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  1. Thank you for your birthday wishes. It's always a great day being around such amazing people. Thank you very much.
  2. Snow Files of the Week: "George is thinking/Life is so strange" from the french movie "Les Herbes Folles (aka "Wild Grass")" (2009). Two more tracks from this very moving score by Mark. The piano theme is easily one of the most beautiful things Mark has ever written. And in the second track, "Life is so strange", the violin from "MillenniuM" makes another appearance. The score is available digitally and on a very rare 2-CD-Set, that was only released in France. Enjoy!
  3. Snow Files of the Week: "Capsules/A Mother Never Forgets/Mulder’s Memories" from "The X-Files: The Event Series", episode "Founder's Mutation" (2016). As the X-Files returned in 2016 so did Mark Snow. His music for the new episodes is familiar, but with enough new elements to keep it interesting. The score is more minimalistic overall, but nevertheless Mark wrote some wonderful themes. "Founder's Mutation" is the second episode of the event series. It evolves around a scientist who is experimenting on children with genetic anomalities to cure them. Scully and Mulder have visions of their son William, who is genetically different too. At the end of the episode Mulder fantasizes about his son William being grown up to schoolboy-age. He plays with him, builds a rocket and launches it and witnesses his abduction, just like he did with his sister. Back in reality Mulder looks at a photo of William. The music by Mark for this scene, "Mulder's Memories", is surely one of the most beautiful tracks of the event series. Enjoy!
  4. Snow Files of the Week: "Evan's Theme/The Long Walk" from the comedy short movie "Dancing Cow" (2000). "After getting noticed by Miramax Pictures for his short film, a filmmaker has a moral dilemma when it comes up to facing the truth about the work he may (or may not) have made." ( Another more obscure piece of music by Mark, although his style is immediately recognizable. In fact, the music has grand and uplifting moments, as well as wacky comedy. The music was never released commercially, but it definitely deserves to be. Enjoy!
  5. I think I did post it here, but I'm not so sure either. Have to look it up. Snow Files of the Week: "A Cop for the Killing" (1990). This is a tv movie from the "In the Line of Duty" series. These were movies based on real events, produced in the 1980's and early 1990's. Mark Snow composed to several of them a score in his trademark electronic style. It might have been music from these movies, that got Mark the job on The X-Files, since a piece of score from the "In the Line of Duty" movie "Street War" was also put into the X-Files episode "Gender Bender" from the first season. Intrada released a CD with scores from the "In the Line of Duty" movies, composed by Mark Snow, in the early 1990's. This CD is out of print, but still can be found for very reasonable prices. It features music from "Mob Justice", "The Twilight Murders", "Street War" and "A Cop for the Killing", each put together as a musical suite. Enjoy!
  6. Well, it seems Mark recorded several tracks, 25 minutes of music for this album, but not the rest of the tracks. So the album was never released and it seems that Mark has lost interest in it, because the label told me, that they contacted Mark on this behalf, but never got a response. Snow Files of the Week: "Good Morning L.A./Jason's Theme" from the motion picture "Skateboard" (1978). This is a very early piece of music by Mark, back in the days, when he wasn't composing dark and moody electronic music yet. The music is very groovy and relaxed, perfect for a summer day on the beach. An album was released with the movie, which contains some tracks by Mark and 70's style Skateboard songs. It is only available on vinyl and audio cassette, maybe someday we will see a CD release too. Enjoy!
  7. The other episode is "The Well-Worn Lock" from season one. And you're welcome. Snow Files of the Week: "Cortege" (1999/2002) from the "Cold Spring" sampler "The Chamber". Here we have a very rare occasion, where Mark didn't compose for a movie or a tv series. The track "Cortege" was supposed to be an appetizer for an all non-movie album called " not proud", consisting entirely of new compositions by Mark. The release date was set for spring of 1999, there was even a tracklist (Intonation, Cortege, If Hitler Had Autism, Mr Jones, Quietude and Colonel Parkinson). But apparently, that never happened, at least I coulnd't find anything concerning the album. It's not even listed on the label's website. The only thing, that was released, seems to be this track. I sent a message to the label and got a very surprising response. Mark indeed started working on the album, but he had more and more soundtrack work on his hands, that he just didn't have the time to continue working on this album. The label still has a master for the album with a running time of 25 minutes. The track shows Mark in his dark ambient mode. This is for all those dark-and-moody-loving X-Files fans. Enjoy!
  8. Snow Files of the Week: "M. Magdalene/Divine Daughter" from "MillenniuM", episode "Anamnesis" (1998). This is one of the two episodes in the entire series, where Frank Black takes a step back and leaves the stage for his wife Catherine. She teams up with Lara Means to investigate the possibility that a schoolgirl experiencing visions may be biologically descended from Jesus Christ. Mark's music fits the religious tone of the episode. There is a soft piano theme for the schoolgirl and etheral choir work to accompany her visions. Also, the sampled flute sound from the episode "Luminary" returns in this score. The tracks are taken from the second volume of MillenniuM music from La-La Land Records. The set is limited to 2.000 copies. Enjoy!
  9. La-La Land Records isn't a huge major label with billions of dollars to back them up. And licencing music for a release isn't cheap. So they make a deal with the studio. They are only allowed to press up to 3.000 copies, but because of that the licencing fees are smaller. That's essentially the reason. Snow Files of the Week: "Ray/Pulling the Plug" from "The X-Files", episodes "Requiem" and "4-D". We continue our journey through the archives of Mark's X-Files music. "Ray" is a piece of music from the final episode of season seven, "Requiem". Once again Mark shows his talent for writing wonderful piano themes. It was the last episode of the show to feature Agent Mulder on a regular basis. "Pulling the Plug" accompanies the final scenes of season nine's episode "4-D". When a killer, who can travel between two parallel universes, shoots the other universes' Agent Doggett in the head, Doggett makes the decision not to keep his life supporting system running. Agent Monica Reyes shuts off the machines in the hospital at the end of the episode and Doggett dies peacefully. Mark's haunting piano music is mixed with an almost breathing-like sound, matching the sound of the machines. This tracks are featured on the second volume of X-Files music from La-La Land Records. The volume is limited to 3.000 copies. Enjoy!
  10. Snow Files of the Week: "Elders/Crossroads/Space Hole", from "The X-Files: Fight The Future" (1998). When "The X-Files" stepped into the world of movies in 1998, it was a great opportunity for Mark to bring his electronic music from the show to the next level. Equipped with an orchestra, Mark pounded out maybe his best orchestral score ever, transforming his electronic soundscapes into full orchestral beauty. Some bits of the score were also used in several episodes of the tv show. With the movie came an album, that contained Mark's music. Unfortunately there was a major flaw in the mastering. The stereo channels were reversed, which led to an overall muffled sound. By the end of 2014, La-La Land Records released a new album with Mark's score from the movie, which not only contains more music than the old edition, but it also got rid of the sound problems. This edition is limited to 3.000 copies. Enjoy!
  11. Snow Files of the Week: Music from "Ghost Whisperer", episode "Leap of Faith" (2009). For the show's full five season run, Mark provided his distinctive sound to it. During the five years, he wrote some wonderful themes, that are most of the time heard at the end of each episode. "Leap of Faith" is an episode from the fourth season of the show. Mark got nominated for an Emmy for the episode's music. Unfortunately no music from "Ghost Whisperer" by Mark was released officially yet. The rights to the show are divided between several studios (like Paramount and Touchstone), which makes it very difficult to get something released. Mark himself said that there already have been attempts to clear the rights for a release, but the negotiations didn't work out yet. This little Suite combines several tracks of music from the episode. Enjoy!
  12. I think the set will be about $24.95, since this is the regular price at La-La Land for their 2CD sets. The tracklist: Disc One MY STRUGGLE 1. Prologue (2:59) 2. THE X-FILES Main Title (Season 9) (0:36) 3. Ride to Roswell (2:09) 4. Call to Mulder (1:49) 5. Sveta (4:31) 6. Sveta Exam (1:47) 7. Alien Replica Vehicle/Element 115 (3:09) 8. Lab Labors (2:16) 9. Sveta’s Story (3:17) 10. Mulder’s Office (1:58) 11. Deep Throat (2:35) 12. Home Fire (1:55) 13. Conspiracy Montage (5:14) 14. Sveta Confesses (1:48) 15. Parking Garage (2:26) 16. Sveta Gets Zapped (1:18) 17. Smoking Man (0:44) FOUNDER’S MUTATION 18. Insecure Insecurity (2:30) 19. Hand Message (3:33) 20. Pull the Thread/Semi-Alien Boy (10:04) 21. Capsules (5:01) 22. Aquaiescent (1:46) 23. A Mother Never Forgets (2:23) 24. The Farm House/Catching Kyle (3:32) 25. The Real Molly (2:46) 26. Mulder’s Memories (2:47) Disc Two HOME AGAIN 1. City Shower Services (1:15) 2. No Prints/The Call (2:17) 3. Extubation (0:37) 4. Remorse (1:41) 5. Sub-Urban (3:05) 6. Tulku (3:33) 7. More Remorse (2:20) BABYLON 8. Prayer (1:13) 9. Einstein/Miller (2:01) 10. Mugwump (5:02) 11. Evacuation (3:25) 12. Ummu (2:48) 13. Motel (1:35) 14. Walk With Me (1:24) MY STRUGGLE II 15. Recap (1:31) 16. Scully’s Story (2:27) 17. Fed Ford/Alien American DNA (4:35) 18. Vaccine Alienation/One-Class Infection (2:27) 19. Smokin’ God (6:58) 20. The Spartan Virus (7:48) 21. Crispr Cas9 (6:33) 22. William Is Out There (4:32) 23. THE X-FILES End Credits (New Orbit) (0:35) 24. I Made This/20th Century Fox Fanfare*(0:08) MULDER AND SCULLY MEET THE WERE-MONSTER 25. Bonus Track: Suite (4:32) * - Music Composed by Alfred Newman
  13. On April 25th La-La Land Records will release a 2CD set with Mark's music from the six new X-Files episodes, that aired in 2016. No tracklist yet, but the cover artwork.
  14. Yes, sometimes I combine two or more tracks that seem to fit together well. Snow Files of the Week: "Harold & Chrissy/Closure", from "The X-Files", episode "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" (1996). "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" is one of the wackiest episodes of season three. Written by Darin Morgan, it takes the pillars of the show and turns them upside down in a way. Is the truth really out there? And if so, who's truth is it? "Harold & Chrissy" opens the episode, when two teenagers are abducted by aliens. This event sets off a string of even stranger events, before Jose Chung comes to the conclusion, that maybe we aren't alone in the universe, but on this planet, in our own separate ways, we are all alone. This final scene is scored with one of the most beautiful themes, that Mark has written for the show, "Closure". This piece of music also closes the over thirty minutes long suite of X-files music, that is featured on the sampler "The Snow Files". But in the suite, it has been altered slightly, with a choir added to the mix. The music from "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" also appeared completely on a promotional CD, that was meant as a FYC CD for the Emmys. These two tracks were released on the first volume of X-Files music from La-La Land Records. This volume was limited to 3.000 copies and sold out over three years ago. But luckily the label put out a second edition, now limited to 2.000 copies. Enjoy!