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  1. Snow Files of the Week

    Snow Files of the Week: "Harold & Chrissy/Closure", from "The X-Files", episode "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" (1996). To celebrate the return of "The X-Files", we dug deep in the archive and brought this little gem back into the light. "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" is one of the wackiest episodes of season three. Written by Darin Morgan, it takes the pillars of the show and turns them upside down in a way. Is the truth really out there? And if so, who's truth is it? "Harold & Chrissy" opens the episode, when two teenagers are abducted by aliens. This event sets off a string of even stranger events, before Jose Chung comes to the conclusion, that maybe we aren't alone in the universe, but on this planet, in our own separate ways, we are all alone. This final scene is scored with one of the most beautiful themes, that Mark has written for the show, "Closure". This piece of music also closes the over thirty minutes long suite of X-files music, that is featured on the sampler "The Snow Files". But in the suite, it has been altered slightly, with a choir added to the mix. The music from "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" also appeared completely on a promotional CD, that was meant as a FYC CD for the Emmys. These two tracks were released on the first volume of X-Files music from La-La Land Records. This volume is limited to 2.000 copies. Enjoy!
  2. Snow Files of the Week

    Yes, it's a really wonderful album. Snow Files of the Week: "Grow up Superboy/Ferris Wheel" from "Smallville" (2001). The show ran for ten seasons, but after season 6, Mark left the show and his former music editor Louis Febre took over for the remaining three seasons. It was Mark's decision, since he was so busy doing the music for "Smallville" and "Ghost Whisperer" at the same time, with additional movies in between (like the second X-Files movie in 2008), that he just wanted to have more time with his family. The music for "Smallville" shows Mark again as a master of haunting themes and melody. His distinctive sound is easy to recognize. A digital album was released with music from the show, before La-La-Land Records released a 2-CD-Set, containing all tracks from the digital album, as well as a second CD with even more music from the show. It also has tracks by Louis Febre from the later seasons. The CD is limited to 3000 copies. Enjoy!
  3. Snow Files of the Week

    Snow Files of the Week: Suite from The X-Files episode "Post-Modern Prometheus" (1997). For this episode, Snow composed a very unusual score. The main theme, a circus-dance-music-piece, is something, that you would expect from Danny Elfman, not from Snow. But Mark combines this music with a more somber tone for the grief of "The Great Mutato", who is looking for something we all do: Love. And during Mutato's speech at the end of the episode, Mark again uses a piece of Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" within his score. This specific piece can also be heard in the MillenniuM episode "Lament". The music was released as a promotional disc at first, later it got an offical release on La-La Land Records' first volume box of The X-Files music. There is also a single disc with music from The X-Files, that was released in 2013 by BUYSOUNDTRAX.COM. "The X-Files 20th Anniversary" contains music from various seasons of the show, including the "Post-Modern Prometheus" music as a re-recording. The CD is limited to 1000 copies and is also available digitally. Enjoy!
  4. Snow Files of the Week

    The internet can be a beautiful place for meeting people from all over the world. Administrating the Mark Snow fan page on Facebook brought me in contact with some wonderful people. One of them is Nina from Brazil. She had one wish, getting the X-Files main theme handwritten by Mark Snow himself and autographed, so that she could make a tattoo out of it. I wrote Mark about her request and he immediately said yes. A few days ago she got her tattoo and I offered her to tell her story on the fan page. And it is her story, that I want to share with you as well.
  5. Snow Files of the Week

    Snow Files of the Week: "A Message of Faith" from "Night Sins" (1997). Of course, the score has the familiar sounds, that we already know from Mark's work on "The X-Files" and "MillenniuM". "Night Sins" has a beautiful main theme, which gets its finest presentation in this track. Mark also added etheral choir work to it and showed again, that he indeed can write beautiful piano themes. The album was released by BSX Records and is limited to 1000 copies. Enjoy!
  6. Snow Files of the Week

    Well, I'm sure they didn't call this volume 1, if they didn't plan doing another one. But since this is called "Orchestral", the next volume could be more electronic music by Mark. Snow Files of the Week: "Prayer/Suicide Exam" from the X-Files episode "Die Hand Die Verletzt (1995)". A remarkable score by Mark for this episode. The story around satanic rituals, belief and possession inspired Mark to this very dark and gothic score. The brooding ambient music sets the mood for the chilling events that occur at a high school. Mark also brings some satanic chants into the music, making this one of the most memorable scores of the entire show. "Die Hand Die Verletzt" is german for "The Hand that wounds". The term can be heard in the satanic prayer the teachers are doing at the beginning of the episode. Ironically the episode got another title in Germany, where it's called "Satan". Music from "Die Hand Die Verletzt" was released on the second volume of the X-Files 4-Disc-Box-Set by La-La Land Records. The set is limited to 3.000 copies. Enjoy!
  7. Snow Files of the Week

    Snow Files of the Week: "Prologue/Main Title/The Boys Find The Cave/The Kiss/Happy Ending" from the tv movie THE LITTLE KIDNAPPERS (1990). For this Disney Channel production Mark again could get his hands on an orchestra. The "Main Title" begins with a solo flute and transforms into a wonderful, soaring piece of music. The theme presented here also makes its way into the rest of the score, with happy child adventures music like "The Boys Find The Cave". The score again shows Mark's abilities to create memorable music outside of the X-Files universe. The score was released, together with Mark's music for IN THE LINE OF DUTY: SMOKE JUMPERS, on the "Mark Snow Collection Volume 1" by Dragon's Domain Records. The CD is limited to 500 copies. Enjoy!
  8. Snow Files of the Week

    Thank you, Darlene. Snow Files of the Week: "The Smell of Zombies/The End of the Crusade" from the X-Files episode "Millennium" (1999). Chris Carter's second show "MillenniuM" ended before the year 2000 came along. So Carter and his team were looking for a way to bring the story of Frank Black and the MillenniuM Group to a closure. This happened with an X-Files/MillenniuM crossover in the seventh season of "The X-Files". As disappointing this crossover for many fans was (after three seasons of "MillenniuM" it ends with Mulder and Frank Black shooting zombies in a cellar), as outstanding was Mark's score for the episode. It gave him the opportunity to combine the mourning violin from "MillenniuM" with the soundscapes of "The X-Files". And as Mulder and Scully finally kiss while watching the celebration of the new year 2000 on TV, Mark introduces the traditional "Auld Lang Syne" into his score and a rare statement of the X-Files theme at the end of the scene. The music was released on the first limited 4-CD-Set of X-Files music from La-La Land Records, limited to 2.000 copies. Happy New Year!
  9. Snow Files of the Week

    Snow Files of the Week: "Delete/Branches-Angels" from "MillenniuM", episode "Midnight of the Century" (1997). "Midnight of the Century" is the Christmas episode from the second season of "MillenniuM". It's been a fan favourite ever since, that fans keep rewatching over the holidays. The episode deals with the death of Frank Black's mother when he was a child and the broken relationship with his father. A very touching and moving episode, even for viewers who didn't watch every MillenniuM episode. Mark's music adds to the overall melancholic and magical feeling of the episode. He uses a soft theme for strings, combined with etheral choir sounds, to accompany Frank's quest into his past. The track "Delete" was already used in the X-Files episode "Emily". It got a slightly different arrangement for "MillenniuM" by Mark's music editor Jeff Charbonneau. The tracks are featured on the first volume of MillenniuM music by La-La Land Records, which is limited to 1.000 copies. Merry Christmas!
  10. Snow Files of the Week

    Snow Files of the Week: "Santos Elves/The Way it was" from "MillenniuM", episode "Omerta" (1998). "Omerta" is the Christmas episode from the third season of "MillenniuM". The story evolves around two young women living in the woods, away from civilization. Their names are Lassa and Rose, Lassa has healing powers. For his score Mark used operatic vocal samples, providing a magical touch to the music. Mark mixes his brooding ambient music with the wonderful theme for Lassa and Rose, making "Omerta" one of the most outstanding scores in the three years run of "MillenniuM". The tracks can be found on the fist volume of music from "MillenniuM", released by La-La Land Records. The volume is limited to 1.000 copies. Enjoy!
  11. Snow Files of the Week

    Snow Files of the Week: "House Organ/Irrational Fear/Piano on the Track/A Gift" from "The X-Files", episode "How the Ghosts stole Christmas" (1998). This season six episode surely is a fan favourite. Set on Christmas Eve, Mulder and Scully check out a haunted house, in which the ghosts of an elderly couple live. The ghost are playing mind tricks on the agents, trying to get them to believe, that they shot each other. Mark's score is pretty unusual for a Christmas episode. And even pretty unusual for X-Files standards. The music is dark and somber, but it an old-fashioned way. But have no fear, the Christmas spirit will break through eventually at the end of the episode, heard in the track "A Gift". These tracks are taken from the second volume of X-Files music, released by La-La Land Records. The set is limited to 3.000 copies. Enjoy!
  12. Snow Files of the Week

    Yes, there is and yes I did. ;) Snow Files of the Week: "Ernest Saves Christmas/Christmas Spirit" from the movie "Ernest Saves Christmas" (1988). It's that time of the year again and Mark Snow joins the celebration with this jolly score. Performed by an orchestra this score shows Mark in perfect Christmas spirit, very different from his more darker ambient stuff. The score hasn't been released officially yet, there is only a promotional CD out there. Maybe someday we'll see a proper release. Enjoy!
  13. Snow Files of the Week

    Snow Files of the Week: "Capsules/A Mother Never Forgets/Mulder’s Memories" from "The X-Files: The Event Series", episode "Founder's Mutation" (2016). As the X-Files returned in 2016 so did Mark Snow. His music for the new episodes is familiar, but with enough new elements to keep it interesting. The score is more minimalistic overall, but nevertheless Mark wrote some wonderful themes. "Founder's Mutation" is the second episode of the event series. It evolves around a scientist who is experimenting on children with genetic anomalities to cure them. Scully and Mulder have visions of their son William, who is genetically different too. At the end of the episode Mulder fantasizes about his son William being grown up to schoolboy-age. He plays with him, builds a rocket and launches it and witnesses his abduction, just like he did with his sister. Back in reality Mulder looks at a photo of William. The music by Mark for this scene, "Mulder's Memories", is surely one of the most beautiful tracks of the event series. The tracks were taken from the 2CD set, released by La-La Land Records. The set is limited to 3.000 copies. Enjoy!
  14. Snow Files of the Week

    Thank you, Darlene. :) Snow Files of the Week: "The Rescue" from the tv movie "Smoke Jumpers" (1996). Let's celebrate the release of this score on "The Mark Snow Collection Volume One". This was another chance for Mark to venture further into the world of orchestral scoring. "Smoke Jumpers" is a tv movie from 1996, starring Adam Baldwin, about a group of firefighters that jump from helicopters to extinguish fires. The track here, "The Rescue", shows, that Mark can indeed write bold and heroic music. It's different from his electronic sounds, but nevertheless worth a listen or two. Get your copy of "The Mark Snow Collection" here: http://buysoundtrax.stores.yahoo.net/masncovo1ors.html Enjoy!
  15. Dragon's Domain Records have released "The Mark Snow Collection Volume One". The set includes two of Mark's tv movie scores, "The Little Kidnappers" and "In the Line of Duty: Smoke Jumpers". The CD is limited to 500 copies and the first 50 copies sold through their website will contain a signed booklet by Mark.

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