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  1. peacock

    Omerta mp3



    Short snippet of music from Omerta. Has some non-music sounds but its quite lovely.
  2. peacock

    UFO: The Truth Is Here

    Whoa! Chalk up another one for MM1. Great effort! Just noticed this thread was a month old before i posted. Guess I missed the pudding.
  3. Hello, Mark Snow was featured in the 1996 March edition of Keyboard Mag. I've digitized it into a PDF. Download link below. http://www.mediafire.com/?tkyngkejygn Regards Tomas
  4. Regarding the Synclavier. Funny thing that the system Snow uses would cost around 200.000$ in the late eighties. A similiar system would today cost around 12.000$.
  5. Here's a youtube clip with music from the show. Is the music from the promo-cd? Thanks all for writing.
  6. Thanks for the welcome! I got a email reply from Larold Rebhun, the "Mix Meister" ( what a great guy, answering some random dude like me) and apparently the music that went out of Snow's studio for the show was already mastered to a degree. He had a EQ and Compressor/Limiter across the stereo mix. This would mean that there was not much dynamic left for the "re-mastering" at Digital Outland, and would explain why they sound nearly identical. Anyone notice the difference in noise? "Big Yellow House" has a rather low level of noise compared to the following track "Rain" Track 16 "Santos Elves" also has a low level of noise compared to track 19 "The way it was". Wonder why.
  7. Hello fellow members, I've got the official 2-disc release from La La Land, which has been digitally mastered. How does the the audio compare to the promo cds? Does it sound wider, more "airy" with a better stereo image? Less harshness perhaps? Electronic music is a hobby of mine so I'm very interested in the production aspect of it all.The Millennium soundtrack is very alive and wonderful sounding and is a favorite of mine. Part of it (besides all the talent) is the heavy use of the Synclavier. The Synclavier does indeed sound very human, even compared to the modern options available today. Great website you got going here. Very interesting if you're a MM fan. On a side note: Too bad the music from Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominons wasn't included. The scene where Franks sees Bletcher's ghost is just great. Best Tomas

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