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  1. Welcome BleuOtter. Your initial experience with Millennium is what mine was with The X Files haha, snuck in watching episodes where I could, I came to Millennium much later. It's been that long since I've had a proper complete viewing of the series and not whatever episode I feel like that I'm honestly not remembering at all the detail of Lucy's child, really interesting thought!
  2. I think Frank Spotniz (cowrote the episode) would completely agree with you on that assessment too sadeyes. I listened to a podcast with him with Back2Frank and he was very honest that it was well, awful hahaha. Even just the story point of zombies was a bit camp and silly for X Files let alone Millennium.
  3. Agreed, I think one of the strongest things about the Alien films is that it's one of the few franchises to really give the opportunity for the director to leave their mark and offer up something of their own sensibilities. Completely different to what you see with something like Marvel. Saying Alien 3 just didn't happen undermines that approach and on the surface it feels more like a fan service project. I loved the idea of Ridley and James partnering for Alien 5/6. One would've been set on earth and the other involving something of a Homeworld. Fox thought AVP was the way to go though :/ haha. Some of my thoughts rattling around about it aaahaha.
  4. I have mixed feelings about this with that definitely being a big part of it Earthnut. I've decided to just let me feelings lie and just go with it though and see where they're going with it. I'm one of the those odd few who actually like Alien3 (the workprint, the massively troubled production is fascinating) haha. Dark horse did a similar thing with comics with an alternate timeline around hicks and newt which I love too. Also why I'm telling myself to not get too precious. It's interesting how things have shifted around so much from Ridley thinking that the franchise just wasn't viable anymore and broadening it out with Prometheus (annoyed me that Lance wasn't Weyland) to coming full circle with Alien Covenant and this potential Alien 5.
  5. This was a Xmas present for me :D It's great how they've had such interesting variety and different focuses for the volumes. The 3 volumes along with Millennium look wonderful together.
  6. There were a lot of problems for me with the comic but I still enjoyed it such as it was unlike the crossover episode lol. For me it frustrates from both sides as an X Files and Millennium fan.
  7. There was a semi recent reprint in Australia which was cool at least.
  8. Cheers for the info! Now I only need the money to order it lol.
  9. Great stuff, wasn't expecting another volume but there's more than enough of Snow's music!
  10. Bad reviews aside they're scrambling to do more X Files at least and it was one the few recent successes Fox has had in awhile, they might be open to doing more work with Chris on other projects as i think i heard him say it's really upto Fox. so it's not too dire like that at least for me. Unless something has a overwhelmingly positive response for the most part things get a really skewed negative reactions right now.
  11. Once I approached season 2 as a bit more of a individual thing, I enjoyed it more. I still don't agree with the direction it took with Frank's ability, it especially felt at times that different writers were treating it differently with no cohesion, even season 1 isn't immune. For me it came out of years of experience and exposure and closely tied to the Millennium group being based off the real life counterpart of the Academy. I remember Lance somewhere saying why would you make these guys the bad guys? How it treated evil/supernatural too felt simplistic too, in season 1 there's always ambiguity which got thrown out but it's still some of the best episodes in the series. Lance hasn't been looking to good in some pictures, he definitely isn't getting any younger even though he's still working just as hard :(
  12. I know not everyone would agree with me but I think it'd be best to downplay the millennium group in a continuation too. A return to season 1 sensibilities and exploring religious extremism more based in the current context of now. The comic and x files one off tells me the lore has just gotten a bit too muddled to bring continuation/closure to the threads of the group. Each season is great because they're unique so I would be happy if they weren't so concerned with trying to follow on too much. Sorry i haven't been around much guys, had a lot of health/pain problems this year.
  13. Only just saw this now. This was tougher than I would've thought. I ended up going with Frank Black. Lance/Frank is a huge part of what makes Millennium wonderful and special.
  14. I think the current climate of revivals and commercial distribution shake up that we're seeing is working in the favour of ageism in the industry in general. Suddenly those old forgotten roles and actors are of interest to the powers that be. Great productions are coming out going against the idea that someone like Maggie Gyllenhaal is too old when she's 38 (!!!!). Fox is clearly aware of the changing landscape with The X Files returning. Lance is unique in that he has never really slowed down in his output too so he's in a better position than most for a return to a main role like Millennium I think.
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