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  1. Self Promotion: You can hear me discussing "Beware of the Dog" at the end of this installment of Intro To X: http://www.introtox.com/episode-5x02-redux-part-2/ Cheers!
  2. It seems unlikely this hasn't been mentioned in the seventeen years since this episode aired, but I see no mention of this on http://millennium-thisiswhoweare.net's episode guide under "bloopers." Here we have the scene where Frank first encounters the dogs and uses a wooden pallet to escape. These two individuals are hiding in the background. I'm usually terrible at spotting mistakes like these, but as I watched this episode today it jumped out enough that I had to rewind.
  3. I received a request over Twitter to re-upload these pilots. New links: The Notorious 7: http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/S5POV5VY/thenotoriouseven.avi_links The Wonder Cabinet: http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/DS9QGJUO/wondercabinet.avi_links These links will give you the option to download from multiple file hosting sites.
  4. Of all the ouroboros pics, that one is my favorite design. I was thinking of taking it to a tattoo artist.
  5. There are plenty of ouroboroses... ourobori?... whatever out there, but I need a larger version of this particular design with the lines and the runes. Anyone? :)
  6. Now that I have a video capture card for my computer I can start backing up old VHS tapes. I came across two unsold pilots by Glen Morgan & James Wong. Of the two, The Notorious Seven is my favorite. It has a more interesting premise than The Wonder Cabinet, which is just an X-Files rip off. Although maybe over time TWC would have developed its own mythology to set it apart. Remember, these ARE captured from very old VHS tapes so don't expect great quality video. The Notorious Seven: http://www.multiupload.com/MEZHCTGJNR The City's underworld kingpin Dom Diablo (Ben Gazzara) assassin
  7. News to me. ;) http://www.paperstreetprod.com/compendium/archives The search engine doesn't work, but the stories are still there.
  8. I would love to use the Millennium ouroboros as the background on my iPhone. Something hi res that looks sharp with the retina display. Anyone make one yet?
  9. I'm trying to buy a copy of season three, but in 2009 Fox repackaged the series in ultra-thin plastic cases and I can't find the original 2005 edition with the cardboard outer case. I don't want the repackaged version. I want the original that matches my seasons one and two. Could someone please tell me the UPC number of their set? It would help me on my quest. -- Matt
  10. I wrote this piece last summer (2008) as part of my plan to rewatch and review every episode. I only got as far as "Kingdom Come" before I was sidetracked by something, but this restrospective stands complete. I hope you enjoy. One of the most maligned series of the '90s (of all time?) was Fox's Millennium, the second series by The X-Files creator Chris Carter. It never gained more than a smallish cult following nor the respect of critics and awards committees like the Emmys. In fact, it was frequently trashed for being dark, dour, impenetrable, etc., and nobody was keen to accept star
  11. This is quite flattering. But I don't know how to add that scroll icon to my profile. -- Matt PS: I also wrote the FAQ. ;-)
  12. Talking Without Purpose left The Curse of Frank Black off their best Halloween eps list. Shameful! http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/telefile/2009/10/the-best-halloween-themed-tv-e.php
  13. I have both fan made soundtracks. Enjoy. Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions: A Tribute to Millennium by Monk and Void I. Pilot (The Frenchman) II. MillenniuM 3. Luminary Four. Paper Dove V. LEGION 6. Prophets (19:19) VII. Dancing Barefoot VIII. Through a Glass Darkly IX. Omerta ten. ZERO ZERO XI. Ascension Updated Download Link: m=1000 by Blithely Menace 01. Opening Theme 02. Midnight of the Century, Pt. 1 03. Frankly Speaking 04. One of Us 05. Dark Knights 06. Crusaders 07. Revelations 08. World Serpents 09.
  14. Morgan and Wong's SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND comes out on DVD Tuesday as a Best Buy exclusive. $20 off if you purchase FIREFLY, or any season of MILLENNIUM or THE X-FILES. Must be on the same receipt/order. You can purchase all items online at: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?ty...mcat69600050025
  15. Yeah, that artwork is pretty bad. I looked for some kind of feedback form or email address on the Fox Home Video website but couldn't find one. I found this one on the main Fox site. It's for feedback about their shows: askfox@foxinc.com This is what *I* wrote. (For those who care to know.) Dear Fox, please pass along this note to the proper dept.: Just saw the planned artwork for Millennium's third season: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=3557 Jeez, that's TERRIBLE. Worse than the art for season two, which everyone agreed was very, very bad. (The masks from "
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