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  1. In Sense and Antisense, when Frank returns to his home about 15 minutes into the episode, it looks like there is a face in the reflection of his computer screen before he answers the phone. It could be a light, but it is hard to tell.
  2. Peter Watts had a few episodes in season 3 where it felt to me like he needed a few good knocks to the head to get him to wake up and get away from the Milennium Group!
  3. Taking the Back To Frank Black podcasts in context, it appears that most actors, main and guest, got along well. I guess there a few times where things don't work. I think it also speaks well of the show that even if things were bad, it was hard to hear about. As a fan, it seems peculiar that the Bob and Frank characters were played so well together that the behind-the-camera issues seem to be difficult to believe. Just on a cursory glance, I think of how enjoyable "The Judge," "The Thin White Line," Sacrament," and other were with the Frank-Bob interactions. I love the line in "The Judge" where Bob was telling Frank, "500 years ago you would have burned as a witch," and "If it quacks, it really is a duck!" That whole dialogue was played out really well in my opinion. Great stuff that I never tire of!
  4. The creepy "Peeping Tom" guy has similarities with the guy in Weeds. However, Red Museum is one of the first stories that delves into genetic experiments that involve the conspiracy group.
  5. Millennium drew a lot of its material from real life situaitons, so I'm not suprised if this was as well.
  6. Given Frank's age at his mother's death, that would make Tom only a few year younger at best, although I would not pass up Phillip Anglim, he was great in Sacrament. There could have been an older brother or two we didn't see in "Midnight" Different episode flesh out different family details, which can be made to make sense. Don't forget: Members of the crew were looking for work elsewhere after Morgan and Wong ended the world at the end of season 2!
  7. It is good and very watchable, but the other 2 are better. It does have more of an apocalyptic feel (which I like) than the other two, but the other 2 are better wriiten and more intense as a result.
  8. Bad things can happen, but I will stand on the opinion that Earth is not fragile.
  9. Even though I have them all on tape/DVD/disc, there's something nostalgic about seeing it again on TV.
  10. When I read about the idea of releasing the movie in 2 months, I realized the date of the article/post was from 2011. I think there's still plenty of life and interest in the X Files franchise. I may be in the minority, but I still like "I want to believe" more than "Star Trek." I'm not a movie producer, but I would assume that "3" may be a lower-budget endeavor after the marginal sucess of the second movie. However, they did great stuff for nine years on a television budget that looked really good. I realize there are sometimes expectations to do spectacular and expensive things for a movie just for the sake of it being a movie, but I guess I liked "I want to believe" so much because it was an extention of the show, even if it came across as more of a television extention than a movie extention.
  11. Good Season 3 snapshot, Kat. As tough as marital separation can be, it gave more intensity to season 2. 1013 shows tend to not have a secondary subplots (ala most Star Trek), probably because they do not need to service 8 or 9 main characters, so having this as a semi-subplot-arc added to the show for me. Unfortunately Catherine sometimes came across as too angry and distant compared to season 1, but enough to make us just slightly think that Frank may not be quite as heroic as I want him to be. Frank was putting himself in physically dangerous situations in a lot of episodes in season 1, but season 2 the dangerousness became more surreal and intense. I can see where Catherine would draw the line, given Frank's "unfilmed" history of unstable moments. I got the idea that Frank could do what he did in season 1 because he had his family and that he may have gone the way of James Horn without them. Now we have him having to go at things more alone than I would have thought when my brain was back in season 1. We even have "Through the Glass" where Frank ended up being totally wrong about Max Brunelli, when he usually knows when people have been falsely accused (Paper Dove, Covenant, Blood Relatives). Season 3 seemed to have a different kind of growth and maturity for Frank with episodes including Through the glass, Sound of Snow, Bardo Thodol, and Seven and One. I find that the three seasons do fit together reasonably well, as different as they are.
  12. A Millennium Group "Head Start" influence that would not be too dissimilar from Lilly Unser (Matryoshka), and possibly Clare McKenna (Anamnesis).
  13. I second (of third?) the Morgan and Wong musical influence seen here and also in the season 2 opener with the Talking Heads tune. Of course, there is Bobby Darren here too.
  14. I haven't seen "Asylum" yet, but it's recorded. I like Matt Smith, even though David Tennent is hard to beat. For me, I think some of the Matt Smith stories are weaker, due to the writing and plots. As much as I love story arc shows, I think that Doctor Who would do well to switch gears somewhat and not focus on the story arcs with the "Can you top this season ending" formula. I can think of several Classic series stories that were well written stories that didn't have to save the universe at the end of each season.
  15. It's a creepy episode to watch in the dark. Lots of creepiness, lots of deception, with a demonic supernatural flare. Frank seemed more prepared initially for evil here than he did in Seven and One, but maybe Frank was able to see most of the signs this time around, having dealt with Lucy in the past.
  16. This episode would be a great conversation piece for an interview with Chip Johanessen. It may be a little hard to tell from my post 2 years ago, but Chip is my favorite Millennium writer. I realize that after the end of season 2, the Millennium Group was heading for more devious territory, and this was another episode that fleshed this out. I like story arcs. Skull and Bones is good, but it has some significant questions moreso than interesting dangling end-of-episode plot threads.
  17. The long scene fits, and fits the material well. If the shoe fits... I was listening to the Backtofrankblack commentary on this episode where they (somewhat lightly) criticized Frank tracing his scar with a computer scanning instrument and then clicking "find match." They were saying that this may have been a bit of technology exaggeration that convieniently worked for the plot. I still think the positives far outweight any negatives here. All in all, I think White Line is a good strong episode that seems to be at its strongest in the non-action scenes, which says a lot.
  18. I agree, and don't forget about the rather creepy return of Lucy Butler!
  19. He played a role in Caprica, another Vancouver show. He was also bad guy in the last few episodes of Andromeda. He did find his way into a number of my favorite 1013 episodes, which makes him cool in my book!
  20. One thing I heard in a few interviews with Frank Spotnitz, that in hindsight I find incredibly frustrating, was that they were just starting to realize at that time that the cable television markets were having a negative effect on the network television viewing. More simply, the decreased ratings of season 3 of Millennium, which led to its cancelation, may have been due to a more general transfer of viewship from network television to cable television, not just the shows ratings. Spotnitz had mentioned that Harsh Realm may suffered from this misinterpretation even moreso than Millennium did. I remember feeling like I was in anticipation mode for too long with the first half of season 3 regarding Catherine's death. But even with that in mind, Chip wrote Exogesis and Skull and Bones, the first of which definitely had a good season 2 feel to it. It was just that the season to season story arc that was a little weak. But then again, Morgan and Wong, as well as the rest of the crew, thought the show would end with season 2 and were surprised to get a third. So Morgan and Wong putting a "stinger" ending on the show much like they did with Space: Above & Beyond, is not all that unrealistic, it just makes it challenging to "write" out of that corner/ending. TEOTWAWKI is still one of my favorite episodes. Actually, The Innocents, Exogesis, and TEOTWAWKI are all up on the high side of my favorites list. The may have gone a little too evil with the Millennium Group in Skul and Bones, but I find that episode to be quite creepy. As promised, they mixed the tones of the stories to give homage to both earlier seasons. I think putting "The Sound of Snow" earlier in season 3 would have helped the overall storylne, but I can look back now and still like it as it stands.
  21. I could see that. The show had a lot of great influences, some of which were applied in a subtle manner. I would be surprised if Mark did not provide a commentary on this episode's plot on a previous post. He did that with so many episodes. I remember Mark having rather detailed posts regarding "Owls" and "Roosters," as well as Bardo Thodol.
  22. I ended up liking Harsh Realm, but it took me awhile to get to that point with a show that I considered Millennium's replacement. I was unhappy for awhile, to put it lightly. Needless to say, I was able to grow beyong my anger and say nice things about Harsh Realm. Apparently there was some contraversy because 1013 originally did not give credit to the comic book that they based the show on. I think I saw the first 2 episodes in TV. I picked up the set from ebay for a decent price. It made for a cool alternate reality plotline. It was a little unclear how HR would take over the real world, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt in that they basically never got a chance to fully explain that. In shows like this, I find myself putting the "cart before the horse" and hoping early on for an endng worthy of the journey, so to speak. On a side note, it was cool to see another show based in Vancouver to be able to pick out the actors who were in other 1013 and vancouver based shows, and even try to (unsucessfully) pick out the locations. This was the show that they got "Agent Fossa" from for X Files 2. The actor that played Jim Penseyres also played in Camera Obsecura, and Michael Greyeyes (Joe Reynard from A Single Blade) played one of the native Americans in "Cincinnati." There's a bunch of others I could pick out too, but I'd have to give the set another viewing. I don't really have a favorite episode, but Pilot, Kein Ausgang, Reunion, and Cincinnati stand out a little bit for me. They could do things like nuke New York City and not have to worry about pressing the magic reset button at the end of the episode. I initially did not like Leviathan on the first viewing, but that was because I thought the music didn't fit well with the tone of the show.
  23. With regards to "Beware of the Dog," I have no clue! Frank, who was probably guessing in this episode as much as we are, stated, "There will always be another dog," which could be either of the answers. It's an interesting thought on an episode that specializes in interesting thoughts.
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