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  1. If there had been a fourth season, I wouldn't be surprised if there would have been no mention of Peter Watts as was done with Lara Means... hmmm....

    I agree with you in theory that his death would be powerful, but it didn't play that way for me. I was beginning to root again for Watts where he tells Frank that he was protecting him, that he knew he was in way over his head, that the Group has spiraled out of control.

    It would have hit more home, if they would have shown him battle with the Millennium Group hitman (maybe the guy from the ambulance?) in a desperate fight to show him go down gracefully, not willing to go down without a fight.

    I wonder sometimes if the scripts were longer or if some scenes have been filmed but cut out for time, or if they weren't needed as they were explained in an earlier or later scene.

    Shame there are no deleted scenes on the DVDs, I would have been fine with rough looking video with the timecode running wild over it. Alas, it was never meant to be.

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  2. Are there any tracks on those promo/best of that were left out of the La La Land 2 disc limited edition?

    I drool at the thought of getting more Millennium music.

    I do have good headphones and a decent monitor set, but sadly don't have either promo or best of, I just never knew about these releases.

    Oh... I was so hoping it was the cue where they are searching for the origin of the phone call, in the arc building, in Force Majeure. That track, I would love to have. One of a couple missed opportunities in the 2 disc edition.

    I wish it was possible to have music from each season on separate discs.

  3. I have to agree with the above poster. Richard Belzer has acted as Detective John Munch in 9 different shows, even Sesame Street! I remember watching Homicide: Life on the Street and they had a cross-over with Law & Order, and J.K. Simmons is a bad dude in both episodes. Then that same actor plays Dr. Emil Skoda in 3 L&O shows. I mean, in MacGyver, there was this guy who played the villain in many episodes throughout the seasons. And Eddie Kaye Thomas (best known for the American Pie movies) played 2 different characters on L&O three seasons apart, even though they were minor roles to give information to the detectives, I even remembered him.

    So, TV shows do this all the time. I do remember, Homicide: Life on the Street never wanted to use the same people as different characters, and I don't think they did.

    And if you look at the credits of Millennium online, you can see people playing small roles (in the background or one line) in a couple of episodes. Yet, no one was none the wiser, I've never actually caught these myself, but it's there on imdb.com

    While I'm at it, I think it was rather silly to have that X-Files soundbite playing in the background. I always felt it was cheap. I liked the more subtle linking/nod as the Morley cigarette on the floor in the Millennium Group's storage room (where they unwisely had the code 1999, really!)

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  4. After seeing Watts take away Emma's gun in Skull and Bones, and Watts' daughter killing her abductor in Collateral Damage (I assume her father taught her how to defend herself). I'm certain that Watts is alive for that reason, he's a very capable man of defending himself.

    And regarding the shift in tone of the Millennium Group in Matryoshka, I can really believe it. The Group may have existed as depicted in The Hand of Saint Sebastian but probably were all killed off, as we saw in that flashback scene. And they just used that :ouroborous: symbol and some of its original history as its own, tweaked it to modern standards. I know, it wasn't a perfect explanation and thus I understand Kay Reindl's resentment for the rewrites.

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  5. I do think all the seasons are all different beasts, but I do feel that season three was trying to go back to basics (season 1) with an X-Files vibe to it.

    Laura, I say it again, you are too harsh on Emma and season 3. There are some quality episodes in there, like Darwin's Eye. You will care about Emma with her subplot in that one.

  6. Wow, what a great read, that link of that review. I'll check out the others for sure.

    This episode is really deep and I've never myself looked so deep into a Millennium episode.

    I remember the orderly was killed very recently after he started working there, either this is a huge Millennium Group conspiracy (even Frank has a nuclear explosive vision/flash and Emma's dad is watching a tape with similar explosions on it) or Cass saw some military markings on that orderly to awaken her Darwin's Eye again. Heck, it could be both but there's no connection between the A and B storyline.

    I know they explained why no one has found out about the head in the motel, it was covered with lime or something, there's a line in the episode. So they explained that.

    Could Cass have changed clothes, or washed up as the orderly's head was after all found in a bathroom in a very elaborate place.

    But despite little nit-picks this episode is a winner

    And it was nice that they changed things up, had Baldwin teamed up with Frank for once.

  7. The Millennium Group could have gone into hiding, after all the time was near. Holed up in a bunker somewhere... There was no trace of the Group, it was said in that X-Files episode, it does seem that the Group disintegrated with all the infighting. To my mind it's still open, it wasn't all that definitive what they said in the episode. The Group could come back, although in a very different form, yes.

    Regarding the resolution of the series, it felt like he was on the run. He had won the battle but not the war, that's how I see it. It's a bit different when we see that X-Files episode, it looks like he hasn't been touched by the Millennium Group. Granted, it hasn't been that much of a time since the show ended, a few months. So, the Group could have been refocusing, deciding to let Frank go for the time being. After all, they had the " Apocalypse" to worry about.

    And it's very open about Watts, how it was shot. Maybe he's meant to be dead, but couldn't get Terry O'Quinn for that shot, a scheduling snafu maybe. I think Watts is smarter than getting shot in his own office, he knew he had been shut out, he knew they were coming. He was protecting Frank, so he would presumably protecting himself if it ever came to that.

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  8. I sent him a message on facebook complementing him. Some cuts and visuals that goes with the music are inspired. He told me and I quote him:

    "I started the video in the middle of season 2 and had actually finished it and then about 6months or so after the end of the series I updated it with season 3 footage.

    I then made three different version of the video, not too different from each other, but this one has the book ending with the selfosophy thing and another had nin footage inter-cut."

    It must have taken ages to do this, working with VHS tapes recorded from when it aired on FOX and I'm not sure what he used, were computers that good back then for video editing?

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  9. Dead Letters is up as well...I'm on a roll, apparently.

    Maybe this will be it for today, but in the posts I do revisit them, write what I intended to do and that sort of stuff, or what I did or what I learned from the episode. So, it's not all copy and paste, even though I've done that for a part of the text.

    EDIT: the first five videos I've made are up there, more will follow tonight and in the next couple of days.

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  10. Plus, there were many that weren't up on YouTube, only on BTFB. Yes, I'm amazed myself how many I've made. Never thought I would make so many, to be honest. It was a shot in the dark to try to do a video for every episode. I'm almost half way there, it seems. Some episodes will be hard though, when I will start doing the videos again.

  11. I think Mark is referring to something he has never shared with us, as I thought the Luminary week video he made was stunning (even though it didn't turn out exactly as he wanted, but that's what happen most of the time when you attack any project).

    *humble* *humble* :D

    I hope I can kick me in the ass so people will enjoy the downloads more frequently of these oldies videos. I should strive to have something on the blog at least once a week, otherwise people could say I'm lazy or Wanker of the 1st Degree at worst. ;)

    I never put Pepsi Max aside, it must be by my side if I'm to function and get ideas for the videos.

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  12. You just have to start here:


    And work your way up through the archives from 07/12-07/09 to the present (it's on the right side, open up the year 2009 and look for posts that usually start with avatar vision, the posts weren't all tagged the same so no tag contains them all).

    But I plan on putting them on my blog which is in my signature below. But that's a slow process...but there will be download links for those when they go up there (as long as people are downloading within a certain time limit or the links will become a dud).

    I hope you enjoy the videos, they were a lot of fun to make and challenging.

    If you want to download that first one, check my blog:


    I hope this helps. Have fun.

  13. I do like Fringe although season 2 had no surprises for me. It's all very obvious, what this season was heading. But all the same I like the show. Well, there were a couple of duds, the typical computer virus-killer in the first season and the aforementioned musical-noir season two episode.

    But I LOVED the 80s Fringe opening! I love the musical rendition of the sparse theme song into something I truly love, quirky electronic sounds. It was so cool and unexpected.

    Fringe is simple and it also isn't, I really liked the episode with Peter Weller (who was in Robocop and Naked Lunch), plus it sported a Gary Numan song! :D

    No TV show should replace another, and I'm not defending X-Files as I didn't watch it a lot (and I had the season 1 set a few years back and was put-off with it so much I had no desire to check out season 2, I guess I want the episode to move a bit faster...maybe that was it).

    I can say that Fringe is the X-Files for a new generation who don't know what X-Files was....much like the Star Wars prequels in a sense (although, I'm not comparing the quality of Fringe to my general distaste of the Star Wars prequels).

  14. I got a reply from the man behind the convention DVDs, it wasn't high in detail, so I sent another reply. But he's said that the DVD would feature all the Q&A panels (which means Lance and Christine Q&As will be there) but I don't know if they are uncut or not. He also said he's looking into keeping the Q&A (but not exclusive, I believe) separate from the DVD in downloadable form. He did also say that he could make a custom DVD for me, if I understood him correctly.

    I told him that there would be other people interested in hearing/seeing the Lance and Christine Q&As.

    So, who here is willing to get a DVD with only those Q&A uncut...and if they are the same price as previous convention DVDs, it could be around 25-35 US dollars (but I asked him if the price would be lower for this custom DVD).

    I'll keep you posted.

  15. I've sent an e-mail to the contact address over at that site, see if I can get any info if there will be much of the Q&A.

    I'm only interested in the Christine Q&A and Lance's Q&A, I hope there won't be too much footage of people waiting in lines and speaking to the people at the convention.

    I bet it's hard to cater for everybody, some want to experience the feeling of being there again and some just want the great Q&A's in their entirety. And if I were editing the Lance Q&A, I wouldn't cut one bit out, it was all gold if you ask me.

  16. Although I haven't seen an episode of The Lone Gunmen, I have to say that was an enjoyable interview. I'm very sad to hear that the Lone Gunmen died in the last season of the X-Files, I did not know that. I only saw bits of the 8th season, I guess, when Robert Patrick came into the picture. I've always been meaning to pick up this series and Harsh Realm on DVD...I will some day watch it, I know.

    I will also pick up the video game someday when the price has lowered, game prices are ridiculous here in Iceland. And that Minkow film sure has a good cast, well, I'm intrigued.

    Thanks, Mark and Stephen.

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  17. L&O: LA? Oh...brother... Are the detectives surfer dudes or something? I hate these spin-off shows. I do give props to CSI since each show is so visually and the performance is different. I don't care for L&O: CI because what turned me off was how Vincent's character was way too smart for my taste. I do love L&O: SVU since it's dark and disturbing but I haven't seen it much since I don't have access to the channel that used to show it here. I haven't seen the NCIS spin-off show but where's the point in watching that? LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell?

    How about a spin-off of LOST, called FOUND...and focuses on the survivors of Ajira Six? No? Oh well... :D Would love to have Frank Lapidus have a show of his own...what can I say, I have a soft spot for Jeff Fahey for some reason...even though I haven't that many movies with him.

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  18. Judging by the forums, it sounds like just overall stuff, with chats of convention goers, I think.

    I would just love to have 1 DVD with the Lance Q&A, I would pay for that....it was that good...

    Mark, well...I think I'll do this after the weekend...the gist of the Texas Frightmare Weekend...I'm lazy alright.

  19. I was there as well, and I regret not recording at least an audio file of the Q&A, but I opted not to, I thought it would hit the net anyway with so many people recording or taking pictures. I was wrong :(

    Because it was a great Q&A, something that should be shared, he was so fun and lively. And yes, he said that "crack" line, I remember that.

    If the people at the convention just had a DVD of the Q&A Lance Henriksen session, I'd buy it, it's that good.

    I decided to skip the Christine Q&A session, because of the dreadful auction which was next door and hard to hear the Q&A in the back of the room, and I think if my memory serves me, the DVD does a good job of filling you in on Christine.

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