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  1. I just backed QuestCore RPG system on @Kickstarter http://t.co/cax7zuaO2r

  2. Where can I find these videos? Thanks.
  3. RT @lancehenriksen: Who misses Millennium and Frank Black? https://t.co/zDbFJeHRGM http://t.co/zO5SSsfBxL

  4. my wife and I just watched this episode last night and I don't think I had seen it before. So, what were these girls? What was the connection with the star patterns Lhasa drew? Was she an angel?
  5. Sorry if this topic exists already. I searched but didn't find anything. If any of you guys know how to read Japanese it might help. Check out these links. https://maza.staba.jp/ew/mill/mwld.html https://maza.staba.jp/ew/mill/m01.html https://maza.staba.jp/ew/mill/m02.html
  6. lastnight i was driving home very slowly in a snow storm (living in MN), switched the radio over to the oldies station just in time to hear In the Year 2525! aahhhh- a good chunk of my voyage home was filled with MM flashbacks
  7. i have a question about the last episode that is off topic from this thread, but not really... ***SPOILER*** * * * * * in the last montage of the episode it shows Emma logging on with Millennium, dissolves to a room with some files on the floor next to a body with blood pooling, dissolves to Frank and Jordan in the red jeep. was the body presumed to be Watts?
  8. I didn't realize there were official tapes released. where did you find them?
  9. all evil is rooted in self. uppercase or lowercase e.
  10. I think your right. I've always thought the relationship portrayed between Frank and Jordan was maybe one of the most realistic and natural father/daughter casting I've ever seen on television.
  11. Somehow Satan Got Behind Me is one of my favorite episodes as well. I found that its humor almost made the episode darker. Here you have unspeakable evil throughout the series and yet the real emeny appears less evil than the psychos Frank usually deals with. They were almost pleasent. I am a big fan of C. S. Lewis- thats another reason I really liked the episode.
  12. my name is the pen name of one of my favorite comic writers/artists- Jean Giraud (he wrote Airtight Garage, Arzak and Blueberry. I believe he was one of the creators of the original Heavy Metal magazing). It also could mean the Moebius Strip which is a symbol for infinity.
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