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  1. ZorkTaughtMeToType

    m=1000 - Millennium Tribute by Blithely Menace (2000)

    Thanks for sharing the Blithely Menace and Monk and Void albums. I've listen to both many nights while working and they are really terrific tracks in the their own right and add a surprisingly fresh, yet faithful take on the original material. Incredible stuff...
  2. ZorkTaughtMeToType

    Millennium Fan Album

    Hi, Does anyone know anything about the Monk and Void project? I can't find anything more via Google and I really like their and the M=1000 stuff. I'd like to here more, even non-Millennium stuff. The ambient stuff is terrific, and the vocal ZERO ZERO track kind of reminds me of Xymox... which is a plus. Thanks in advance!
  3. ZorkTaughtMeToType


    I'm a bit late to the party, but it's a great topic. SEASON ONE: The Great: Pilot, Sacrament, The Thin White Line, Lamentation, Dead Letters, 522666, The Judge The Average: Broken World, Paper Dove, Covenant, Kingdom Come, Blood Relatives, Gehenna The Flawed: Wide Open, Maranatha, Walkabout, Powers, Principalities..., Force Mejeure, A Well Worn Lock, The Wild and the Innocent, Weeds, Loin like a Hunting Flame. SEASON TWO: The Great: Somehow, Satan got Behind Me, The Time is Now, The Beginning and the End, The Curse of Frank Black, Jose Chung's 'Doomsday Defence', The Mikado, The Fourth Horseman, Luminary The Average: Goodbye Charlie, ,In Arcadia Ego, A Room with No View. The Flawed: Sense and Anti-sense, Monster, A Single Blade of Grass, 19:19, The Hand of Saint Sebastian, Midnight of the Century, Roosters, Siren, Anamesis, The Pest House, Owls, Beware of the Dog SEASON THREE: The Great: Goodbye to All That, Through a Glass Darkly, The Sound of Snow, Saturn Dreaming of Mercury, Seven and One, Nostalgia, Via Dolorosa. The Average: Omerta, Borrowed Time, Darwin's Eye, . Antipas, Thirteen Years Later, Skull and Bones, Collateral Damage, Bardo Thodol, The Flawed: TEOTWAWKI, The Innocents, Exegesis, Closure, Human Essence, Matryoska, Forcing the End
  4. Thanks for sharing these - I'm downloading as I type. Just caught the Lara Means R.E.M. vid. That is a great opening minute or so how you blended all of the slow pans. It's clear you've put a lot of work in on these. Thanks again, -Russ
  5. What an unusual user name you have picked, I would love to know the meaning behind it. Welcome to the group, and our home away from home. O

  6. This and Blithely Menace's albums are absolutely terrific. I prefer them to the original soundtrack (although that is great stuff too). These two albums inspired me to make my own track, which doesn't reach this mark. Both of them are complimentary and unique in their feel. It would be fantastic if they did some follow ups. Finally, thanks so much for sharing these.
  7. ZorkTaughtMeToType

    Mikado Remix



    Here's a track I recorded a while back for the Season 2 episode "The Mikado". Thanks for letting me share it.
  8. ZorkTaughtMeToType

    MTV: Darwin's Eye Music Montage

    Another fantastic job Jósef, thanks for posting! The editing was especially slick when Frank Black came in part way and the subsequent mural scenes.
  9. Eddie Scarpino Giannini (Sorry for other E to I name)

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