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  1. Hi all, I am unable to reach the music guide through this list. Does anyone have undated link? Many thanks. http://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net/guide/index_guide.php
  2. Here is the article I referenced on Natural Born Killers, by Owen Gleiberman for Variety: 'Natural Born Killers' Is, More Than Ever, the Spectacle of Our Time Works of art that were once radical tend to find their cozy place in the cultural ecosystem. It’s almost funny to think that an audience ever booed “The Rite of Spring,” or that the Sex Pistols shocked people to their souls, or that museum patrons once stood in front of Jackson Pollock’s splatter paintings or Warhol’s soup cans and said, “But is it art?” In 1971, “A Clockwork Orange” was a scandal, but it quickly came to be th
  3. Wow, that’s edging quite close to uncomfortable territory. An unfortunate coincidence. I’m still on season 2; they’ve just interviewed Manson, so I’ll let you know how I get on. Incidentally there is some renewed reporting on “Natural Born Killers”. Must be the 25th anniversary or something. It reminded me of the film’s soundtrack with Leonard Cohen, Peter Gabriel and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Cowboy Junkies, NiN, and many more. I’ll try to find the link and share it here. It’s not totally dissimilar filmic territory from Mindhunter and Millennium. Oliver Stone directed but I read that it was ori
  4. Watching the second series now and was jut about to post about the parallels with Millennium season 1 case episodes when I saw this discussion. You’re clearly all on it! Interesting side note on the Manson killings: author Jerzy Kosinski (“Being There” and other novels) wrote about that night in his novel “Blind Date”. He was apparently supposed to have been at the Tate house that evening but was prevented from joining. A friend was killed along with Sharon Tate and others. Not an easy read. Much of Kosinki’s work was later discredited over allegations of plagiarism but I haven’t seen anything
  5. Just getting round to watching this, enjoying the use of Talking Heads’ Psycho Killer in the soundtrack, reminds me of when they used Life During Wartime during the kidnap scene, end of Millennium series one. And when Holden Ford gets his recognition as a “psychic” Sherlock Holmes you can see how a young Frank Black May have risen through the ranks, but Holden doesn’t appear to have Frank’s gift - to “see” into the minds of serial killers, or “sequence” killers, as Mindhunter terms them. Good to be back here, haven’t posted in a while...
  6. I love that music, Wagner's Parsifal, and hunted down an inexpensive copy of the overture section for my Millennium soundtrack collection playlist. It's one of my favourite episodes too, and an extremely pivotal one for the entire Millennium myth arc. When I look at the world geopolitical situation today, I am constantly reminded of the persistent draw of 'faith' over reason, and vice versa.
  7. Thanks Libby, you're right to note the distinctions between the musical styles: from NIN and Patti Smith to the Carpenters and Terry Jacks. It's certainly going to be a diverse playlist!
  8. Thanks to you both. I have done that and it turns out that I have fewer of the tracks than I thought. Only 14. So a bit more collecting to do...
  9. All, Does anyone have a list of the music used in Millennium? Not the Mark Snow compositions, but all the other songs used, such as: America's "Horse With No Name" Patti Smith's "Land of Thousand Horses" Wagner's Prelude to Parsifal Paul Mauriat's "Love is Blue" To name just a few... I am putting together a collection and want to ensure I have as many as possible. If one has been produced, please let me know. Many thanks...
  10. Just as a corollary to that, Lance's Facebook has a wealth of Millennium reference, images and quotes. so do add him if you haven't already. The reference I mentioned is as per below: Lance Henriksen 21 August at 22:25 · October 25 will be the 20th anniversary of the premiere of MILLENNIUM. Look for a week long celebration of this groundbreaking series. Stay tuned for more info. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eX1qnKu9Gc And later he reports this sad news about the passing of actor Jon Polito, praising him for his central role in "Omerta". "Actor Jon
  11. There's enough going on in the world to stimulate decent story lines that would fuel both the "owl" and "rooster" factions. Homeland and 24 have got it pretty much sown up in the terrorism and associated action field and Orphan Black has taken us down some very interesting genetic development paths, but there's enough for some good script writers to bite on.
  12. On Facebook Lance has been talking about the upcoming 20th anniversary of Millennium's launch (October?). He seems quite enthusiastic about it.
  13. Have you seen the two double cd volumes of the Milennium OST available now on Amazon? They were released on 17 July. UK versions at GBP 31.99 each. A review gives a track listing for volume one. Just in case of interest. I have enjoyed collecting the tracks by artists that have been used on the series. The cds appear only to have Mark Snow's music.
  14. Jose Chung is still the one they could have left out of the box for me. Most of the crime-based episodes from series one that people have mentioned actually help to build our perception of Frank's gift in my opinion. Must admit it has been a while since i watched any episodes. Must go through the box again. Right now I am watching Fortitude. Can't help thinking Lance would have played the Michael Gambon character "Henry" well. Not keen on the episode named something like Somehow Satan Got Behind Me eith (sorry, poor memory but you probably know the one I mean) but at least it is still withi
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