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  1. IHaveGoodInstincts

    Any more funny goofs?

    In Sense and Antisense, when Frank returns to his home about 15 minutes into the episode, it looks like there is a face in the reflection of his computer screen before he answers the phone. It could be a light, but it is hard to tell.
  2. IHaveGoodInstincts

    Those Who Kill

    I'll have to check it out...
  3. Peter Watts had a few episodes in season 3 where it felt to me like he needed a few good knocks to the head to get him to wake up and get away from the Milennium Group!
  4. IHaveGoodInstincts

    Bletcher Written Out Of Mm Because Of A

    Taking the Back To Frank Black podcasts in context, it appears that most actors, main and guest, got along well. I guess there a few times where things don't work. I think it also speaks well of the show that even if things were bad, it was hard to hear about. As a fan, it seems peculiar that the Bob and Frank characters were played so well together that the behind-the-camera issues seem to be difficult to believe. Just on a cursory glance, I think of how enjoyable "The Judge," "The Thin White Line," Sacrament," and other were with the Frank-Bob interactions. I love the line in "The Judge" where Bob was telling Frank, "500 years ago you would have burned as a witch," and "If it quacks, it really is a duck!" That whole dialogue was played out really well in my opinion. Great stuff that I never tire of!
  5. IHaveGoodInstincts

    "Weeds" & X-Files "Red Museum" Parallels

    The creepy "Peeping Tom" guy has similarities with the guy in Weeds. However, Red Museum is one of the first stories that delves into genetic experiments that involve the conspiracy group.
  6. Millennium drew a lot of its material from real life situaitons, so I'm not suprised if this was as well.
  7. IHaveGoodInstincts

    Happy Halloween everybody!

    Not a movie, but the Curse of Frank Black.
  8. IHaveGoodInstincts

    Franks brother(s)?

    Given Frank's age at his mother's death, that would make Tom only a few year younger at best, although I would not pass up Phillip Anglim, he was great in Sacrament. There could have been an older brother or two we didn't see in "Midnight" Different episode flesh out different family details, which can be made to make sense. Don't forget: Members of the crew were looking for work elsewhere after Morgan and Wong ended the world at the end of season 2!
  9. IHaveGoodInstincts

    By The Numbers: 15

    It is good and very watchable, but the other 2 are better. It does have more of an apocalyptic feel (which I like) than the other two, but the other 2 are better wriiten and more intense as a result.
  10. Bad things can happen, but I will stand on the opinion that Earth is not fragile.
  11. IHaveGoodInstincts

    The Official Doctor Who Thread

    Even though I have them all on tape/DVD/disc, there's something nostalgic about seeing it again on TV.
  12. IHaveGoodInstincts

    Chris Carter Confirms THE X-FILES 3 is in Discussion

    When I read about the idea of releasing the movie in 2 months, I realized the date of the article/post was from 2011. I think there's still plenty of life and interest in the X Files franchise. I may be in the minority, but I still like "I want to believe" more than "Star Trek." I'm not a movie producer, but I would assume that "3" may be a lower-budget endeavor after the marginal sucess of the second movie. However, they did great stuff for nine years on a television budget that looked really good. I realize there are sometimes expectations to do spectacular and expensive things for a movie just for the sake of it being a movie, but I guess I liked "I want to believe" so much because it was an extention of the show, even if it came across as more of a television extention than a movie extention.
  13. IHaveGoodInstincts

    My problem with Season 3

    Good Season 3 snapshot, Kat. As tough as marital separation can be, it gave more intensity to season 2. 1013 shows tend to not have a secondary subplots (ala most Star Trek), probably because they do not need to service 8 or 9 main characters, so having this as a semi-subplot-arc added to the show for me. Unfortunately Catherine sometimes came across as too angry and distant compared to season 1, but enough to make us just slightly think that Frank may not be quite as heroic as I want him to be. Frank was putting himself in physically dangerous situations in a lot of episodes in season 1, but season 2 the dangerousness became more surreal and intense. I can see where Catherine would draw the line, given Frank's "unfilmed" history of unstable moments. I got the idea that Frank could do what he did in season 1 because he had his family and that he may have gone the way of James Horn without them. Now we have him having to go at things more alone than I would have thought when my brain was back in season 1. We even have "Through the Glass" where Frank ended up being totally wrong about Max Brunelli, when he usually knows when people have been falsely accused (Paper Dove, Covenant, Blood Relatives). Season 3 seemed to have a different kind of growth and maturity for Frank with episodes including Through the glass, Sound of Snow, Bardo Thodol, and Seven and One. I find that the three seasons do fit together reasonably well, as different as they are.
  14. IHaveGoodInstincts


    A Millennium Group "Head Start" influence that would not be too dissimilar from Lilly Unser (Matryoshka), and possibly Clare McKenna (Anamnesis).
  15. IHaveGoodInstincts

    Beware Of The Dog

    I second (of third?) the Morgan and Wong musical influence seen here and also in the season 2 opener with the Talking Heads tune. Of course, there is Bobby Darren here too.

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