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    Me and William

    From the album: Texas Frightmare Weekend 2010

    William Katt (Carrie, The Greatest American Hero and House) was very nice and cool.

    © © Jósef Karl Gunnarsson

  2. ty7du

    Me and Margot

    From the album: Texas Frightmare Weekend 2010

    Margot Kidder, from Black Christmas and Superman fame, was really nice.

    © © Jósef Karl Gunnarsson

  3. ty7du

    Me and Lance

    From the album: Texas Frightmare Weekend 2010

    Always use the flash (both pictures were equally out of focus)...Lance said it was fine, but I knew better. But how can you say 'no' to Lance Henriksen?

    © © Jósef Karl Gunnarsson

  4. ty7du


    From the album: Texas Frightmare Weekend 2010

    One of the screen used cars in the John Carpenter film, Christine.

    © © Jósef Karl Gunnarsson

  5. I was there as well, and I regret not recording at least an audio file of the Q&A, but I opted not to, I thought it would hit the net anyway with so many people recording or taking pictures. I was wrong :( Because it was a great Q&A, something that should be shared, he was so fun and lively. And yes, he said that "crack" line, I remember that. If the people at the convention just had a DVD of the Q&A Lance Henriksen session, I'd buy it, it's that good. I decided to skip the Christine Q&A session, because of the dreadful auction which was next door and hard to hear the Q&A in the back of the room, and I think if my memory serves me, the DVD does a good job of filling you in on Christine.
  6. We may never know what was the true intention of that scene. I like to think he's alive because they only show the legs behind his desk. Maybe he's meant to be dead, but scheduling wise they had to compromise, because Terry O'Quinn couldn't do the shot for some reason. That's one reason for how the shot looked, that's my take on it anyway... If a Millennium movie will be made, I would love to see Peter Watts pop up there somewhere.
  7. Regarding the light, Desmond had this electromagnetic touch about him, so he could enter there without turning into a smoke monster. And Jack, was the protector of the Island and thus could survive the light, it's a strange logic, but I buy it. Who said Ben and Widmore couldn't kill each other? They weren't candidates, so all bets are off, me thinks. And I can't take anything that the Mother said literally. The probably could have killed each other (they were not special, they aged and were mortal), but not after Jacob became the protector of the Island and the MIB the smoke monster, then it became a rule. And Christian explains it so well, it's obvious that this happened, the Island is for real. People died before and after Jack...if people don't get that...then they can go on believing they died in the crash (which they didn't!) ;)
  8. His endplan came of his knowledge of Desmond's "talent", which Widmore told him, right? Maybe the MIB is also winging it as well...he can't control everybody...and he can't be everywhere.
  9. Mark, you're really lucky having parents that actually watch cool shows. I think my mother gave up on it late in season 1. And she watches a lot of lousy stuff like, I remember, Invasion, man that was a boring show, nothing happened, I gave up on that one after a few episodes. Your theory might just be correct but I don't buy that unless they were maybe in the same spot at the same time in each alternative universe/timeline... (a little Fringe science there) but we'll know soon enough.
  10. Yes, it's fine by me. I could get busy later tonight, so no worries.
  11. I'm wondering, could there be 2 smoke monsters? And just because Mother says she is the same as Jacob, doesn't mean she isn't lying. Of course, she can say "thank you" either way if she was the guardian of the Island or a smoke monster, if she has been there long enough. Maybe she was both, is that so inconceivable? She said she sent the MIB that game he found, she created this game that they're playing on the Island now, she made the rules in a way, told them what to do. And being the smoke monster doesn't automatically make you evil. Well, regarding her body, you have a point there. But does everything have to be so scientifically accurate? It is whatever the producers want it to be. But would it be different if someone who has drunk the wine, if that someone were to go into the cave of light, if somehow she retains her body function...meaning she can't change into others who have passed on. Who's to say the MIB wouldn't leave a body if he died? Overall, I'm not so sure we get any definitive answers on that, in the finale.
  12. Mark, thanks for that LOST game video, I guess Jimmy Kimmel is funnier than I thought, but getting the actors that portray MIB and Jacob is what makes this even more funnier.
  13. Richard, you should just import a R1 DVD, since the UK DVD are always cut. If you're looking for R2 DVDs, you should maybe track down Scandinavian DVDs since they aren't cut. But for the most part, it's better in most cases to go with the country of origin, picture quality is often better (like with the Simpsons and King of the Hill, but for those I did go the R2 way, even though they aren't as sharp as their R1 counterparts). I got really burned by buying The Shield when I saw one episode of Season 5 was cut by 20 minutes because that's the version they showed in the UK, I don't mind minor cuts. But this is outrageous. So, that's the reason I chugged my 4 seasons of The Shield I had bought (and I liked the packaging, and the fact that even the commentaries were subtitled and the extras as well, if my memory is correct). But I got the R1 Complete Series to make up for that, although it's a shame to see how they can't try to make it look the same, subtitles, audio and recaps vary from season to season... Anyway, I got a 2 disc infinifilm version of A Nightmare on Elm Street rather cheap on deepdiscount...don't know if it's still around 10 bucks or not...but it's a good edition of the film. Good video and audio, even has the original mono which is nice. I hate it when they leave the original sound just to have the tricked out versions, which is some cases aren't all that great or have new sound elements, I like options and DVD should be about that. Plus commentary and a 50 min documentary/making of plus other stuff...haven't watched the extras yet. But it's a good package.
  14. Well, 2 days for me. ;) Then the last episode is on next Sunday, right? Mark, you have to listen to Frank's rant on LOST in the latest Spooktalkular episode. I tried to get Laura and Frank to read Ben's excellent blog, it really helps with this hate it or love it episode that is "Across the Sea". Well, I look forward the last episodes, your blog and likewise to chat with you guys on the outcome.
  15. Thankfully I haven't read fan forums or heard anything from the actors or the producers about the show (outside of the Season 1 DVD when I had that at the time), so I can't be angry about that stuff. They might have wanted to do the stuff they said regarding Libby but perhaps best laid plans fell apart, scheduling issues or something else. But I agree, the producers shouldn't be saying things that aren't concrete, since it will come back to haunt them and disappoint fans.
  16. I would think they would remember the skeletons, since they passed the cave this season and Hurley pondered if anyone of them might be the skeletons. But the beads, I had long forgotten about that. The flash to that season 1 episode isn't probably so bad when we look at the episode later. Especially when you mentioned the fact that we see these people who've come such a long way, how they've changed. Kate no longer cares JUST about her own ass, Locke's identity has been taken and Jack has accepted he can't fix everything. The cut was just jarring at first viewing, I guess.
  17. Ben, thanks for that blogpost over at your LOST blog. It does make sense to me. It makes sense that Mother was the smoke monster. And while the killing of her is hard to swallow being the smoke monster and all, it does make sense that it has to be a surprise killing. As the smoke monster can change identities and being a smoke monster, could it be that it somehow is in the between stages when it's invulnerable (as we see many times with Anti-Locke, knifes and bullets have no effect when he's aware of things). After all, we've only be told that once he speaks to you it's too late, which is a sort of strange way of saying don't let the MIB sense your presence. So, this episode makes perfect sense to me now. Thanks. You rock Ben.
  18. Maybe there was no rule, it was just one of "Mother"s lies. Or hurt, meaning kill. And I also didn't like the flash to season 1, we didn't need the reminder of Adam and Eve. Maybe those beads, but...it was too much like the writers saying "see, we planned this particular thing all along". It was a silly edit, which didn't fit with the rest of the episode.
  19. Well, the MIB isn't dead per se, so the rule is unbroken, as I see it. I have no problem with the cave of light, I thought it was beautiful and good of them to keep the visuals simple. Just don't give us a very fake submarine (it looked like it was from an early PlayStation 2 game, good for a game but not for something to pass as realistic, were miniatures out of the question?) shot again and I'm happy. Yeah, it's a bit strange that they built a wheel and plan to stick it in the light and turn it. Unless, the MIB's real mother told her about this. Now...why on Earth can Richard's wife be on the Island and talk to Hurley, she didn't die on the Island, so why is she able to be there? Unless all ghosts can communicate, but the MIB can only assume the identities of the ones who died on the Island. On the chud.com rewatch column, I noticed the question of how was Christian able to be on the boat before it blew up...as we assume it was the MIB...did the rules change when the whole time travel thing played into the Island? I'm still not too hung about questions like these...but I still wonder about them a little...
  20. I thought "Across the Sea" was a good episode, granted a couple of question marks. But I liked it, kinda close to Richard's episode. I don't get all the fuss this episode has gotten, maybe they are right it would have played better earlier in the season. But WHEN is a good time to change things up radically, NEVER! You can never make anyone happy. I'm with Ben on this, I'm a casual fan who has been there all the time. I might not remember all the small details I remember most of what's being dealt with now. I'm along for this ride, I don't need some questions answered in high detail. I'm amazed people have been discussing what the smoke monster is made of and all that that it entails...crazy. You just accept some things, it is what it is, end of story. Jin does speak English well, after all he spent a few years (right?) in the 70's in Dharmaville, and never had opportunity to speak Korean with other people. So, I would assume it was more of a habit speaking English to Sun at their reunion. I didn't think the assumed farewell scene of Sun and Jin was shot well, took me right out of it...but it might have been the quality of the video, since that underwater plus red colors don't fare well on compressed video. Laura, the Mother said to the boy in black, "thank you", it was quite clear to me. And I have no subtitles to help me here. Funny, I read the rewatch column on chud.com about the past couple of episodes of this season. When I watched "Across the Sea" I didn't think twice about the stuff that was considered plot-holes in his excellent review. Although I don't get his beef with the explanation from the creators/writers about Sayid's sickness/whatever. I think it makes sense, Sayid didn't do anything until he met with the MIB, and it has always been about manipulation anyway. "If he speaks to you, it's already to late", even though that's not true, no one is irredeemable. There are always ways to reason with someone, to get them to your side...whether light or dark. But it did make me think a bit now...How did all the people die? Could it be that she lied to them and tricked them into killing each other...because I doubt the Mother was a smoke monster, even though she said she knew it was worse than death going into the light cave. After all, the MIB was able to kill his "Mother". Now, I'm wondering how does one replace Jacob. Does it involve being the last man standing next to the MIB? That would check-mate for MIB's plan, back to square one. And just how much does the "Mother" know, Jacob and the MIB for that matter? I'm not so sure the MIB knows what will happen if he manages to escape the Island, or even if he can escape. His "Mother" did tell him he couldn't leave the Island no matter what anyone said. What's stopping him from turning the wheel? Isn't that his ticket outta there? Anyway, I'm looking forward the final episodes and just enjoy for what it is.
  21. I don't think the American flag was ever showcased in all three Millennium seasons, so it would be hard to make an Independence Day video out of Millennium episodes.
  22. The pleasure was all mine, it's fun creating those videos, see what I can do with an idea of mine. Woah, special privileges, thank you very much. See how much power you've given to Mabius, you'll be bound to regret this, LOL! :D
  23. Of course I still have it, do you throw everything away after I send it to you? ;)
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