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  1. Thanks folks, for the comments, really appreciate it. I had to edit down Lance's words, the pauses so I could cram it all in there. And put a little noise reduction to take away the background noise, and the music hides the flaws of the digitization of that noise reduction. The plan was to have 2 or more pictures from each film, but I had all these films and the song was only so long, so I measured how long each picture could be, and it fit the beat as well. I love it when a plan comes together. I really shouldn't be quoting the A-Team when I haven't even seen an episode...maybe when I was younger but I have no memory of watching that show.
  2. #65 Because if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have connected with all you fine people here over at TIWWA...it's the "kiss in the dark" effect Lance recently described at the BIFFF Q&A. ps: I first thought, "did they got to nr. 70 already, damn!?" but saw quickly that they're counting down, silly me...hehe :)
  3. I'd love to see that, Lance living another 70 years... :) A fun little read, thanks Peter Outerbridge.
  4. John Kenneth Muir has reviewed the Pilot at his blog, haven't read it yet: https://reflectionsonfilmandtelevision.blogspot.com/2010/05/tv-review-happy-town-in-this-home-on.html
  5. I can imagine Homer asking Frank Black whether donuts are considered "millenniumistic" in taste. Frank Black senses evil, Lucy Butler made that donut! *gasp* Homer is Legion
  6. Thanks for that link, Darlene. You don't realize how big this is until you see the small plane there. And I also didn't realize there was still so much snow in Iceland, from that satellite picture. I've hardly seen snow here in the capital surround areas since February. So beautiful and so ugly at the same time...the effects on the farmland near the volcano is devastating. Great photos as well. One good thing, we hardly see headline regarding Icesave because of the eruption :D
  7. The Hills Have Eyes and Dawn of the Dead remakes were quite good. The rest I haven't seen or don't want to see because I know they stink. He didn't crack many jokes in the original, I bought it a while ago, and watched it the other day. And my mom happened to come home and saw the latter half of the film. She said and I quote, although it might be lost in translation: "What is this filth?" when the blood fountain spewed from Johnny Depp's bed. She was not amused. I was amazed that they held that shot for so long, when I was watching it now. Not that it is very graphic, just fake blood, lots of it. ;) And what troubled me more, was when Freddy got burned...that poor stuntman. It was on-screen for a long time, I felt...I hope he was okay.
  8. I'm not going to attempt at replying all the great posts on this page, but I do enjoy LOST this time around, and I always have. I'm here for the ride, where it will lead me, I will go. And since you say it's no accident Jack and Kate and others are still alive but others not. That's because they're candidates, right? Touched by Jacob, they can't kill themselves. Someone has to kill them, as in Ben killing Locke. I wonder if he could have even hanged himself since what we learned about Michael and his attempts at suicide (and Jack and Richard), but we will never know... I think it's a good thing there's an evolution to characters, it would be quite boring if Jack was always trying to fix everything and making Jackface all the time. Likewise with other characters. It's like life, people change...and life is unpredictable, random. That's why Illana died (maybe it was behind the scenes stuff...but that's not in the show itself), she got reckless with dynamite! Jacob didn't touch Illana, if my memory serves correct, so she could die like this, even though it wasn't intentional by her. The need to serve Jacob blinded her (as Locke's belief in the Island) so much she didn't handle things carefully at that time. Illana hasn't been given that much on the show, although she is somewhat likeable...to me...but I won't miss her (due to her cold outlook, it's all about Jacob and nothing else matters). She never connected to me, as maybe Charlotte perhaps. Every death can't have a meaning...it's just not possible...whether we like it or not. That's life and that's LOST. And history repeats itself all the time, so why shouldn't we see the same meandering qualities of LOST? Our lives are much a routine and being on an island is no different in some sense. So, there will always be repeated arguments about where to go, who to trust and whether they should do harm. And I'm just sort of a casual viewer who watched every episode, but I haven't analysed it or checked out the books. But I've read all the rewatch column on chud.com which is covering the last season as well. It was a good read and a good reminder of past events, that I had long forgotten. I think shit is gonna hit the fan in the next episode, in a way the alternate timeline flashforwards are even more interesting than the on-island stuff...somehow...to me. And I do think things are too much explained to us through dialogue, the explanations of the whispers and the revelation of the latest episode. It's almost like LOST writers are saying, YES! it was this...all along...happy? It's too spelled out, a bit different than I would expect from LOST...but then again, it's the end game and they do want to explain at least some of the big mysteries. Well...at least we're getting some answers and this will be fun on rewatch myself with the complete box set.
  9. Great find, Mark! Lance is the man, and boy, those answers were good and I'm not even sure that he said about this moment in Dog Day Afternoon in the "making of" on the DVD. We all would like a "kiss in the dark", hehe.
  10. The Pilot is great, and Bruce Greenwood gives a good performance throughout the series. There are good episodes throughout, but the creator of the series wanted to let it be a standalone episode and the network demanded an arc. Maybe cheesy is too strong of a word, but the lack of a proper arc and purpose and a definition of what the man is up against really hurts the series overall. But if you can find it cheap, there's plenty of extras, something that many TV shows don't have, which deserve it more than Nowhere Man. That's what makes this set stand apart from others, and I'm glad I bought it. I still haven't gone through most of the extras, it's a lot.
  11. Hehe, I hope you can make it, and I hope I can make it too, all the way from Iceland. And yes, it's not wise getting the wife into a murderous mood :D maybe you can get a life size cut-out of yourself while you are away at Texas Frightmare Weekend, and maybe stick a tape player behind it with pre-recorded generic phrases like "yup, sure is nice outside" and "jeez it's hot!" And put the cut-out on a train that moves, to give the cut-out a bit of movement...It's just crazy enough to work! :D
  12. On the video in the guests section, Keir Dullea (who played Peter) is there but maybe he dropped out since he's not on the list.
  13. This sounds awesome, very cool Mark. Thanks!
  14. Wow, are they doing the LOST thing and just renewing a few seasons and call it quits? I do like the show, although I'm not a big fan of the transitions and cutting. ugh...sub par CSI style cutting with effects. If they just did it straight it would be better, I think. But it's all about the characters and the MacGyver touch with a little bit of dark thrown in there every now and then. I loved how things always got a little dark towards the end of each season, impending doom. Bruce Campbell, gotta love him! :D
  15. ty7du

    Guardian Owl.JPG

    Woah, is that a real life owl!? Where was the rooster to complete things? Or are you a firm believer in a secular apocalypse? 😉 Join us Laura!
  16. Well, there's another girl...the main girl from Black Christmas as well, I did spot her in the video on the frightmare site. I keep my fingers crossed that I can make it. Will know more at the end of next weekend how things are. I guess I could reserve a hotel room and book the flight and cancel them if it doesn't look like I make it. Shame I have to wait until the last minute with the weekend pass, since the prices raises a bit after the 19th :(
  17. I am far away from the volcano, but when the wind direction will change at some time, we might get some ash-fall on us, I just don't know. I hope it does stop soon, it affects my work at the airport. Few flights are going each day and delays which is a good thing and a bad thing as well. Thanks for thinking of me.

  18. Yeah I know, great line up. I hope I can make it but those damn volcanic eruptions might put a cork in my sudden US trip idea. :(
  19. On second thought, I might not be able to go if the wind direction changes here in Iceland, as there has been another volcano eruption. I'll be watching out for any info if the flight path to the US will be closed. Just my luck.
  20. Holy crap! John Carpenter and George Romero, and Lance! I think I'll cancel Famous Monsters Convention and hop onto this one...if I can...hotel might be a problem this late in the game.
  21. I listened to the Pilot commentary with Chris Carter when I did my blog. And yes, he said they went to that place and replicated it on stage (on how it looked inside). How accurate, I have no idea but it sounded from Carter that they did match the look very closely.
  22. Well, I thought of the solution of that X problem, we could have used XII, which what the driller killer carved on the kitchen sink...oh well. But that would have been the last time an answer could end with an X. But then again, the I's have been tough as well...the lesser of two evils? But, it's A. How about Ardis Cohen, the Millennium Group colleague Frank Black was paired with in the excellent Season 1 episode, Kingdom Come?
  23. Yup, played it through as I wrote the review of the Pilot episode of Millennium, for my blog. A good listen, a good playlist. I was flabbergasted when I heard a Giorgio Moroder track, when was that on Millennium? They managed to put every kind of music on Millennium, didn't they?
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