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  1. Snow Files of the Week: "House Of Chucky P/Still Got Scoot In Your Boot/Scully Sees Scully" from "The X-Files", episode "Plus One" (2018). For this season 11 episode Mark composed a quirky theme for Chucky, accompanied by his trademark plucked strings. But the music soon descends into the mystical and brooding atmosphere of The X-Files, even including a short nod to the main theme. These tracks were released on the 2CD set for season 11 by La-La Land Records. The set is limited to 3.000 copies. Enjoy!
  2. Snow Files of the Week: "Overlooking Tradition/The Challenge/Chain Gang" from "Harsh Realm" (1999). The short-lived Chris Carter show of course also had a musical score by Mark Snow. His approach was more industrial than on the other Carter shows "The X-Files" and "MillenniuM". But nevertheless he wrote some very haunting tunes for that show, too. The score was released on CD by La-La-Land Records, paired with Mark's music for the "X-Files" spin-off "The Lone Gunmen". The CD is sold out! Enjoy!
  3. Snow Files of the Week: "Ice Cubes/Dan to the Rescue/Hit and Run/No One Ever Leaves Me/Victoria's Madness" from the tv movie "Seduced and Betrayed" (1995). In the early 90's BASIC INSTINCT hit the theatres and became almost immediately a modern classic. It was a huge comeback for erotic thrillers and in the years that followed many movies wanted to be like it. This is also true for the music, composed by the great Jerry Goldsmith, that influenced the thriller genre for years to come. When SEDUCED AND BETRAYED came around in 1995, it more or less tried to imitate the sexual undertones. And it is pretty obvious that Jerry Goldsmith's score was used as a temp track, before Mark began working on the movie. His main theme is pretty much a slightly different arrangement of Goldsmith's theme. But for the rest of the movie Mark came up with his more mellow and harmonic style. The main theme was featured on the sampler "The Snow Files". The score was released, paired with CAROLINE AT MIDNIGHT, on "The Mark Snow Collection Vol.2" by Dragon's Domain Records. The CD is limited to 2.000 copies. Enjoy!
  4. Snow Files of the Week: "Our Love/Notions/Midnight Rendez-Vous" from "You ain't seen nothing yet (Vous n´avez encore rien vu, 2012). This french movie marked the third collaboration between Mark and director Alain Resnais. The movie is much like a stage play, but nevertheless very magical and touching. Whilst Mark's score for "Private Fears in Public Places", the first Snow-Resnais-Collaboration, was very much butchered in the final movie, it was way better in "Wild Grass" and "You ain't seen nothing yet". Snow's music is as magical and tragic, as the movie is and together they create some very touching moments. Fans will recognize the violin sound from "MillenniuM" at once, although it was replaced in the movie with a real violin player, at least at the end of the movie. The score got a digital release and a very limited release as a 2-CD-Set (together with "Wild Grass") in France. Enjoy!
  5. Snow Files of the Week: "El Lobo/Sling Blade" from "The Lone Gunmen". This short-lived X-Files-spin-off focused more on humour. Mark's music also has a brighter touch to it, with sometimes even James-Bond-like spy music. The cliffhanger of the show was resolved in the ninth season of THE X-FILES, with the episode "Jump the shark". Mark's music was released, limited to 2000 copies, by La-La-Land Records. The album also has music from the fourth Chris-Carter-show, HARSH REALM, on it. The album is sold out. Enjoy!
  6. Snow Files of the Week: "Catalogued/Deny Everything/Blood on Paper" from The X-Files, episodes "Duane Barry" and "Ascension" (1994). A classic X-Files two-parter from the second season of the series. And with Duane Barry one of the most distinctive figures in the X-Files universe, played in a disturbingly manic way by Steve Railsback. For a long time Barry has been haunted by aliens at night who repeatedly carry out experiments on him. When another visitation is imminent, Barry goes crazy and takes some hostages in an office building. The police thinks he's a dangerous lunatic, of course, but Mulder is interested in the visits. Mulder manages to outsmart Barry and he is shot and rushed to the hospital. But Barry only plays along on the pretense, breaks out of the hospital and kidnaps Scully, whom he wants to leave to the visitors for their experiments in his place. He takes her to Skyland Mountain at night, from where he was kidnapped for the first time. When Mulder arrives, he only notices a bright light in the sky and finds Barry alone. Scully has disappeared. Mark Snow accompanies this double episode with very melancholic-mystical sounds. The short motifs for the Cigarette Smoking Man and the conspirators appear again, as they of course also have their fingers in the game. The tracks are from LLL's fourth set of X-Files music. The set is limited to 2,000 copies. Enjoy listening!
  7. Snow Files of the Week: "The Surgeon/Alpine Page/Dude Looks Like A Lady" from "MillenniuM", episode "Lamentation" (1996). This episode, written by Chris Carter, marks a milestone within MillenniuM's story arc. We don't only see the death of one of the main side characters, but also the first appearance of the demonic Lucy Butler, played by Sarah Jane Redmond, who would haunt Frank Black through every season of the show. And on top of that, the so-called "Gehenna Demon" makes a stunning appearance. It was also a standout episode musically. Mark wrote a signature motif for the psychotic Dr. Fabricant, which then turned out the be more Lucy Butlers musical mark ("The Surgeon"). And Mark also incorporated some classical music into his score. "Alpine Page" includes a melody from Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture", which also appeared in the X-Files episode "Post-Modern Prometheus". The tracks were released on the second volume of MillenniuM music from La-La Land Records. The set was limited to 2.000 copies and is sold out. Enjoy!
  8. Snow Files of the Week: "All The Pretty Horses/Bones" from The X-Files, episode "Invocation" (2000). It's a classic monster-of-the-week-episode about a little boy, Billy Underwood, who goes missing at a school fair, only to re-appear a decade later, not a day older. The main theme is one of the most memorable of the whole show. It perfectly captures the mind of the child, combined with a dream-like state of mind. It was often requested by fans and finally found its way onto the fourth volume of X-Files music, released by La-La Land Records. The set is limited to 2.000 copies. Enjoy!
  9. Snow Files of the Week: "Main Title/The Pits/Cliffside Chase/Maggie Leaves" from "Jake Speed" (1986). It's time for some cheesy 80's action. During the mid-80's, Mark began composing more electronic scores, after he bought a synclavier (which Mark still uses). In 1986, "Jake Speed" came along and with him Mark's electronic 80's score. The score was released back then by Varese Sarabande Records on Vinyl and got a CD release just a few years ago on Buysoundtrax Records, limited to 1000 copies. Enjoy the ride back to the 80's!
  10. Snow Files of the Week: "Bloody Jacuzzi/Old Files/Blood/Blood In The Loaf/Just Ashes And Bones" from The X-Files, episode "3" (1994). The father, the son and the unholy spirit. Three dark figures, maybe vampires, are on a killing spree. The episode begins with an elder businessman, who is seduced by a mysterious woman in his house in the Hollywood Hills, while there are fires burning in the canyon, illuminating the dark night. The track "Bloody Jacuzzi" again shows Mark as a master of beautiful piano themes. He also used this theme for the tv movie "Caroline at Midnight" from the same year. Mulder is investigating this case alone, since Scully was abducted the episode before. She now has become an X-File herself, as Mulder puts her file into the X-Files drawer ("Old Files"). One remarkable thing concerning this episode's music is the fact, that Mark uses the beginning of the X-Files theme here and there throughout the score. The theme itself is not featured that heavily in Mark's music for the show, so it's a special thing every time it is. The tracks are from the third volume of X-Files music, released by La-La Land Records. The set is limited to 3.000 copies. Enjoy!
  11. Snow Files of the Week: "Ship-Shapes/Jackson Is William/Stand For Something" from The X-Files, episode "Ghouli" (2018). "You see what I want you to see" is the tagline of this episode. It's more like a "monster of the week" episode, but it also serves as part of the show's overall mythology. Mark again brings some dark and brooding soundscapes to the story, updated by some more modern and more industrial sounds not heard in The X-Files before. The music was released on a season 11 two disc set by La-La Land Records. This set is limited to 3.000 copies. Enjoy!
  12. Snow Files of the Week: "Main Title/Phil Checks Out/Memories of Caroline/Graveyard" from the tv thriller "Caroline at Midnight" (1994). Mark shows his film noir style in this score. Over the main theme, which was also used by Mark in the X-Files episode "3" from season two, soars a haunting saxophone. This track might remind the listener of the main theme from "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" by Angelo Badalamenti. Both themes have a very similar feeling to it. Overall, Mark's score has some Jazz elements, as well as his trademark dark and brooding soundscapes. The score was released by Dragon's Domain Records on "The Mark Snow Collection Volume Two", paired with his score for "Seduced and Betrayed". The CD is limited to 2.000 copies. Enjoy!
  13. Snow Files of the Week: "The Smell of Zombies/The End of the Crusade" from the X-Files episode "Millennium" (1999). Chris Carter's second show "MillenniuM" ended before the year 2000 came along. So Carter and his team were looking for a way to bring the story of Frank Black and the MillenniuM Group to a closure. This happened with an X-Files/MillenniuM crossover in the seventh season of "The X-Files". As disappointing this crossover for many fans was (after three seasons of "MillenniuM" it ends with Mulder and Frank Black shooting zombies in a cellar), as outstanding was Mark's score for the episode. It gave him the opportunity to combine the mourning violin from "MillenniuM" with the soundscapes of "The X-Files". And as Mulder and Scully finally kiss while watching the celebration of the new year 2000 on TV, Mark introduces the traditional "Auld Lang Syne" into his score and a rare statement of the X-Files theme at the end of the scene. The music was released on the first limited 4-CD-Set of X-Files music from La-La Land Records, limited to 2.000 copies. Happy New Year!
  14. Snow Files of the Week: "Delete/Branches-Angels" from "MillenniuM", episode "Midnight of the Century" (1997). "Midnight of the Century" is the Christmas episode from the second season of "MillenniuM". It's been a fan favourite ever since, that fans keep rewatching over the holidays. The episode deals with the death of Frank Black's mother when he was a child and the broken relationship with his father. A very touching and moving episode, even for viewers who didn't watch every MillenniuM episode. Mark's music adds to the overall melancholic and magical feeling of the episode. He uses a soft theme for strings, combined with etheral choir sounds, to accompany Frank's quest into his past. The track "Delete" was already used in the X-Files episode "Emily". It got a slightly different arrangement for "MillenniuM" by Mark's music editor Jeff Charbonneau. The tracks are featured on the first volume of MillenniuM music by La-La Land Records, which is limited to 1.000 copies. Merry Christmas!
  15. Snow Files of the Week: "Search your heart/Passing the Torch" from "Ernest Saves Christmas" (1988). And we continue the celebration of the Christmas spirit with two more tracks from Mark's Christmas score. Mark gets in the mood for Christmas with warm and lush strings and combines that with some big brass moments. While we're waiting for an offical release of this score, let's be happy that there is a promotional release with this wonderful music. Enjoy!
  16. Snow Files of the Week: "Santos Elves/The Way it was" from "MillenniuM", episode "Omerta" (1998). "Omerta" is the Christmas episode from the third season of "MillenniuM". The story evolves around two young women living in the woods, away from civilization. Their names are Lassa and Rose, Lassa has healing powers. For his score Mark used operatic vocal samples, providing a magical touch to the music. Mark mixes his brooding ambient music with the wonderful theme for Lassa and Rose, making "Omerta" one of the most outstanding scores in the three years run of "MillenniuM". The tracks can be found on the fist volume of music from "MillenniuM", released by La-La Land Records. The volume is limited to 1.000 copies. Enjoy!
  17. Limited Edition of 2000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $49.98 La-La Land Records and Twentieth Television proudly present the fourth 4-CD volume of composer Mark Snow’s original scores from the award-winning, landmark television series, THE X FILES. With his signature style and original sound, Snow’s captivating work underscored and enriched all the drama, suspense, intrigue and humanity that were hallmarks of this classic and beloved series created by Chris Carter. This 4-CD collection is a treasure-trove of musical highlights, including score from such notable episodes as “Apocrypha,” “Avatar,” “Never Again”, “Triangle,” “Invocation”, “Nothing Important Happened Today 1 and 2,” and more! Also included is the cue “Smoking Telegram,” the finale music from the X-FILES feature film, “FIGHT THE FUTURE.” Produced by Mike Joffe and Mark Snow, and mastered by James Nelson, this attractive 4-CD set is limited to 2000 units, showcases more than 5 hours of music and includes a 42-Page CD booklet that features exclusive, in-depth liner notes from writer Randall Larson. The sleek art design is by art designer Mark Banning. As always, The Truth is still out there – and Mark Snow’s music expertly guides us along the path towards it! NOTE: This new Vol. 4 release is NOT housed within a hard-cover slipcase box. It is packaged in a standard “fat” clamshell jewel case. (Same applies to our new re-pressing of the previously out-of-stock Vol. 3) TRACK LISTING: Disc One 1X79 – PILOT 1. Night Forest 1:30 2. Forest Search 1:53 1X02 – DEEP THROAT 3. Mr. Deep Throat 3:51 1X04 – THE JERSEY DEVIL 4. The Search 2:30 5. Pursued And Destroyed 2:55 6. Detective Schmuck 1:07 1X05 – SHADOWS 7. Quotes From Ben/ATM 2:31 8. Red Light Montage 4:18 1X07 – ICE 9. Suicide 3:22 10. Nancy Gets Wormed 2:20 1X19 – DARKNESS FALLS 11. Woke Up Hungry 3:04 12. Bug Tales 2:13 13. Buttoning Up 2:10 14. Not An Option :31 2X05 – DUANE BARRY 15. They’re Coming 2:45 16. Catalogued 4:36 2X06 – ASCENSION 17. Blue Ridge Parkway 1:22 18. Cable Car 8:56 19. Deny Everything 3:14 20. Blood On Paper/ Ascension 6:03 2X09 – FIREWALKER 21. Origins :56 22. Base Camp 2:01 2X19 – Død Kalm 23. Lifeboat 2:56 24. Ghost Ship 2:30 25. Sardine Juice 5:11 26. Wolf At The Door 2:28 27. Kalm :25 Disc One Total Time: 78:52 Disc Two 3X16 – APOCRYPHA 1. Tar Tissue 4:35 2. The X-Files Main Title :47 3. Sparklers 2:21 4. Trapped Assassin 6:17 5. Silo 8:50 6. Buried Alive :59 3X17 – PUSHER 7. Fairfax Mercy 2:58 8. Little Man 10:00 3X21 – AVATAR 9. Hags Of The Night 4:47 10. The Inquisition 7:21 11. Room 1413 7:21 12. Sharon Forever 1:36 4X12 – NEVER AGAIN 13. Raga Shave / Scully’s Tattoo 3:41 4X15 – MEMENTO MORI 14. Time Like A Heartbeat 1:29 15. Lots Of Kurts 7:10 16. Another Way 8:46 Disc Two Total Time: 79:34 Disc Three 3X08 – OUBLIETTE 1. West Of Easton 3:50 2. Only Way To Escape 1:51 2X25 – ANASAZI 3. The Merchandise 5:22 3X24 – TALITHA CUMI 4. Lamp 3:40 4X24 – GETHSEMANE 5. Chimera Man 4:45 5X02 – REDUX II 6. Fix It For Good 2:24 5X10 – CHINGA 7. Red Eye Super Saver 2:52 8. Dolly Bake 7:05 5X11 – KILL SWITCH 9. Metro Diner 4:45 5X16 – MIND’S EYE 10. Shackles 3:14 11. Dark Visions 5:47 THE X-FILES:  FIGHT THE FUTURE 12. Smoking Telegram 3:12 6ABX03 – TRIANGLE 13. Thor’s Hammer 6:20 14. Ghost Dance 2:36 15. No Place Like Home 1:05 6ABX07 – THE RAIN KING 16. Dream Valentine 1:09 17. Red Chariot 1:38 18. Holman 1:37 6ABX09 – TITHONUS 19. Elevator 3:32 20. He 6:02 21. Death At The Door 4:43 Disc Three Total Time: 78:38 Disc Four 6ABX19 – THREE OF A KIND 1. The Chase Of Love 1:49 4X18 – MAX 2. Submarinara 2:27 3. Second Site 1:43 4. Blisters 5:52 7ABX05 – RUSH 5. Honor Students 3:28 7ABX06 – ORISON 6. Glory Amen 2:01 7. Donny’s Dream Date 4:02 7ABX15 – EN AMI 8. Penitence 1:30 9. Lonely Man 2:46 10. Lil’ Gold Disc 8:15 8ABX06 – INVOCATION 11. All The Pretty Horses 2:03 12. Pony Prison 6:02 13. Bones :45 8ABX17 – EMPEDOCLES 14. Jeb Gets Fired 3:10 9ABX01 – Nothing Important Happened Today: Part 1 15. Tape & Tank 3:10 16. Waterworld 4:23 9ABX02 – Nothing Important Happened Today: Part 2 17. Navy Message 2:55 18. Recap/Mouth To Mouth 2:15 19. Super Soldiers 3:48 20. Ovahull 5:40 21. King Kersh 3:20 8ABX14 – THIS IS NOT HAPPENING 22. The Drop Zone 3:03 9ABX08 – PER MANUM 23. Scully’s Serenade 2:11 24. The X-Files End Credits (1st Season) :28 25. I Made This/ 20th Century Fox Fanfare* :09 * Music By Alfred Newman Disc Four Total Time: 78:20 Total Set Running Time: 5:15:24
  18. Snow Files of the Week: "Suite" from The X-Files, episode "Christmas Carol" (1998). For this season 5 episode of The X-Files, Mark composed a very haunting and sometimes eerie score. But I guess that's what it's like celebrating Christmas with Mulder and Scully. The music was released on a promotional disc first, which also contains music from the episode "Post-Modern Prometheus". Later, some of it was also featured on the first 4-CD-Box-Set from La-La Land Records, limited to 2.000 copies. One re-recorded track from "Christmas Carol" also found it's way onto the album MUSIC FROM THE X-FILES: 20TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION, that was released by BUYSOUNDTRAX.COM. This CD is limited to 1000 copies and is also available digitally. The suite contains music from the promotional release, as well as music from the first 4-CD-Set. Enjoy!
  19. Snow Files of the Week: "Ernest Saves Christmas/Christmas Spirit" from the movie "Ernest Saves Christmas" (1988). It's that time of the year again and Mark Snow joins the celebration with this jolly score. Performed by an orchestra this score shows Mark in perfect Christmas spirit, very different from his more darker ambient stuff. The score hasn't been released officially yet, there is only a promotional CD out there. Maybe someday we'll see a proper release. Enjoy!
  20. Snow Files of the Week: "My Name Is Not Buddy/Rod Serling Appears/A True Fan/Dr. Wuzzle/ Dr. Thaddeous They/The Untold History of The X-Files/To Find Each Other/Remember How It Was" from The X-Files, episode "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat" (2018). Another wacky episode written by Darin Morgan, this one deals with the "Mandela Effect". Or the "Mengele Effect", which one you prefer. It describes the feeling of remembering something in a specific way, even though it was never like that. The episode is another example of Darin Morgan's sense of humour, making fun of the show without disrespecting it. It was another occasion for Mark to write some wacky music. Like the theme for Reggie or the sort of parodistic hommages to The Twilight Zone. At the end of the episode, Mark's "Home" theme from the second movie "I Want To Believe" can be heard. The music was released on a 2CD set, containing more music from season 11, by La-La Land Records. The set is limited to 3.000 copies. Enjoy!
  21. Snow Files of the Week: "Main Title/Having a Baby/All about Ned" from "Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All" (1994). This score shows Mark's orchestral side, combining beautiful themes with sweeping strings and a little bit of Americana. The album was released by Milan Records and still can be found for reasonable prices. It's definitely worth it. Enjoy!
  22. Snow Files of the Week: "Jack O' Lantern/Battery/790 Days" from "MillenniuM", episode "The Curse of Frank Black" (1997). What would Halloween be without "The Curse of Frank Black"? A very popular episode amongst fans of "MillenniuM", it features everything you could hope for on this night: Strange happenings, Demons, black cats, witches, ghosts and an overall dark and tense atmosphere. Mark brings the moody episode to a higher level with his dark and spooky music. At the end of the episode, Mark even incorporates a piece of classical music into his score, the "Sarabande" by Georg Friedrich Händel. The music was released on the first volume of "MillenniuM" music by La-La Land Records in 2008. This edition sold out and was re-released, limited to 1.000 copies. Happy Halloween!
  23. Snow Files of the Week: "Cortege" (1999/2002) from the "Cold Spring" sampler "The Chamber". Here we have a very rare occasion, where Mark didn't compose for a movie or a tv series. The track "Cortege" was supposed to be an appetizer for an all non-movie album called "Death...be not proud", consisting entirely of new compositions by Mark. The release date was set for spring of 1999, there was even a tracklist (Intonation, Cortege, If Hitler Had Autism, Mr Jones, Quietude and Colonel Parkinson). But apparently, that never happened, at least I coulnd't find anything concerning the album. It's not even listed on the label's website. The only thing, that was released, seems to be this track. I sent a message to the label and got a very surprising response. Mark indeed started working on the album, but he had more and more soundtrack work on his hands, that he just didn't have the time to continue working on this album. The label still has a master for the album with a running time of 25 minutes. The track shows Mark in his dark ambient mode. This is for all those dark-and-moody-loving X-Files fans. Enjoy!
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