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  1. TranshumanOwl2012

    MLM Group 2017 New Year Resolutions

    Libby, if you want to study modern physics remember this one point that many of us "professionals" forget: you learn more from failure than from sucess. -Stll in the rat-race, and still making the raptor work for it. Happy New Year
  2. TranshumanOwl2012

    MLM Group 2017 New Year Resolutions

    Well let's see. 1. Make sure that I am totally on my game for the eclipse in August. 2. Publish some papers. 3. See something creepy/ out of the ordinary( my life is so painfully normal). 4. Get some of my time back for gaming with my friends. 5. Oh yeah, make a plan to finish my PHDs. Other things come to mind, but nothing to out of the ordinary.
  3. TranshumanOwl2012

    Request for advice

    Thank you both for your replies. When I was a kid, I used to see the night sky from a beach on a distant world. I think the planet was in Andromeda and I was looking at the Milky Way. I would wake to the sunlight streaming into my room. I really want those experiences to happen again. I know its all in my mind, but I really felt better in the waking world with a good dream life. Thanks again.
  4. Hello everyone. I know that I post rather erratically and I fear I may being posting this in the wrong area. If so I apologize. I have a personal issue that I would like some feedback on. I would like to know if any of you have advice on dreaming. When I was young, my dreams seemed more complete and fantastic. I very rarely dreamed about anything in my everyday life. In addition, images and sensations were clearer and I could recall them for long periods of time. Now my dreams, when I dream, are clogged with familiar images and people. I remember less of the dreams and what I do remember fades within hours. I was wondering if anyone could offer me advice that would help me get back to dreaming the way I used to? I know this may sound strange to some of you, believe me it is strange to me that I am writing this request. I would just like to know if I can get back a very rich and full part of my life that I seemed to have lost. Thanks to all of you who read this request.
  5. TranshumanOwl2012

    New Millennium Comic

    Picked mine up last Wednesday. For those of you who are interested, the tentative IDW schedule seems to be Millennium 2nd to last week and X files on the last week of each month. However, comic release dates change frequently if the art and or writing teams are working on multiple books. I will check with my local comics stores (there are 4 in town) and see what covers are still for sale. Let me know if you are interested and I will see what I can do to put you in contact with stores in my area who have copies left.
  6. You Fool, Warren is Dead! - H.P. Lovecraft, The Statement of Randolph Carter

  7. In a way, Ratfinkovich commits exsitental suicide. Ratfinkovich is forced out of a group association that provides much of his personal identity. In his desperate attempt to gain attention (even if that attention is negative) from current members he contacts Jose Chung and contributes to his article. Later, his plan comes to fruition with the pyscho's "interogation" sequence leading to his death. The electrocution is the direct physical cause of death. Was the machine designed to kill? The eppisode never explores this possibility. The S.psycho was wearing gloves for the entire sequence from contact to departure. It is possible that the result was going to be Ratfinkovich's death no matter the outcome. However, S.Psycho is culpable only for evidence tampering. I believe that Ratfinkovich wanted to either be allowed to return to the group or die. He found the prospect of living apart to be unbareable. He knew that his prospects for being accepted back in to the fold were extremely small. Yet instead of trying to move on with his life, he found that he could not and took an action that he knew would attract attention and had the greatest potental for contact with a group member. It is possible that Ratfinkovich knew that, and possibly counted on, the selected group member would violently end his life when he reveals how much information he shared with Chung. Ok, I took this one way too seriously. Great eppisode. Great post!
  8. Example of taking the Bible Literarly: "The book cleary states thy neighbor's wife. Father. . . I don't even know that guy!" :D

  9. TranshumanOwl2012

    Happy Halloween everybody!

    The Moon is half-full, the sky jet black. Time for candy in a large bloated sack. A chill wind is howling, the veil grows thin. The long dead are calling, haunting time again. Very poor poetry to wish all of you and yours a safe and happy Halloween!
  10. TranshumanOwl2012

    The Missing

    Thank you both for your insight and information in this area. I would make this post longer but, I have to get to work and then go home and decorate. I will reply in detail later. Again, thank you for your postings.
  11. Libby, I could see how the child's labeling as patient zero could be interpreted as a disrespectful label on him and his family. However, the media should have never used his name. I am not a social sciences researcher but I do believe that the designation is to provide anonymity for the subject and a reference point for the research group. You are correct, as a species, we have been dealing with e-bola since 1978 (I may be incorrect on the date) and the Marburg virus since 1967. Each individual outbreak of a disease usually has a patient zero. I could be mistaken about this, and if I am incorrect I apologize for any error. As for quarantine conditions I am under the impression the nurse is being restricted to her home with guards outside. There is no reason, except a complete break down of a medical system for any person to be neglected. As I stated in my original post, I ask her to continue to be a selfless hero for a few more days. I would like to believe that I would make the choice to stay in quarantine. However, I have never been in that situation so I cannot honestly say what I would do. As for the Spanish Flu ( a much more dangerous disease than ebola), I do not believe the CDC was around back then.
  12. Interesting (and sad) news about the boy, patient zero. Host vector may still be near by. I find my mind asking things like; where did he like to play? What animals in the area around his home did he have interactions with. My greatest fear is, thanks to the lawyers and the inept American administration, that someone with the flu also gets infected with ebola. There is a very small chance that the both would gentically combine into a less leathal but more contagious virus. Any result of this type, no matter how rare, will be the fault of selfish people like the nurse noted above and the fact that we let lawyers run our nation. Note to Ms, Hickox be a HERO for a few more days and then we will honor and praise your courage and sacrifice: break the quarantine early, and become a Selfish VILLAN.
  13. In this thread I want to explore all of the possible explanations for the large number of people that go missing every year. While some trace of these people is found, (remains, artifacts, and so forth) Many of them are never seen again. It is if they simply ceased to exisit at some point in space time. Only evidence of their past remains. It is a very real phenomenon in a technologically advanced society.
  14. TranshumanOwl2012


  15. Working on photos from yesterday's eclipse. Waiting for Constantine tonight.


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