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  1. Thank you everyone for your love and support. The physical and mental healing is slow but I am regaining my strength through it all
  2. I keep telling myself and my family I have a lot of living to do, I feel I have so much to see and do still.
  3. I have been thinking about this. If the X-Files continues on without Gillian Anderson would Chris Carter bring in Frank Black to team up with Fox Mulder? It would be a very interesting series in which each episodes would be either creatures or weird freaky serial killers. With this in mind Frank Black would ease back to the new Millennium series while Gillian Anderson will be lured back by the FOX brass for season 13........just my thoughts
  4. I wonder when Millennium gets going into production will they keep Lance's hair gray or will they color it?
  5. The past four days have been awesome for me. I will be going in for chemo tomorrow and I pray that the following days will be as good or better as the last one. Thank you all for your words and prayers. I have been thinking about Dana Scully's diary entry to Mulder a very beautiful but sad message with hope. I have always been a fighter and I know I will get through this......thank you to all of my Tiwwa family
  6. I have been doing some homework on Aquinas interpretation on this subject. I am about to work on a modern horror story about a succubus/incubus as the same demon.
  7. I always thought of Lucy Butler as a Succubus. It was Thomas Aquinas that believed the Succubus can also turn into a man in which Lucy Butler was also able to do
  8. Just wondering who enjoys this series as much as I do
  9. I finally watched this documentary on horror films that's narrated by Lance Henriksen. Very good insight on the political and social issues going on when these horror movies got released, Highly recommend it!
  10. Sorry for the self promotion but check out my articles on X-Files Lexicon. I will also have a new article on the Flukeman in mid May.
  11. I wonder when Chris starts to layout the six episodes he will realize that six is not enough. If I was Chris make it 10.
  12. I was hoping for more than a Six episode season so they can fit in Frank Black, maybe they will fit him in somehow in six.
  13. https://www.fox.com/the-x-files/thexfiles This would be a great lead in to Millennium Series or event.
  14. CBS pushed CSI Cyber to this time slot and left Stalker in limbo. Hate to say this but I hope CSI Cyber gets their plug pulled
  15. Didn't like what CBS did to this show. I believe its in limbo but possibly coming back for a second season. As of right now there is no news of it being canceled which is also good news
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