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  1. Snow Files of the Week: Music from "Ghost Whisperer", episode "Leap of Faith" (2009). For the show's full five season run, Mark provided his distinctive sound to it. During the five years, he wrote some wonderful themes, that are most of the time heard at the end of each episode. "Leap of Faith" is an episode from the fourth season of the show. Mark got nominated for an Emmy for the episode's music. Unfortunately no music from "Ghost Whisperer" by Mark was released officially yet. The rights to the show are divided between several studios (like Paramount and Touchstone), which makes it very difficult to get something released. Mark himself said that there already have been attempts to clear the rights for a release, but the negotiations didn't work out yet. This little Suite combines several tracks of music from the episode. Enjoy!
  2. I think the set will be about $24.95, since this is the regular price at La-La Land for their 2CD sets. The tracklist: Disc One MY STRUGGLE 1. Prologue (2:59) 2. THE X-FILES Main Title (Season 9) (0:36) 3. Ride to Roswell (2:09) 4. Call to Mulder (1:49) 5. Sveta (4:31) 6. Sveta Exam (1:47) 7. Alien Replica Vehicle/Element 115 (3:09) 8. Lab Labors (2:16) 9. Sveta’s Story (3:17) 10. Mulder’s Office (1:58) 11. Deep Throat (2:35) 12. Home Fire (1:55) 13. Conspiracy Montage (5:14) 14. Sveta Confesses (1:48) 15. Parking Garage (2:26) 16. Sveta Gets Zapped (1:18) 17. Smoking Man (0:44) FOUNDER’S MUTATION 18. Insecure Insecurity (2:30) 19. Hand Message (3:33) 20. Pull the Thread/Semi-Alien Boy (10:04) 21. Capsules (5:01) 22. Aquaiescent (1:46) 23. A Mother Never Forgets (2:23) 24. The Farm House/Catching Kyle (3:32) 25. The Real Molly (2:46) 26. Mulder’s Memories (2:47) Disc Two HOME AGAIN 1. City Shower Services (1:15) 2. No Prints/The Call (2:17) 3. Extubation (0:37) 4. Remorse (1:41) 5. Sub-Urban (3:05) 6. Tulku (3:33) 7. More Remorse (2:20) BABYLON 8. Prayer (1:13) 9. Einstein/Miller (2:01) 10. Mugwump (5:02) 11. Evacuation (3:25) 12. Ummu (2:48) 13. Motel (1:35) 14. Walk With Me (1:24) MY STRUGGLE II 15. Recap (1:31) 16. Scully’s Story (2:27) 17. Fed Ford/Alien American DNA (4:35) 18. Vaccine Alienation/One-Class Infection (2:27) 19. Smokin’ God (6:58) 20. The Spartan Virus (7:48) 21. Crispr Cas9 (6:33) 22. William Is Out There (4:32) 23. THE X-FILES End Credits (New Orbit) (0:35) 24. I Made This/20th Century Fox Fanfare*(0:08) MULDER AND SCULLY MEET THE WERE-MONSTER 25. Bonus Track: Suite (4:32) * - Music Composed by Alfred Newman
  3. On April 25th La-La Land Records will release a 2CD set with Mark's music from the six new X-Files episodes, that aired in 2016. No tracklist yet, but the cover artwork.
  4. Yes, sometimes I combine two or more tracks that seem to fit together well. Snow Files of the Week: "Harold & Chrissy/Closure", from "The X-Files", episode "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" (1996). "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" is one of the wackiest episodes of season three. Written by Darin Morgan, it takes the pillars of the show and turns them upside down in a way. Is the truth really out there? And if so, who's truth is it? "Harold & Chrissy" opens the episode, when two teenagers are abducted by aliens. This event sets off a string of even stranger events, before Jose Chung comes to the conclusion, that maybe we aren't alone in the universe, but on this planet, in our own separate ways, we are all alone. This final scene is scored with one of the most beautiful themes, that Mark has written for the show, "Closure". This piece of music also closes the over thirty minutes long suite of X-files music, that is featured on the sampler "The Snow Files". But in the suite, it has been altered slightly, with a choir added to the mix. The music from "Jose Chung's From Outer Space" also appeared completely on a promotional CD, that was meant as a FYC CD for the Emmys. These two tracks were released on the first volume of X-Files music from La-La Land Records. This volume was limited to 3.000 copies and sold out over three years ago. But luckily the label put out a second edition, now limited to 2.000 copies. Enjoy!
  5. Snow Files of the Week: "Burn Baby Burn/I'm Ready" from the tv show "Smallville" (2001/2011). These two tracks show Mark's different abilities of scoring the show. You have beautiful piano work, harsh action music and soft heroic moments. An album was released digitally, followed by a 2-CD set from La-La Land Records, containing more music than the digital release. The album also contains music by Louis Febre from the later seasons. The 2-CD set is limited to 3.000 copies. Enjoy!
  6. Snow Files of the Week: "Murder Between Friends" (1994). This is the music for a tv thriller. It reminds the listener sometimes of Michael Kamen's music for the "Lethal Weapon" movies, with its bluesy guitar and atmospheric pieces. Which might be no coincidence, since Mark and Michael Kamen were friends, after they played together in the "New York Rock & Roll Ensemble" in the 70's. The music is only a promotional release to date, maybe someday we will see an official release. Enjoy!
  7. Snow Files of the Week: "Titles/Sadie tells about Tate" from the tv movie "Helter Skelter" (2004). For this movie about Charles Manson and his "family", Snow composed a very dark and brooding score. Dark ambient soundscapes, combined with tender moments and a hauntig female solo voice. The CD was released by Buysoundtrax Records, limited to 1000 copies. Enjoy!
  8. Snow Files of the Week: "Prayer/Suicide Exam" from the X-Files episode "Die Hand Die Verletzt (1995)". A remarkable score by Mark for this episode. The story around satanic rituals, belief and possession inspired Mark to this very dark and gothic score. The brooding ambient music sets the mood for the chilling events that occur at a high school. Mark also brings some satanic chants into the music, making this one of the most memorable scores of the entire show. "Die Hand Die Verletzt" is german for "The Hand that wounds". The term can be heard in the satanic prayer the teachers are doing at the beginning of the episode. Ironically the episode got another title in Germany, where it's called "Satan". Music from "Die Hand Die Verletzt" was released on the second volume of the X-Files 4-Disc-Box-Set by La-La Land Records. The set is limited to 3.000 copies. Enjoy!
  9. Snow Files of the Week: "Midnight Arctic Walk/Walking To Shore" from the tv miniseries "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" (1997), starring Michael Caine as Captain Nemo. For this score, Mark used a small orchestra and combined it with some of his electronic stuff. The music again shows, that Mark can write quite some tune, even big and epic. Some of it reminds me from time to time of John Barry and his sweeping melodies. The score was released on CD by Prometheus Records and is sold out, but you can still find some used copies. Enjoy!
  10. Snow File of the Week: "Suite from Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon" (2001). Did you ever wonder what Mark Snow would sound like in Hans Zimmer/Trevor Rabin mode? Well, here is the answer. The score for this short movie was really fun for Mark. The movie itself is, as you can tell, a parody of Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer action movies and needed a score, that sounded just like the ones in those movies. The cues, that Mark composed, are very short, since the movie only runs 11 minutes. But they are fun to listen to, so enjoy!
  11. Snow Files of the Week: "Our Love/Notions/Midnight Rendez-Vous" from "You ain't seen nothing yet (Vous n´avez encore rien vu, 2012). This french movie marked the third collaboration between Mark and director Alain Resnais. The movie is much like a stage play, but nevertheless very magical and touching. Whilst Mark's score for "Private Fears in Public Places", the first Snow-Resnais-Collaboration, was very much butchered in the final movie, it was way better in "Wild Grass" and "You ain't seen nothing yet". Snow's music is as magical and tragic, as the movie is and together they create some very touching moments. Fans will recognize the violin sound from "MillenniuM" at once, although it was replaced in the movie with a real violin player, at least at the end of the movie. The score got a digital release and a very limited release as a 2-CD-Set (together with "Wild Grass") in France. Enjoy!
  12. Snow Files of the Week: Mystery clip from an unknown tv movie. This is something completely different. This music was ripped from a tv movie. That's why it still has some sound effects in it. But you can hear Mark's distinctive style nevertheless, with his beautiful piano themes and haunting choir. Enjoy!
  13. Snow Files of the Week: "El Lobo/Sling Blade" from "The Lone Gunmen"(2001). This short-lived X-Files-spin-off focused more on humour. Mark's music also has a brighter touch to it, with sometimes even James-Bond-like spy music. The cliffhanger of the show was resolved in the ninth season of THE X-FILES, with the episode "Jump the shark". Mark's music was released, limited to 2000 copies, by La-La-Land Records some years ago and is now sold out. The album also has music from the fourth Chris Carter show, HARSH REALM, on it. Enjoy!
  14. Snow Files of the Week: "People & UFO's/ Life Among The Sun's Family" from the score to the IMAX feature "UFO - The Truth Is Here" (2001). This is a very rare piece of music by Mark, since the album was only available at IMAX theatres in Sweden. The music assembles the best parts of Mark's ambient music for the early X-FILES-Seasons (no surprise considering the subject matter). The CD is a very rare collector's item, since it was never available for sale online and is now very hard to find. Enjoy!