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  1. hey everyone, just wanted to give a quick update on MA S2 We have 8 shooting days behind us, it was a very turbulent start with lots of cast changes, we will have to go back and re-shoot a few things but all is good now and all of the major scenes are done. We have some cool photos up on our facebook page and I hope as many of you are able to stop by as possible. -Jason
  2. I guess I should post the link to the page: Millennium Apocalypse Season Two FaceBook page
  3. Hey everyone, As some of you might know we started shooting season two last week, if you want to keep up to date, we opened a facebook page where we will be posting images, videos etc. I will also try and post here as often as possible. Things are going good so far, and we are getting some really great images, I think everyone will be impressed with this new season. Thanks, -MM
  4. this is an interesting story, we shot there for the end episode of Millennium Apocalypse. Your father might recognize it.
  5. can't wait to start shooting season two

    1. The Old Man

      The Old Man

      Awesome news! Good luck Jason!

  6. They are releasing out final cut of the movie, it was a 120 page script and the final movie came in at just about that 2hrs. the production value is pretty low because we shot it on a very low budget so we cut the movie down a good bit to keep the pace going, there are allot of cut scenes, some of which will end up on the distributors dvd but not this one because of dvd space limits. -jason
  7. We have not set a date yet we have allot of work ahead of us. we have 5 feature films we will be releasing over a period of time and we will be starting with the digital platforms first. Keep an eye on the website though we will post as things happen. -j
  8. Hey everyone, Millennium Apocalypse has made it onto netflix, it cannot be rented just yet but you can save it in your que. I was hoping to get everyone that has netflix to add it to give us a boost with the movie. The more people that add the movie the better chances we have. Tell everyone you know! Pretty Please!!! If you do not know what MA is or missed the webcast of the project this is a great way to check it out. Also for anyone that wants to buy the dvd can grab it from amazon.com or almost any website that sells dvd's. Thanks for your help, hopefully we can get this thing bumped way up on there top movies list. -Jason
  9. Hey there, sorry i never got back to you! The best place to buy it is right here: https://www.createspace.com/219284 better hurry though cause it was picked up by a distributor so this version of the movie will not be around long. -Jason
  10. Well said and thought out, thank you so much for your thoughts I am sure everyone that worked on the show would be proud to read this. It does have its many flaws and some purposefully and other not however it is what it is and we are glade you found something to enjoy in the production. Thank you so much, Jason Morris
  11. you can find it allot of places, run a google search for "Shoni Alysse Cook" a ton of places will pop up. You can rent it from amazon unboxed on line or download it to your tivo box too. -mm
  12. Hey everyone, I havent been around in a while but I wanted to let those that are interested know that Millennium Apocalypse is available on dvd. Thanks again to all that helped and TIWWA for providing us a working ground to make it happen. You can pick up a copy by visiting the same link the series was aired from: https://www.millennium-apocalypse.digitalshadowfilms.com Thanks for the support! -Jason (MovieMaker)
  13. Thanks BuBu I know everyone who worked on the show appreciates your comments, and thanks again for the french subs you made for some of the episodes -Jason
  14. ok....for the sake of being pleasant...I will try to be, do I feel angry...yes...do I feel hurt...yes....do I feel like bashing my head against the wall because I thought this was worked out and that you understood....yes, but this is not the place to discus those things to the general public, personally or professionally, in which case I suppose you feel it is. Your name is in the end credit for two reasons. 1. It was easier to do for me, time wise allot of it was pressed time. 2. I did want to give exposure and credit to all involved as much as possible, so you wrote for the show, everyone involved with the show was in the end credits. Same with the crew, not everyone helped on every episode but they were in the credits. Oh and the names were labeled as written by with out an episode label to them, my intention was to display everyone’s name that wrote for the show. The partial nudity thing is there for two reasons, we built Morgan’s Character up, and he had pornography magazines on his floor, a subtle thing for those that catch it. The warning is there in case you did. In this case you didn't. The warning was also there because of the debate over language from another episode, so I felt people needed to be warned; it seemed to be the responsible thing to do, which I think some appreciated. As for Michael's scripts, it seems he understands a bit more about why and how things in the scripts needed to be changed. So yes there were far more changes in Michaels scripts then in yours, all of which, yours and his, were fantastic scripts. None the less if you ever have the chance to shoot anything yourself I think you will understand a bit more. Now I will go over some things for the last time, after this I am done explaining and I am moving on, this is purely for your benefit Raven and to help you understand why something’s happened the way they did. The orig. idea was to write this thing like a TV show meaning independent show with smaller consistent story arch through them all. This was the reason why I told you have free reign. I still do not know if you fully understand what that previous statement means but I will roll with it as if you do. So you send me a script, I read it, first red flag for something that needed to be changed was the burning bus, no way I can pull that off, not only do I not have the time or the resources but permits alone would kill the pocket book. So you asked well can we show it after it was burned or that it was taken away from the FBI, sure we could, but then the entire episode was 3 people standing in a field there was nothing there, it was diag heavy and it was not compelling to watch for 10min. not that it wasn’t good but just a bit boring, as a book or novel it would have been fine, for a short 10 min episode well it just would not have worked. So the ropes idea comes into play, gives them something to look at that we can do on a budget. Great. now the diag was changed here for two reasons, Morgan was a bit too cardboard, we beefed him up a bit, second it was raining really bad so not only were the actors wanting to bail but I was standing in a foot of mud, literally...take a look at the production picks on the website, so things needed to move at a faster pace so I could get absolutely what was needed, which means diag was changed and condensed to get the gist of it and have it still make sense, it is an on the spot judgment call that every director must make at some time or another, in this case it happened quite often as it does on these no budget things. I won’t even go into the next two episodes as it is pretty much the same reasoning. Moving on to Michaels stuff, well must of Michaels stuff was pretty FX intensive, fist off I didn’t even think we could pull it off but he was aware of this and understood and help to re-write things when he had time. Malacks office for instance, we had a four hour window to shoot 13 pages......ask anyone who makes films if that even seems plausible...it really isn’t, camera set ups lighting, actors wardrobe changes, staging and blocking, too much to shoot too little time, but we did it. This was a one and only time location as they would only let us use it for this one day so if we didn’t get it we were screwed. We worked our butts off, but no one gives us thumbs up or says hey good job under the circumstances, 13 pages...amazing, and no all they want to talk about it what’s not in the episode, because they don’t understand. Don’t make me quote G.I. Joe here. Not to mention I had to pick my son up half way through shooting and leave a very important scene up to Jeremia to pull off which he did beautifully, but just another bump in the road we had to deal with on set, that wasn’t written in the script but it happened and it needed to be dealt with. In some of his other scripts, we changed things cause well we lost Joe Amos (thank god) (by the way that was another major factor in the diag changes in your scripts, either I change it cause he didn’t know his lines or I rework them to make since with what he is capable of, or can it all and go home, on set decisions that can not be foreseen) we lost the Gary (guy playing the van driver) so we needed to change things, it had to be done no choice, we had to kill Joe off to make things make sense and we had to bring another character in to move the story. Now with the last episode not only did we almost get arrested 3 times but I also broke my ankle shooting the scene where plantared gets wiped out by the twister, not only were we not able to pull off half of the effects for that episode we didn’t get a chance to even shoot half of it cause the cops where on to us, I WOULD NOT BE RESPONSABLE for getting everyone arrested for B&E or trespassing, the first day we shot we just thought it was an old abandoned building, the second day we were stopped halfway through and the third day were damn near arrested and told very forcibly during a pat down never to come back, we complied. other things that happened was there were supposed to be two other characters that stand out side with Morgan and some fx stuff that happen, we couldn’t cast the two extra roles in time, everyone we knew was too young to be a group member, including the guy that played plantard but his attitude played it off I think, also the actor playing plantard did not show up to the second shoot so guess you had to die his hair and act in his place and break his ankle doing so also while directing and blocking it and staging and shooting cause it was me and Shoni, I wouldn’t let anyone else go back to the location to get arrested so we snuck in and did what we had to do, when shoni pushed me down on the second take I broke my ankle slipping on some water as it had been raining and the floor leaked, since it was an old military where house the floors were epoxy and very slick. I still went on to do 4 more takes of that shot, and finish the rest of the scenes needed to make the episode work at the very least. And hobbled around the warehouse dodging the cops as they came lurking, I have some funny footage of shoni ducking around out of sight from the cops. Ok I have said too much......and I will not say it again or even carry on this conversation Raven, if you are unhappy I am truly sorry, but I did the best I could, and I think we made a kick @ss show that allot of people liked. I could give you a 101 reasons why things did not go to plan but I don’t think it would make a difference, however I did give you a glance up above which I am sure you will still have problems with so with that said, this is my last explanation I hope it works for you as an understanding and allows you to feel content that the best possible care was taken with your material in the time and circumstances we were faced with. I love you Raven you have been great but I really think these posts you have been posting have been uncalled for and unprofessional and should have been discussed privately if you still had problem you needed to work out. Take care and good luck. -Jason
  15. i actually have the pumpkin head part 2 bloodwings video game for the pc, contains live action video from the movie, the move and the game were terrable but the first one i thought was great. -mm
  16. ah man im busted you guys found my test site! LOL I was using FX home to test the trailer out with people and the first episode. We just got an ok from them as well that they will provide one of their software products as an award for the film festival we are hosting. Hope you like the trailer, it will prob. change though. -mm
  17. Umm good question, lets see, I guess I will break it down for you: Scene 1 McDonalds Scene: Took about 20 minutes, we shot all of the scenes in this location at one time and all of the scenes were very short 15-30 second shots, that play through out the movie. The computer servailence graphics are a mixture of premade animation footage available from artbeats and some of my own creation, this took about a day to put together and composit into the raw footage. Scene 2 The Duck Pond: This was shot not to long ago, this scene was actually never supposed to happen and was subsituted for a scene that was supposed to happen between Morgan and Fields, we got rid of Fields and with the help of Michael Martin and William Martin (not related) this scene came about to add a connection to the following scene and to why Fields wold not be around, the shot of fields watching them was lifted from the forst Jordan Jogging scene from Episode 2 Of the End. This scene was shot with the 2 actors, myself and one other crew member Rob. It took us about 2 hours and we would have shot more coverage but the sun was going down and we were lossing light fast, you can see the color temp changes on the faces of the actors, i suck at color correction cause I am partialy color blind (blue green & red brown color blind, i do not see black and white just slightly different shades then the rest of you all) Scene 3 Carreau Tech. 1: This scene was again supposed to be with Jordan and Fields going to see Malack after their trip back from the reservation. Joe Amos was out of the picture by this time (although this scene was shot way before the duck pond) So with Michaels help we re-wrote the scene and made it work on a different level which brought about a much more interesting aspect to Morgan. The lighting was a 1000 watt hallogen work lamp you can pick up at a hardware store for about 50 bucks, we placed it out side on the right so the light would cast the blinds shadow on the actors and walls to add depth, we also shot more here which you will see later on it other episodes. We aquired the laction from one of our crew memebers friends dad, whom his buisness is run out of. It was a great setting and we did not get as much coverage as we wanted and in fact right at the end of the shoot my folks were calling my phone none stop trying to reach me to come and pick up my son so I had to leave to go and get him as they were upset and i left Jeremia (camera guy) with shoni to finish up what he could before we got kicked out, Colby (the guy that opened the building for us was nice enough to stick around but it was almost 1 in the morning and we were all tired. I knew from experiance we might have access to the building again so I directed Jeremia from the cell phone while i was picking up my son while he tried to get the last shots we absolutly needed to make the scene work, he did and it turned out good but we did intend to shoot much more coverage. All in all we shot from 5pm (including set up and break down) to just after 1am, we acomplished an unhead of amount of pages in that about of time which was 12 pages of script ussually a full crew and everything going smothly would only allow about 8 pages for a full work day which could be around 8 hours not including set up and break down. A note for you: the scene where malack pulls the folder from the desk was thought up right on the spot and I figured I need to add some more support for the absence of fields and his departure from MA, I think it worked fairly well, but you be the judge. Scene 3 Morgan and Jordan get in car: This scene was shot fairly recently as well, it was supossed to be Jordan and Morgan getting out of the car going into Carreau Tech, we didnt have the time to film that so we made a scene with them leaving, we wanted show Morgan uncomfortable and show some sort of interpersonal reaction between Morgan and Jordan to give them more of a human aspect then just chess peices being moved from here to there, it didnt work as well as we hoped but its ok. This was shot with 2 cameras to get a good amount of coverage in a short amount of time. About 1 hour for this shot and most of that was set up cause I was alone on this one. Scene 4 Jordan sits on bed: This was a cool scene to me actually one of my faves, the extra cool thing about it though was Echelon came all the way donw from Oregon to help shoot with us, she got to be the boom operator (sound) Jeremia was up ontop of a lader to get the over head shots and that was kinda scary cause he fell once but was able to save the camera, what a guy huh! Another cool thing about this scene is the picture Jordan holds in her hand is a picture of Shoni and he real Father. This scene took about 2 hours to shoot bacause we did alot of hard dolly shots that take time. Scene 5 Porno Scene: We call this the Porno scene ...well I guess cause we gave morgan this kinda human relife aspect to him by showing him with porn on his floor of his hotel room and out in S.F exiting a strip club, William came up with the idea to shoot this to sub for a scene that was to be between him and Fields, most of the dialoge is the same for morgan but we made him call fields and try and pretend he gets the answering machine. This was going to be one of thoes meet me in a dark ally and talk in the car type of scenes which I think would have been cool too but this works just as well and again gives more depth to morgan as a character. I was out of state at the time this was shot so this is Jeremias fist shot at a directorial debute, I think he did well and did good on the coverage. We wanted to get William in to do some A.D.R. for this scene but he was leaving for florida so we decided it was best to spend what ever time we had left with him shooting the remaining scenes we needed for the rest of the show. I am not sure how long this took but if you go to the message forums on our site and ask "madcowbeefbutchershop" (thats Jeremia) he would be more then happy to discuss it with you he loves that kind of stuff and I'm sure he would ove the inquiry. Scene 6 Jordan calls Malack: This scene was shot at the same time as the Jordan sits on bed scene. we were lossing light really fast and you can see the changes in the color and light of the scene, we had to pull out some of the hallogens which give off a different color temp but we had to do what we had to do, i say this cause I had to use gels on the lights (basicly colored see through peices of plastic that cover the light to make the color change) to try and match the depleating sun light. Echelon was here for this scene as well and we almost killed her as one of the hallogen lights almost fell on top of her, she's a trooper though and saved the light from crashing to the ground. The book she is reading has a jacket on it that was origonaly going to be a Jose Chung book but I decided against it, i dont know why but it didnt matter because you never get a good enough look to see what she is reading. this took about an hour to shoot maybe longer cause I was playing with the camera crane for a bit to figure out what i wanted to do. Scene 7 Peggs Western Grill: We eat here a lot, so we needed a restarunt scene and asked if we could us the place and they liked the idea. and since a local band finger tight recently was signed to a major lable they used the place for a hametown video type thing for a dvd their lable was putting out for them and they just thought it was neat we wanted to shoot a film there. Time was limited and we had to shoot 2 restarunt scenes in about 4 hours, I look back it and just dont know how we were able to do all these shoots in so little time, it is terribly rediculouse but you do what you gota do... yea ok you heard that already. So we shot here from 5pm till about 9pm covering about 10 pages of script and shooting a news cast scene that was cut out. the news cast was to explain sme things but I think it was just double talk cause you hear it again later on. If your ever in the area they have great chicken fried steak and eggs. People ask me about the special effects of the demon wings, well Im sure michael wants to kill me cause the character wasnt supposed to have demon wings but i didnt anyway, not to defy him but cause I was testing out the idea of being able to creat the wings and see how realistic i could get it to be. it worked ok but i started to like it and left it in as the character is supposed to have some angelic type characteristics which I was unable to achieve at the time. the wings were made in a program called poser, very rough work but it served it spurpose i guess. Ok welp I know that was a lot, I dont know for some reason i felt like typing.... Hope thats what you were looking for, glad you liked the episodes, hope we didnt shoot ourselves in the foot and thats the best one, personaly I think there are some good things in the episode but it is the pacing that makes it better then the rest, a hard thing to make wook in 10min. kinda hit and miss. -mm Edited to say" P.s. yea budget.....lolhahahahahhahahah.....none exsistant. We havnt got alot of donations and not alot of responce really on the message board so its hard for us to really spend any real money to do this now its kinda switched from for the fans of millennium to just for us and the select few that have taken the time to interact with us and support us, cause well like I said we don;t get a whole lot of feed back. it seems people are watching cause we get ok web page hits but just know one accept for a select few including yourself take the time to give this kind of much needed feed back. We are busy making it and dont have a lot of time to post but we do make time and we do read the boards when we get a chance. We do extreamly apreciate all the help we have recieved from everyone and the responces everyone has given and that alone makes it all worth it i just wish more people wanted to respond to what we are doing...sorry dont mean to whine.
  18. Hey there, Thats a good question, we kinda do both, Idealy (as in any normal hollywood film) you would completly recreate all the audio from scratch, which is ussualy called ADR and Folly, ADR which means Automatic Dialog Recording (some call it other things) and Folly is named after the guy who came up with it, it was his last name caint remember his first. Anyway, when we can we do ADR and Folly or use sounds from a sound FX CD's, our biggest problem doing so is getting time with actors and having a final cut version of the episode. It has worked for a few scenes but not many, such as a scene coming up in episode 10 all the audio was prety much created and the location audio was scraped. So in short yes some of the audio is really not that great and some of it is ok. -mm
  19. Thanks BUBU, we are trying, I think faulters a little with six but really gets back up in 7 all the way to the end. -mm
  20. when I read that the other day....man that just sucked big time, he did some great things with the movies and others he produced. What the heck was he doing in Jordan? Did he live there? -mm
  21. They have since made 2 more, Prophecy movies, with new cast, i thought these last two installments were alot better then the other ones with exception of the first which is still the best. One of the new ones is called "uprising" https://www.upcominghorrormovies.com/reviews/prophecy4.php and the other "Forsaken" https://www.upcominghorrormovies.com/movies/prophecy5.php
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