas Frightmare Weekend 2010 DVD:

    "I am happy to report that I am making the finishing touches on the 2010 TFW DVD and all QnAs are included in their entirety with no cuts The DVD is running a 4 Disc Set and I am definetly interested in selling on the message boards and Pay Pal is not a problem.

    The release date should be June 25th"

    This sounds pretty cool to me, I'll wait until that date and see what else is on the DVD and the final price...or if I can get a custom DVD.

  8. I use Firefox, and when I right-click on the thumbnail after it has loaded up in all its glory, I can only see a save (web) page as, and that I do not want.

    I do see a save and a close button which is, I believe, part of the design of the site.

    You have to scroll the picture to the lower-right corner of the image, and below the picture should be a save button (which opens another tab with the JPEG picture which you can right-click and save picture as) and below that is a close button (which brings you back to the thread).

    Lets say you're trying to download the second picture, where the article actually starts, you want to go to where you can see what number the page of the article is in the lower-right corner of the image.

    And below the image should be the save/close buttons, all around the image is gray.

  9. I would like to see something along the lines of what was done in the last produced episode of Tru Calling, where Tru (Eliza Duskhu) and Jack (Jason Priestley) who are essentially nemesis (we still really don't know who's bad or good, or who's right or wrong, it's all ambiguous).

    They end up spending Chistmas Eve holed up during a storm or something with her friends (who couldn't make their flights because they got canceled or something) and she said Jack could stick around, she didn't like anyone being alone on Christmas.

    I would like to see that kind of thing between Frank and Emma...and Watts. And it would be cool if it's kind of ambiguous about their alliances, but I think in the end, Emma would try to help Frank.

  10. Actually, you click on the small images, then a gigantic sized picture pops up. After that has loaded up, go to the lower-right corner and press the save button and another tab should present you with a JPEG picture that will load up and then you can right-click on that picture and save image as, and find a good spot for your file, like your desktop for easy access.

    Repeat...and rinse... ;)

    Thanks Mark.

    ...and an Official X-Files Magazine...? :O Really!? Why...?

    LOST, why didn't you do that!? Make some more money...

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  11. This is great news, he's the most memorable of The Lone Gunmen, in my mind anyway.

    Since I've never been into X-Files and not seen The Lone Gunmen, I can't ask any specific questions.

    Silly question, is he even remotely close to being as geeky as Langley? And what did he do to prepare himself for the role or the audition? Was there a lot of research done into technical aspects or is this all techno-babble?

    Hey Ho, Let's Go! Long live the Ramones!

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  12. I did watch Medical Investigation, now that was an interesting show...like figuring out what was killing people, what was the common thing...and in the end, pesticide which had spilled over jeans or something like that.

    I don't watch ER, these medical shows are all the same to me, while I remember Chicago Hope had a comedic/documentary show about a celebrity who died at the hospital, he had silicon implants in his butt and the staff didn't know that.

    Neal McDonaugh was also in Boomtown, a great show.

    And I watched Third Watch from beginning to end, it was hard to see it go.

  13. Well, I didn't know that Third Watch was a ER spin-off, I really liked that show.

    There is one actor that is in my mind more recognizable than Jason Wiles in Persons Unknown, and that is Alan Ruck (most famous for portraying Cameron in Ferris Bueller's Day Off).

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